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K.J. Rousting >>  The preacher  {no one knows what the "K.J." stands for yet}

Paul Boone Jenkins >>  "PBnJ"  > The LAW - Tall brusk figure standing taller than most in Jeffersonville - moved family up from Kentucky when he heard town needed a lawman some years back.  Regularly travels to Maryland to visit family on Jenkins Hill near the Potomac and Anacostia rivers, but only when his deputy has a deputy available.

[[ still trying to decide about Chief Beavertail > he is not to be a native American but maybe a Frenchman now second generation American and second generation trapper and about the size of President Sarkozy.  >>   Or a 6′2" 250 pound African American with most of his "story" unkown all the while some features of his appearance he mustn’t have been born with.  Either way he will have to speak at least English and French.]]

Walls Jon Berliner >> odd educated bloke that speaks at least German French and English.  Heads up a near secret society called World is Rounder.  Family, has strong accent and bakes some wonderful treats available at the Berliner Bakery.

Gretel Bjorn > Bertha’s mother - due to arrive from motherland this summer to join her daughter and son-in-law in Jeffersonville, with hopes of many little Ping grandchildren.

{Really, I should stop about here and take time to learn more about the Ohio area around time of great Beaver Wars - maybe even go to the library to enhance Googling.}

Miles Redemption >> Town blacksmith and assistant to Preacher Rousting for religious education >> No one knows his real "Christian" name but do keep asking him "what was your name before you emigrated through New York and made up your current name?"

Barbara Walker >> A run-away from Maine where rest of family happy with climate but she needing something else,  did wait to run away until after she had finished learning her ABCs and multiplication tables and then much of recommended readings.  She is from hearty stock and is really quite self sufficient in Yankee tradition, works part time at Dam’e Waterhole as bookkeeper.

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