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It was back in the early days of the Pony Express that in Borough of Jeffersonville a statement became a playable expression.  With the early riders assessing proper fees townsfolk started hearing "he doesn’t have the right post for his beaver - without correct post it cannot be delivered to ‘your sweatheart’."

Some time after such while Nancy Potter still struggling selling last decades fashions she had time and unknown inspiration to build a giant beaver in yew and honeysuckle bushes as topiary.   Some think others knew a POTTER’S FLOWERS AND SHRUBBERY a better business for her than she at such time.   She has kept such topiaried giant beaver now for decades and the yew and honeysuckle species from strangling each other out.

Beatrice Boxer Business does a thriving packing and packing supply business and much now around the continued perpetuation of prudent concern for proper posting especially when weighing beavers.   Beatrice Boxer Business offers weighing and postage precalculations even for Hillary’s honey and candles customers.   "BBB" for short now at times a short hand "???" to replace "proper post for that beaver, son?".

Paul Boone Jenkins, "The Law" really has found his job much simpler with such in the air than old days without in Kentucky, or there more with catfish plays.

>Ted Jon just walked into Dam’e Waterhole - it is now a Friday, and he seems to have something to talk to Miles Redemption about.   Finds Miles agreeing to have a town father and son bring a bucket of bent nails by to learn how to straighten them properly with reheating and hammering so that they do not lose strenght or integrity with straightening.  Miles has long been called upon for such and so that story is that by the seventh time so called he inventing a jig, a jig to hold two dozen bent nails with "crowning" directed properly such that all could be heated and reforged more scientifically and with engineering over his shorter anvil such that speed and coordination necessary.

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