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What do you call it when…?

The year was 1992, it was March, and President Obama still more of the dreams of his mother and fresh still hardly a year out of law school.

It was March 1992 and Governor Clinton was running for President against President Bush at near or over 87% popularity.  Governor Clinton must really have been thinking Al Gore was right that "Bush deserved a second term" and yet a political opportunist able to see a 1992 run as the preparation for a 1996 run.

The Middle East and African states were far from allocations to PEACE DIVIDENDS declarations, but then it was only March 1992 and it looked as if we had turned the recession around and set it on a prosperous path, a path good for whomever America would soon elect in November - yes it seemed by March that our economy was on its way to booming and even if Bush did get re-elected.

But now all that is missing is the soap opera that could have been - the "it’s all your fault Bill - NO! Hillary it is all your fault! - No, Bill, honey dearest, it is all your fault, these are your economic experts, no mine - No Hillary, it is your fault!!! You were an accomplice and full and willing partner in our "two-fer" decisions, so it is your fault for not stopping me…."

Oh, what we are now missing with these Dems and their economics mostly exactly as they would have been if Senator Hillary Clinton had been elected!

Oh, the movies that could be made - the books that could be written of such as of a Clintons’ "two-fer" White House torn asunder as no other, oh and so of "in sickness and in health"… "til death do us part" "united as one" contractually.

Are Obamas "higher drama"?  Are we really at a loss for lacking stage of Clintons as 2010 "Pelosied" too?

Surely, all that is missing really quite how Clintons in "survival mode" would have already have been throwing Speaker Pelosi out of the back of the bus? 

Would we have been saved the irony of a "community organizer" undermining communities with healthcare reform so? 

Would we have neighbors still seen as getting healthcare in their neighborhoods/communities by other neighbors with other neighbors also for other neighbors and with decisions specific to neighborhood sense of community and health?

Would we also be with "Hillarycare III" as like Obama/Pelosi healthcare reforms enough that neighbors now would be looking to Washington to make decisions even for the neighbor the community helped nurture and encourage into medical profession to be there in community as a local solution with a better bed side manner?

Maybe?  Maybe?  Maybe?

Who needs "community organizing"?  Just look to big brother Washington?  Washington will provide, stop thinking about your neighbor, stop thinking about your community and county?

Would Speaker Pelosi already be gone if Presidents Clinton "two-fer" now in power needing a "save" from "Hillarycare III" and as well the "economics" of old Clinton click? 

Who else could they attack to save themselves - oh the high political and personal drama we are all missing now.

{Note: You do realize President Bush 43 was America’s first MBA President and maybe for such studies commendable now more than ever for walking away from Dems Kyoto priorities in first term?  Have you at least read A MATTER OF CHARACTER about his first term and learned of his reasons around such as "concerned" that following Clinton/Gore initiative would necessarily cause a sharp down turn in our economy one that sounded then kinda like what we have now?} 

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