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Once upon a time in a land/community really not far away at all…

When Nubians still walked more like Egyptians and well, and well Gunga din…

And, well, Mr Binks and his Municipal.

Ja Ja Binks quite a Gunga din?   But not of Hezabad?  nor Nubia?

General Petraeus, may I ask what you are reading now?  Maybe something more of Jedi metachlorine counts?   Maybe some more of "Walks like an Egyptian"?  Or maybe a Michael Jackson dance video retell of King of Pop with 3000 dancers in India - did he do that, or is that still "original"?

Only a President versed in "Iraq Surge" speak really should, and should only if having been then and now of being also as "for" such sympatico and supportive then and now of the "Iraq SURGE" speak of before and after… — that is only a President versed in such is safe to listen to on "export" economics and especially how international property rights protections and international criminal courts so then and now applicable.  Yes General Petraeus I get this is mostly only for your light reading time.

Everyone else, and I mean I am open to "everyone else" globally - there should be an email "contact info" page here, or at jphogan.org.   You see my early public school days and studies were such that I was daily in Constitution with citizens of near 70 other nations also in attendence and likely as children of Yale students or professors.  

When I say "recess" I am necessarily talking GLOBAL.

Oh, and when I say "recess" and GLOBALLY yes I am aware I am saying like "junior FBI" more "equal rights and protections" than safer and maybe sounder stick with your own, evangelize or crusade and convert like some Jesuits and Catholic safe havens/saver havens of thought, and thought especially then in early 70s.   I just had to grow up with any rights seeming mine also to seeming all my school mates then.

Yes, the Iraq SURGE has its success possibly only because Bush 41 didn’t rush into Baghdad and thought wiser to pull back and reconsider and consider around American cities and places like Time Square and Las Vegas in need of corporate take-overs just to facilitate a liberation of Iraq from under a Saddam Hussein who seemed ready to use both against us globally in a PR war he seemed to think he could win.

Yes, without "community policing" and nationwide reversal of tending to policing with "bunker mentality" and "welfare not workfare" nor "livable cities initiatives"  Operation Iraqi Freedom wouldn’t have even been wise to attempt then in first term of Clinton administration when it was best schedule to succeed with least amount of global resistance and Iraqi distrust.

Yes, 300 or 3000 and now seeming of Dems ignoring that the internet and hologram projection a better marketing tool much lower in carbon credit debt creating and while it is only an simple accounting trip to show that such galavanting really accountable to $200 million per day of tax payer earnings.  See,  if so much of our federal budget is justified and allocated to "protection of President" in international travels and authorized with an expectation that only 10-30 days would be involved all that "expense" across so many cabinet departments could be said to be best accounted with a division by ten instead of 365. 

But if $200 mil per day spent to India and Asia rim and Indonesia can net 200 jobs in export and yet only maybe two more than a fancy 1 million per day internet extravaganza should why then should we over look that 200 million per day could somehow as a tax rebate have created maybe three thousand holiday jobs?

Do you know me as John P. Hogan from school days?

Do you know me as "Peter" and also "uc" - my newsbusters.org handle from most of 2006 arguing against main stream media and Washington, mostly, for the SURGE and then in defense of Iraq SURGE and at least for it was something we hadn’t yet tried that we would be wrong in a cutting a running if such effected before trying something we could try but hadn’t yet tried?

NOTE:  President Obama, your column today in New York Times, at least, was the least flattering imitation of my early 1990 writings and a letter to the editor of New Haven Register I have yet read.  Your column as by you also the greatest "stretch" by one imitating such "economic thinking" of another recession especially for your attempt to sound creditable as a "builder."  That you still were against Iraq operations also greatly undermines your creditability with such for globally speaking we needed to prosecute Saddam Hussein just to protect civility in international property rights protection.  But don’t worry, as I said earlier, we should still be able to make you look better than Clintons’ "two-fer" and now that their recent attempts at ‘economics’ have shown the world that they still must not be sufficiently understanding their own economics from 90s that still have them looking good for work and renderings that mustn’t, logically, have been theirs.  You see, my then saying around economics that "we need a more level playing field" did become what Thomas Friedman later was able to report upon as a world is flat metaphor.

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