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Well if you are thinking of visiting Borough of Jeffersonville you may want to learn a few new words first, wars in the "fog" the locals tend to put about newcomers.

Take the SALON SLATE as the "hourly" competitor in news to Rusty Begsome’s Courant Chronicle Herald News >>  See it is a quiet "news" town most of the time.

See?  It is an "hourly" but hardly for there being new news each hour.

See?  It doesn’t even have new menu but twice a day, as it as part of hotel and bar is of just posting specials on part of board and only for lunch and dinner, but not for breakfast.

See?  It is an "hourly" Ha, Ha, Ha, - very funny - who changed my "Fresh Duck" to "Lame Duck"?

Rusty’s part in all this is still unconfirmed or actually a myth > yet until he decided to start reporting on his competition and so with using "applications of applied apt news and appointment" and then abreviated in competitive jest with "aps" most people in town had just left SALON SLATE in peace and hadn’t yet joined the game of "aps" as an "hourly".

Rusty Begsome likely to be part of some shenanigans with Beau Carville now new to town, as with at least a third of populace, as custom.   Likely SALON SLATE won’t be vigilant enough to keep Carville from getting posts in "aps" via such of wrong news and menu.  One day Courant Chronicle Herald News ran a whole page with all the false news and menu alterations and how it made a record in "aps" for one day in history of SLATE SALON "news".

Beatrice has long tried to play it straight and narrow around both media interests.  He is though just wondering if Beau Carville now will suffer the customary play rumored to possibly best last and now long held record for necessary reapplications of apt news applied by chalk, standard chalk, like most townfolk have taken to carrying around just in case they need to use SALON SLATE for a friend as a personal message board.

See, you have to know the local language and politics to make it in the Borough of Jeffersonville, and especially when it gets confusing in social speak of tales of people asking at CNN Softgoods "what’s new?" and that such there is almost always about new fabrics or candy.   If you are at Dam’e Wateringhole it is best to ask "heard about the last aps?".

But, yes, it does help to know how SALON SLATE deals with what has necessarily become an "hourly" and has the town in cooperation with awards for penmanship at school such as "honor" to be "spotlighted" for such as more an "honor" than "work".  There are even different size stools as children started earning such "honor" earlier and earlier.

Sometimes the Hotel chef deserves the "Lame Duck" edit.

Do wonder if Hansel Ping will manage to sell Beau Carville the beaver tail armor suit on display.   He has only manage to sell two in past decades, and so hasn’t had reason to have his wife make a third.

[[Not sure Chief Beavertail whether French or African will still have an Iriquois wife, but that may entertain.]]  

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