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Really, I should just focus on how the "Clintons’ SURPLUS" was actually a willful and gross unfunding and underfunding to the grand rash tune of two trillion cut.

I should just focus on how the Clintons’ "popularity" has no soul.

It was a mean and cruel beat, theirs and a knowing beat forward and wise to knowing it was beating good for them in short term but loud and angry for whomever became president after them.

It was mostly of "we can have the best of times, for ourselves" and cut and cut to assure we look better than next as "they get the worst of times, for themselves" as the vast two trillion cut too quickly (atleast) became the unspoken - the undiscussed vast knowing cutting of spending for jobs for middle class and others, or "jobs saving spending" out for years after 2000 that their cuts went straight at.

Really, someone needs to discuss this and get a memo to MSNBC folks with evening shows, at least. 

Really, someone needs to soon "poke" MSNBC at least and with a calender from second term of Clintons’ decision points - it was all a designed we get the best of times and pass the buck as bad times to next, and especially while mounting steads of "surplus" "GREAT SURPLUS" as a distraction of all those they would stampede and trample on way out and for years after especially those when Speaker Pelosi would also ride hooting "GREAT SURPLUS!!!" 

Really, Speaker Pelosi may have done more than Clintons to trample and muck up our economy while riding proud as a Clinton hooter tall in her saddle with irresponsible and gross unfunding and underfunding as nothing less than GREAT SURPLUS!!!

How do people of at least MSNBC now dismount from a mount that never should have been harnessed or saddled so?  Have they now been thrown, and so now such question mute?


I really should discuss how the Clintons’ SURPLUS was really a willful and gross underfunding of our defense and intelligence programs in years before PEACE DIVIDENDS a prudent or wise conflagration/conclusion, but really it is how simple it to an understanding of Bush economy - Bush had to put more than half of what Clintons took out and knowingly removed from spending for jobs in years after 2000, and had Dems fighting him at every move to not put spending for jobs back in that their heroes the Clintons had removed.

Just rediculous how Bush is unpopular for having had to put more than half of Clintons’ cuts to unnecessary surplus back into federal budget and all the while with so many of the Clintons’ cutting of two trillion too quickly (at least) all spending cuts for jobs and programs in years mostly after 2000.

Just REDICULOUS!!!  Bush unpopular for spending to create jobs and to fixing economy and while being kept by democrats from actually spending enough when it was Clintons cutting of so much spending so quickly that it became "unpopular" for Bush to reverse and yet all the while public still encouraged to think Clintons "POPULAR" eventhought they cut out the spending for jobs that Bush is blamed for and for while also being blamed for spending too much for jobs and all the while reversing more than half of Clintons’ cuts they only way Bush could fix economy sooner?

So Imus did this morning refer to President Obama as an "amateur president"???

So it is really of a conflagration of Clintons and their eight years of seeking a new "corruption" for DC as a new global political standard.  

PEACE DIVIDENDS???  Weren’t they reading their intelligence reports?  Right?  Right - fair question?

Now to South Korea:  Now to that country whose state specific domain so far is holding in 49 out of 49 for least amount of visits to jphogan.org for a specific domain that at least showed one visit:  Yes, now to South Korea that shows as last on my site stats page for "domains" of "visits":  Great entire new "green" city you have built out of your seas near the shores of your new international airport - I enjoyed seeing a TV show about it once.

Maybe with all this GLOBAL WARMING we all need to prepare for or prevent we should look to Chris Christie to champion his saving of the failing and near lost city of Atlantic City as a New Venice - An American Venice, with network of canals built and a full new city designed in green and constructed with travel near and around near mostly done on water?

Well, what to make of President Obama the "amateur president" as tagged by Imus? 

Was he ever not really just ambitious as more DREAMS OF MY MOTHER and a faulty and leaning and leaky foundation maybe for a pretense stagging as DREAMS OF MY FATHER?

Was he ever of a S’OUL such of American internet as his campaign floated and paddled?

Is there any S’OUL in his soul?  Is he beyond saving for missing how important to most Democrats internation ideologies the prosecution of Saddam Hussein was, and maybe because he was still "clay" in the hands of law professors at Harvard?

The soul of his leaning to presidency as to "religious" clarifications in stead of a spreading of federalism and Constitutional equality for all, now on display in Seoul - his S’OUL?

Presidents Bush did hold to a new foundation that didn’t needed a "new beginning" for religiosities around the world and at home - The Clintons may have but then you embraced their unbalanced souls, Mr. President.  Presidents Bush were of a spreading of our Constitutional values of equal rights more equally with a foundation in governance by laws not "of men" and especially not of American leaders in their personal "religiosity" with an undermining of Constitutionality in separations of church and state and such of separations of mosque and state intent.

This internet of S’OUL around president’s soul - was it/he ever of empowerment through internet of "small - small internet donations" and increased civic involvement?

Was his quick and ready embrace of Clintons a sign it was just a political ploy and so evidenced by his sheer readiness in conflagrations to with Clintons of first 2008 riding with CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN into just a mere (albeit more honest?) UNITE FOR CHANGE?

To save the economy it seems he needed to throw the Clintons both out of the back of his moving bus and to then reconnect with the "internet generation" and learn to walk it as he had learned to talk it - the internet was the way to save healthcare, maybe, maybe save the "community" and "organizing" in a healthcare reforming that could actually cut costs and not just add an over-lording new and grand Washington bureaucratic layerings on top of existing costs and structures. 

Is it too late for President Obama to become the "Internet President"?

Seems building on "Compassionate Conservative" and a new harkening to "Law and Order" past a sound and reliable foundation for religious understanding and freedoms, and as designed or "interpreted" within our existing Constitution.

Mr. President, did Harvard teach you your current views and interpretations of our Constitution or did you come up with them yourself, and if so that you "came up with them yourself" after you moved to Chicago was this before or after you started teaching in Constitutional Law?

You, see Mr. President, my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM was largely conceived well before you started law school (we should compare college papers some day) and then even so of a collection of political poetry largely written before you were out of law school or out more than a year, and all the while I four years younger to the day than yourself and of having left law studies the spring before you commenced.  

Yes, the internet was hardly "here" then in 1988, but the Reagan Revolution was in the air, and well the law studies and career guidance was then to a greater "you need to become a specialist" aires than I could abide what with my already a decade plus into tougher ride to "generalist" skills and adeptness.

Yup, really not much you can do for the Clintons now, nor them able to do for you.

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