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Rarely in the regular course of daily living of our history do we get just five minutes to twenty minutes, let alone four hours to a whole day entirely available for righting wrongs of historical record falsely held in political opinions.

Today is such a rare occurance.  How much, how much of today available for "social justice" not yet certain nor if til tomorrow’s eve its rendition.   Justice is in the air!

I don’t have children, but I can sympathize and empathize.  Mommy this, mommy that, mommy dad say I could have ten pieces of candy…and stay up until 11pm…

The greatest problem, at least with 2008 elections, was how uniformed or misinformed most of America still was around both the Clinton and Bush years, especially regarding Middle East and Iraq policies and politics.

You could surmise much of problems of Bush’s eight years also like "all the fault of the past eight years" and maybe be closer to "truths" than most even now want to consider.

You could bring up differences between Bush years and Clintons’ "two-fer" years and compare and contrast, and yes all the while with a sense of wonderment and feeling like a pioneer with such discussion/consideration.  We still haven’t litigated the Clinton "two-fer" years let alone don’t the "re-litigating" President Obama played fast and loose with so orating to suggest a "litigating" had actually happened, satisfactorily if not "thoroughly".

Well 2010 is not 2008 - many fifth graders have more knowledge now than most voters in 2008, and now maybe their parents do too.

Yes, it was an acting in many intentional acts by Democrats to keep the discussions around 2008 electorate to the dumbed down and way over-simplified presentations they heralded as whole truths.

You can, today, think that Bush was a bad president and didn’t know how to run Operation Iraqi Freedom and was ill prepared for what he inherited.

You can also look at Bush 43 and say he was the proud son of a proud father, President Bush 41, willing to take up the charge and its prudence of the policies and politics abandoned by Clintons so once of Reagan and Bush and then Bush and Quayle.

You might still ponder if Republicans were behind 9/11 as an excuse to go into Afghanistan for oil and pipeline reasons, even though Bush/Cheney pursued policies around Afghanistan more specific to just prosecuting a group called Al Qaeda that started near Iraq, in Saudi Arabia persons, in response to Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait.

You can still though compare and contrast Bush years and Clinton "two-fer" years and see how Clintons politicized and polarized thinking in Middle East and let Iraq fester and fester in growing feelings of abandonment by United States after Persian Gulf War.

You can still though compare and contrast these two as few have done near new elections and wonder, perplexed, still, on how Afghanistan during Clinton "two-fer" years was also festering in similar atmosphere of abandonment by United States.

Seems Democrats now in trouble - seems more than five minutes available for "social justice" with justice in the electoral air.

Cost of war?  A war that Clintons Bush had no entrance or exit strategy for?  No plans to help other Ba’athists just quietly replace Saddam Hussein and quite nearly just continue in his governance style?   A war that Clintons Bush felt justified because Clintons had kept santions on Saddam Hussein for all of their eight years?   A war that Clintons left President Bush as "necessary" but without leaving an entrance or exit strategy and after having spent past eight years proclaiming to PEACE DIVIDENDS that left United States with new "wars" but without even funding for body armor in budgets for our troops in such new era of expectations to such new "urban" conflicts?

It is worse that a couple years ago, or maybe just about a year ago, that a TV show hosted a panel discussion around healthcare reform and with a doctor reportedly a friend of Clintons oddly of mentioning that if the United States of America could get back to average personal weights on record for before Clintons became first couple that we Americans could save a trillion dollars in healthcare costs nationally?

Yes you could maybe decide Bush didn’t know how to run Operation Iraqi Freedom and that it took longer and cost more.   But, you cannot say so without it a fact that many Democrats after voting to support Operation Iraqi Freedom and President Bush with such were of "pulling the rug of confidence" out from under such operations nearly as soon as President had committed our troops and with coalition troops.  But you cannot judge Operation Iraqi Freedom simply without so noting that Democrats actions so soon after voting to "support" did undermine confidence in Iraq such that many Iraqis became afraid to cooperate out of fear that Dems would succeed in effecting a sudden cutting and running again leaving them at mercy of Saddam’s revenge.

How much to blame the Clinton "two-fer" and still for not just objecting then but to years and years of helping perpetuate lies and over simplifications much in CYA mode?

Seems justice may be in the air around here a while, and even well past tomorrow’s decisions.   Have you asked yourself how much longer Operation Iraqi Freedom took because Democrats were so quick to undermine confidence in America with Iraqi people wanting to help but then too afraid to risk it?

Have you asked yourself:  Are we there yet?

Have you even just asked how is it Clintons seem still the only American politicians that truely benefited from 9/11 attacks that made their new home of offices globally more relevant and with them necessary still on world stage?

I am just of reading A MATTER OF CHARACTER and DEAD CERTAIN myself while wondering what opportunities to greater "social justice" and educating may be in the air.  I don’t remember being aware that Senator Clinton was of knowingly lying on 9/11 about her daughter with reported telling of a tall tale that Chelsea had been out jogging at time of attacks near towers and Battery Park and nearly had buildings fall on her, all the while actually comfy at friends on Park Ave.

Don’t believe how A MATTER OF CHARACTER ends with last paragraph(s) - I for one was of concern for such when helping Clintons become electable towards 1992, it is even partly in my title for such collection - THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM - a collection of political poetry. 

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