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Nancy Potter >> first came to town couple decades ago and started a women’s clothing store — seemed stuck even then in decades before "fashion", store "failed" but now she seems to be doing okie dokie as POTTER’S FLOWERS AND SHRUBBERY.

CNN Softgoods >>  proprietor Calvin Newton Newcombe doesn’t sell flowers - is, though, doing better in clothing business than Potter did.

Constable ("Conny") Bobby >> husband of Gertrude Leatherman & the town’s Rodeo star of sorts.

"Gerdie" - Gertrude Leatherman in her second marriage now as wife of "Conny" - still town’s organist and music teacher, as from when in first marriage to Sage Etna Leatherman.  Sometime substitute teacher of the english languages.

Ted Jon Hawke > "Ted Jon" is the town’s librarian, locksmith and barber, and lives with sister Sister Elizabeth Hawke above the library, but only because his sister invited "Ted Jon" and his wife to move in and turn the first floor into a library.  "Ted Jon" and Elizabeth are descendents of two of town’s first five families.

Fawn Hawke > French wife of "Ted Jon" with their story that they met over a baguette while both at the Sorbonne.

K.J. Madison > operator of Salon Slate - family came over, supposedly, on Mayflower. "KJ" also is town undertaker and subcontractor for POTTER’S FLOWERS AND SHRUBBERY - for "installations".

Hansel Ping - purveyor/proprietor/hunting guide >> of HANSEL ARMAMENTS AND TRAPS > claims family has been working with gunpowder for thousands of years an fits since family claims their great - great -great grandfather started family off on a spring pilgramage one year from Northeast China and of the spring before the great freeze that had them able to walk/trek with dogs across straights without even knowing they were crossing between two continents.

Bertha Ping > petite blond of European descent and wife of Han Sel Ping - story is they met shortly after she sailed the Atlantic to emigrate and while he was in New Haven at a gun show, she had gotten bit work at as a model.

Hillary Blythe III >> beekeeper - maker of honey,  candle maker well reknown for mulberry honey and juniper candles, and her taxidermy.   She is quiet and keeps to herself and said to be a woman of many demons yet quite good honey and candles.

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