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Welcome back to tales of Borough of Jeffersonville.

While Ted Jon and Miles get warmed up it seems a good time to point out that such community is developed enough to have its own judge.  We may hope you don’t have to meet Judge Moose Becket but if you go to the Hawke Collection you might just or just sight him.  

See the Beckets and the Hawkes both are of the original five and the current Hawkes also of another of five, while the other have of current Becket household, which is situated behind white picket fence across the road directly from Hawke home and library, hails from Philadelphia.

As the Hawke Collection goes as town library it is still Rusty Begsome its most regular visitor and yet still its only visitor yet to take out a book.

Rusty may spend a third as much time at the library as he does at his office and timely so with his habits measured with a collection of quarter, half, and full hour "hour glasses" with two usually of the quarter hour time on his belt such that he is always ready to start a fifteen minute segment.

With Ted Jon and Miles again gathered at bar end of Dam’e Wateringhole you should see that Horace is a wise and attuned bar-keep wise with having learned a while ago that these to "given some distance" will spend twice as much than if "crowded" to an instinctive move to a quiet table and ordering to just appetizers.

Ted Jon was cajoled years ago after his meditations with his sister Sister Elizabeth towards converting their family home’s first floor into a reading room with their combined collections available to townfolk, such to he being tasked to consort with Miles Redemption concerning her "organizing" system for library that needed a fabrication in forging of a graduated system of beavertail bookends - baby size for youth books up to great size for large print books and grand tails for mostly large picture books of foreign places.

As the most frequent and regular visitor to town library Rusty is with certain habits there too.  Rumor is he hasn’t read a single entire book in the place.  It may be true, but that isn’t to say he hasn’t read all of the books in his own collection.   The library to Rusty seems a place to go to find "change" or "confirmation" as what else could holding one self to reading one book for only one turn of a quarter hour "hour glass" be for?

Well, it seemed a timely day to tell you of a library, especially since on Ted Jon and Miles likely only know of what they are speaking and plotting in their again use of their standard wispering.   Could be lock parts needed by Ted Jon of Miles forging - could be a heads up to what books Sister Elizabeth may have cojoled her brother again into acquiring for new books expected from her most recent missionary travels - but could be they are just passing the time with their shared interests in metallurgy and engineering.  

If Horace knows - he isn’t telling.  Many a wild goose chase been had by patrons who past thought otherwise.

While wondering on Judge Moose Becket it is a tip of the hat to Dam’e Wateringhole that town’s discussions around Federalism and such papers were populated there and only on ideological grounds instead of at Hotel Salon if you think it "ideological" that Hotel has no square tables, only round tables, and, that Dam’e only has small square tables barely enough for four if not pulled together.   See the square tables were able to be fit well together to have a tabled meeting with careful consideration to written and printed Federalist Papers.  

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