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"Dam it!" could be heard round.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it" could be heard by Beatrice as Beatrice tried to fix the poor start.

"Damn it, I mean and meant "Dam It!"

What a pelting Beatrice was taking - oh all the mud already being thrown about, and yet with so much further still to go.

If only we had a good boys camp - damn it, they might understand my "dam it" herald.

***{this piece is in development, I just wanted to get the start out there,  haven’t decided yet if Beatrice is a woman or a man.  Do you know anything about 1650s around Ohio area?  9am draft.}***

*** {now back to writing at 10am}***

Well, now at the troph Beatrice hitches up and begins to read latest post THE COURANT CHRONICLE HERALD NEWS and its lead about Chief Beavertail and his current battles with Beau Carville.

With trusty stead now to keep - hitched and saddle lightened at the troph outside the Dam’e Watering Hole, Beatrice heads in to catch a draft and some comaraderie, and grub.

Not a big surprise to soon hear old wife’s tales of lore of Chief Beavertail and his rise as a heralded superior marketing "MAD MAN" and more so than new guy in town, new ambitious settling Beau Carville. 

If only Beau Carville hadn’t arrived so through local and regional canopies so vaulting with and arching known to be like an outdoor cathedral - if only Beau Carville hadn’t arrived to find his old nemisis Rusty Begsome already dug in and as a story teller - if only Beau Carville hadn’t arrived to find his legacy had arrived before him of a tough childhood (pre car) always of tease about name like "beau carnival".

"Phew!  Oh Jesus… yikes… oh my God… Jesus!  Phew!  Yikes that fallen tree seems to have another’s "damn" upon it a "phew" in their name, oh Jesus all this spring mud, is there nothing to knell upon to keep from falling to waist deep in such "cathedral"?"

Yes, such is just part of Chief Beavertail’s heralding. 

How is Beau Carville now to compete, how will he hawk his peltings what can he say that Chief Beavertail hasn’t already said?   He has to come up with some line - some preachery - to break up "Chief’s" loyal base.

Rusty Begsome is just smelling the money, the money he as proprietor of THE COURANT CHRONICLE HERALD NEWS should be able to trap with real controversy and competition - really almost already to "what a jobs creator".

Rusty though now also finally has some competition himself in "rag" business with the Hotel publishing the SALON SLATE hourly.  They are competing on content for the lack the press machinery of Rusty but have the traffic with their three slates - the "outside" the "bar slate" and the slate in the salon.

"Boy was the mud ever flying today."  "Yikes, that "phew" seems alread named."  "Ok steady, around the trees like massive columns for their holding vaulting cover of cathedral like canopies, by some of the "legendary" "phews" long named for town’s founding five."

Beau Carville is at a great disadvantage so new to such town and unaware still to legend of Chief Beavertail as greatest "Mad Man" of both sides of the Mississippi.  He just is going to have it rough not knowing the mos’ queing underpinnings of "Chief’s" desert reach, so to of "phews" with no names.  And, well there are not even community colleges yet to offer a PhD in Beavertail dictoms or dogma.

What Beau may not understand, being more of just elementary slates of his local shire a little east of grand cathedral like canopies, is Texas and Southwest deserts, at least.  Many a competitor has come to Chief Beavertail’s troph and tried to find enough sales to afford regular meals at the hotel.  Many have arrived and packed the most heralded pelts but then headed south not understanding the double speak in local lore.

Beatrice is hearing this all in the air today yet few words have yet been heard.

Whose "journalism" - whose "rag" - will Carville become to and beckon to more…?

Beatrice, has it hedged - Beatrice has it cornered - Beatrice sells the best packing. 

Beatrice is also "smelling the money" and feeling "playful" like Rusty Begsome, and spots a stool open next to none other and with "here it goes again - spring is full of such wonders - same old? same old, Rusty?"

"So he really grew up chided and shilled as "Beau Carnival"?  "That must have been iffy."

"He looks like the type to head south instead of west or north or even back east, doesn’t he"

"Rusty, please would you put the question mark after your rhetorical questions or at least a period?"

"Well we have seen them hoof it here for years at a cantor when a gallop better told, and with gallop with cantoring favored"

"Rusty, there you go again!!!"

"Yes, Horace, a rye on the rocks, a double."   "Rusty, you need another Rob Roy?"

"Beatrice, I may need some new boxes and packing at my press, can I sell you an ad to cover the costs"

"Is Chief Beavertail a wise man - a true Mad Man?"

"He is still the best at mos’ que cathedral rocking, a "pew" before most others"

"That Carville "beau" hasn’t learned how harmful all the sands of time and a region that a pelt can trap and carry are to new mosaics and floors now popular even in our south"

"Hey Chief - good to see you back from the Northeast - when did you get in?"

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