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Chief Beavertail has both Rusty Begsome of Courant Chronicle Herald News and Salon Slate besides themselves willing to play along.

Care again must be arranged to copesetic to protect the superior lines of Jeffersonville heralded even in Bertha Ping’s "triple woven silk lines" for "marketing" is "triple woven around a core of two".

Care must be taken by both media interests within their preferred "professionalism" to play along with Chief Beavertail and his scheming now around Beau "Carnival" Carville as new mark, but for him as new mark really his "new competition".   One to avoid confusion or collusion will use "cc" and the other "bc" - so it has been decided.  Rusty is really looking forward to this, and thinks his primary advertiser PRESS GENTRY the New York based clothier will also be happy.

In Jeffersonville the wifes are known to measure their husbands only twice a year – in these muddy spring days for maybe needing to order new suits for men of family for next year (or material if seemstresses themselves for patterns from PRACTICAL GENTRY) & in the early fall when considering knitting and sweater needs for approaching winter.

"Carnival" Beau is a unlikely "mark" for town knows he is established enough in beaver trades and pelt sales that it is for years they expect him now to arrive twice a year, like some harvests, and stay for just long enough to be in the community without really in the community.   Chief Beavertail saw the opportunity in this first and had Rusty Begsome just at the wise grin seen entering his press, even before knowing it was as of "Carnival" Beau as the new "mark".

They know the have to be careful for "triple woven around a core of two" is more than just Bertha’s pitch in Jeffersonville.   How to play it such that Beau feels welcome and feels at home, but with him more a moveable fixture in a salon.  

With "Carnival" expected twice a year for forseeable time and for just under 28 days each time, so they hear, they are ripe to create a fictitious "life" or "cloud" about him.

They are ripe knowing they tried this game on another years before and are stilling "benefiting" years later as their tales return retold by others as only now "Carnival" Beau might now alone tell again when away.   These media hounds know Chief Beavertail as a gifted "capitalist" equal to them in cunning if not superior.   All three still, you can say love, the "retellings" of Borough’s grandeur as planted in "fog" around earlier "marks" known to be likely useful carriers of "new legends" (albeit fictional) afar.

They haven’t used "cc" yet nor "bc" as "code" and now will work separately to avoid collusion while contempletive to their own "professionalism" and media pride. 


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