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Yes Ted Jon’s sister Sister Elizabeth is stern, and as stern in her library as of her habit.

She is still of practical Jeffersonville sensibility and actually prefers the "duck" when it is on menu really as "Fresh Lame Duck" however it is prepared.

It wasn’t a single harvest past the opening day of THE LIBRARY - A HAWKE COLLECTION that Sister Elizabeth realized something would have to be arranged around Sheriff Jenkins.

There is a section of collections marked with marble book ends not in "beaver tails" theme that were fancy of Sheriff Jenkins, but that is the lesser part of this story.

Sure Sheriff Jenkins had a pediliction for the books on philosophy and law studies kept so between marbled columns in miniature, but it was he inability to return books by there prescribed due dates that concerned Sister Elizabeth. 

Sheriff Paul Boone Jenkins wasn’t raised like Beatrice Boxer with traditional Borough of Jeffersonville practices and procedures but did arrive with ample respect for beavers.  There are no books in Hawke Collection to teach the local ways of rearing Jeffersonville boys so Sheriff is constantly needing to check with likes of Ted Jon and Beatrice, while hoping to not have to question Judge Moose Becket himself.

The Hawkes together realized soon their library had what they had planned to call an "offender" as per their planned book loaning practices and that something had to be done quickly to dam a scandal before it caught the wind.  They had no choice but to hang a closed sign upon the doors until such time as they could have a sit down with Sheriff Jenkins, and with all due books out now out "legally" until further notice.

Sister Elizabeth baked the Sheriff’s favorite pie when Ted Jon was finally confident an arrangement making was doable and scheduled.  The siblings Hawke were confident they could keep Sheriff Jenkins from becoming their first "offender" of permanent town recording, but they had to wait until he returned from recent railroading to Washinton with some of their philosophy books.  Ted Jon and Elizabeth were working off a cable communicating Sheriff’s due return and availability.

The Sheriff would have to become more than just a borrower of books, he will have to become a "patron" of the library with special privileges, it was agreed, and still though he would be expected to bring back a new book for the library from Washington each time he traveled there with pieces of the Hawke Collection.  This way and this way alone could Sister Elizabeth see her way past fining Sheriff Jenkins and recording him as a regular offender, since his trips were always of longer duration than the Hawke Collection permitted.

So it was quietly agreed, leaving Ted Jon to return to relaxed relations with Sheriff again much ado around Jeffersonville’s traditions of raising its young boys not to consider lame ducks as sport but to consider them as fair game.  One of Paul Boone Jenkins duties was to certify a duck as actually lame before it could be prepared and served as "lame duck" on Hotel menu or any other’s in town center.  Some of Borough were near vegetarians but not, and much appreciative of finding certified lame ducks offered up.  Just helped them with the humaneness issues they had around a slaughtering of healthy game.

The town ordinances around the beavers and young boys of Jeffersonville are more specific and more strict than the "lame ducks" as "fair game" edicts.   Young boys of Jeffersonville are raised still in the same traditions that raised Ted Jon and Beatrice with actual edicts against young boys harassing beavers or even to disturbing them.  There is some wiggle room.

Young boys of Borough are reared away from a trapping of beaver til a proper age, and such "age" a season subject of governance debate.

Fishing is most encouraged and is duck hunting, but as for the young boys and the beavers laws are laws, and the "lame ducks" "fair game".

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