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This must just be a phase.

Present!   Present?  

It is always 3 am some where - or within a half hour,  have we forgotten the matters of State and of Hillary’s pride around Christmas Day bomber/The Underwear Bomber?

Have we forgotten 1993 and the childish play of (early?) Clinton Middle East Diplomacy of:  Clintons asking Middle East Leaders as a group and around mostly IRAQ… to "just blame the American Republicans" and so of getting a promise from these leaders not to burden the Clintons by blaming them?   Diplomacy or "childs play"?  Childs play as intent now seems certain to have been Clinton trickery to get these leaders on their honor to not act or blame America during all the years Clintons were in office, with out regard for much geopolitics or decades of simmering and at times boiling histories.   Childs play Clintons were both "present" and a "two-fer" in "Diplomacy" of "State" that made us less safe, and …

{Facebook has a new popular group and active discussion on going now on The Federalist Papers @ facebook group page for THE FEDERALIST PAPERS.  I will briefly take a break from this column to rejoin discussion and with considerations for additions and/or subtractions to this summation with much relevance to "federalism" today.}

{This is a discussion both of "Present!" and of "present" (not?) around global federalism here today as well, so please look for some reasoning and historical significance, still, still here too.}

{Global Federalism:  The Clintons as an example of what not to do?  We should not discuss "terrorism" or Iraq or national security without understanding the Clintons’ "two-fer" on "federalism, today, and global"!   Seems they mode of operating was to burn the (votive?) candles always from both ends and at the same time while selling:  What beautiful light!}

[note:  In recent previous columns I have harkened upon "Bill and Hillary" within my rights as "thieves" and yet did not so explain the "rediculous" in my protections as for their unauthorized assumptions fitting for the annals of our history we may be safe now finally more from Clintons though once less for of such taking "incompletely" and without considerations of author/architect sought they did by taking without permission of such and such as only about 70% of a whole architecture/political strategic dribble a decade on then in ponderance so put us at risk by taking only 70% and not asking if there was more than they were stealing to consider.   Clintons’ "two-fer" legacy now at risk for they didn’t know to protect themselves by taking all of what was considered and considered necessary for ponderance before acting on some of architecture of such complexity?]

Well I am back.  I was experiencing headiness from such a discussion of The Federalist Papers in such a large group, so not just a phase.  The original intent of this blog may have to wait for another for concluding.

Seems our President though once a Constitutional Law Professor (still?) smarts on scholarly objections and lively discussions of Federalism and state’s rights of our (still?) limiting with our Constitution.   Now Washington Dems have handed Republicans and all "not Democrats" an advantage for November as Arizona immigration story is evidence of "Federalism" arguments not having been scholarly addressed and debated in Washington by the passing of candy for all of Healthcare Reform before passing real immigration reform.   Dems have set themselves up by not having a full "Federalism" debate and cohesive debate as now they do not and can not look serious on budgeting and "centralization" for having put heathcare before immigration.   Arizona had to act to assert state’s rights more just because Washington had acted impulsively and without full consideration at a national level on an issue that is definitely related.   Now only more expensive solutions seem possible at state and national level for Washington Dems having acted and so in clear disregard as well for the expressed will of the majority of America on a bill known for near a year.

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