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It was just last spring that a traveler came through heading west with need to stop and rest a few days - nothing new or strange in that - just it was he that got Darryl Dodge a telling of tales when he asked him what might "someone go find Vernon Jones" mean for he saw it chalked upon a board outside the hotel.

That’s the dandiest the town has.  Vernon Jones is the town’s top civil lawyer and quite a sight - so much so that some say this full blooded Iroquois reached "over gentrified".

Next to Chief Beavertail and Paul Boone Jenkins this barrister Vernon Jones is arguably the next easiest to spot from a mile away.

The "someone go find Vernon Jones" Darryl Dodge couldn’t yet explain much past well someone thinks they now need a lawyer or someone else thinks they do or are about to, certain though that if it is on Hotel Slate it likely not about Coley Slamen, of the Slamen Beaver Ranch, known to most as Jones’ most regular client.   The town long ago stopped putting the petty civil grievances from a run away Slamen Beaver up as apt.

Darryl Dodge had time to chat up this client for arrangements needed making for a new "rental horse" for the next leg of his travels to the next stable in this ‘rent a horse’ franchise/enterprise.   Darryl also had a habit to find something to talk about while considering customers on other matters and as of these parts habit of "a days ride" a local colloquialism more a question.

Darryl Dodge’s father may have started such time keeping for town just so with a basis of "a days ride" being based upon day light available on the shortest day of the year and with allowances made for a "a ride" duration in inclement weather or most muddy of days.  For most in Jeffersonville area "a days ride" on a good day is no more than a four hour ride below full gallop.

Darryl Dodge like his father is using conversation to get a better sense of how the horse he his now receiving was treated before deciding which other horse to let out to such rider.

About the only time "someone go get Vernon Jones" may be "app" towards a case relating to Coley Slamen is now in few metal allergy from Coley’s Piercings and Earmarks.  Darryl Dodge is pretty sure that not the case and actually volunteers such as an opinion.

"If only I could find a good fence carpenter…" is a standard retort by Coley Slamen of Slamen Beaver Ranch.   Mrs. Slamen is a naturalist who took it upon herself to rally a community nearer a fraternity of sorts towards a goal or repopulating the beaver population.   She may the only other franchisee in Jeffersonville, with her beaver ranch.

Mrs. Slamen at first thought to hire Paul Boone Jenkins to lobby in Washington while there on visits to old family on same Jenkins Hill the Capitol now built upon.   She was at first set on her Beavers as a national cause needing federal dollars in a grant at least for the metal needed for the earmarking - left ear for lady beavers and right ear for males.

Just thinking of asking Sheriff Jenkins quieted her from such some say or think, all the while she tells of power of the press and postings of official notices.  See, she saw an ad for an estates sale two days ride away for a recently passed apothocary’s collection of instruments and realized his instruments likely just what she needed and was trying to get Washington to pay for.   She still thinks of future funds for earmarks but now having acquired the scientific instruments and instrumentations at one twentieth the expected cost she is now just picking up metal scraps where ever she finds them.

The Slamen Beaver Ranch is also a sight for the best retrained sheepdogs in the entire region, but still some beavers do manage to get away from the ranch and do damage, all the while well marked as hers.

Darryl Dodge and Coley Slamen are like two peas in a pod but for the regularly talk about the other and their ventures but hardly ever talk to each other.

If you are looking for some good fresh eatin chickens Darryl Dodge overs the best price if you have children you want to have "catch" your dinner for you.   See, Darryl raises near free range chickens in a quite oversized pen and offers a standard ten percent discount if you catch your own chicken.

Darryl now done for the day with traveling rider using the "rent a horse" program does tip his hat to him with the dandy Vernon Jones is easiest to spot from two miles away for on the day he finished his law studies in Philadelphia he did two things:  He changed his name from Iroquois language to a chosen Christian name of Vernon Jones, and, well he walked into the town hat shop and asked the proprietor what was the worse selling hat he had, found one in his size, stuck a feather from his breast plate (bib if you must) in it and has been carrying on now years into replacements of his standard stovepipe top hat.  He told the shop keep that he wanted to try to create a new fashion in once Iroquois lands.

That’s the "dandiest" and also the best at tortious adjudications these parts if you can afford him.  

He doesn’t favor funds for earmarks, says they subvert the due process or something like that, but does hope Ted Jon and Miles can help her get to a new alloy for less allergic ear piercings she is being solicited for as jewelry and decorative wares.

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