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So as soon as next Tuesday elections pass we will be fresh upon the lingering still real problem, our national media as presently conceived and "practicing".

We have a major league problem on our hands with these the current standards of our national media, a very major problem.  Our national media with all its hours and hours of air time to fill is about to become the bigger problem than Washington.

Sure fighting to keep our First Amendment and avoid our White House’s wishes for like "state media" compliance and dotting had to come first, had to be fought before fighting our national media for undermining America with so much "national" news covered so.

See, take a look at the Clintons, and while still maybe trying to understand what the heck Gail Collins was trying to say >>>  One "house" or "two"  >>>  divided???  or not divided???

See, take a look at the corporate liberal media just seeing "sellable stories" and ignoring Constitutional considering basic to "home and hearth" or "the home is where the heart is"?

See, the Clintons have the media wrapped up and around what a fun "story" they could be and with "something" soap-operaish" to write about every day >> like see media you will hardly have to "work" to have an available "story"?

See, the Clintons have the media so hopefull for effortless "stories" they may have completely over looked "fair playing time" and limited "eligibility" around our unique ways of an "office of the President" first and foremost enshrined as a "home office" of the "house of the first couple"?

We have a very major problem now that is of our national media conglomerates and their bottom lines to profits predilictions.

They have accepted the Clintons "divided house" standard among other things, and yet while selling Clintons as a "house" not divided.

Maybe you have to have been a small business man/women with contracting around home improvements to understand a sense of law around "homes" to better or rightly understand many of issues our 22nd Amendment is wise to.

Our Presidency with its term limits is a very unique major league establishment not 9-5 "corporate" but "24/7 hearth and home/family"!  It isn’t a "punch out - join the family" charge but the old "First Couple" a house united, working as one unit, one unit to both parts term-limited, it seems smartly.

Have you been a home improvement contractor?

Have you been exposed to how laws protect home owners and their rights and so respectful of marriage and family laws and property and contract laws around such?

See, it makes absolutely no sense while such laws exist that our 22nd Amendment cannot be wise to such and of intent around "hearth and home office - 24/7 house united" team indivisible, especially for all those old and new protections between spouse and spouse and disclosure and incrimination.

So the Clintons have the media eating out of their hands as to easy profits, without a end to stories in sight, and, such so also so against the Washington spirit of limited eligibility for say "high school football" play.  

It has been someone else’s turn for quite a while now. 

The Clintons’ house isn’t "divided" and we are at peril for it being played and spun so.

They are one in a legal "two-fer" of an "electing of one an electing of the other - inseparable and indivisible."

It is clearly still of our 22nd Amendment as "undecided law" that Clintons still ride on past fair eligibility traditions an all the while it easily arguable that "Hillary" was not an "eligible" candidate for president nor eligible for any position within our line of succession to the presidency.

See, the laws around contract protections for home improvements and in such industry around "nesting"  has laws written and enforced just because husband and wife and families really legally quite one, indivisible, under many laws.

Maybe our bigger problem after this election deciding will be our lawyers barred around our country but still it seems next Tuesday analysis best now told as "our national media now our nations biggest problem."

Yes, it is now time to consider what a "house" really is and how unique our Presidency for being not a "King’s Fortress" but a "First Couple’s Home and Hearth" - right?

Families do tend to grow apart but that usually shows with "separate houses" not "obviously divided" nor "irreconcilable".

Note to Gail Collins:  When I boosted for the Clintons as first couple of Arkansas as available to give President Bush then "someone to run against"  I did so still of thinking them a disposable tool in a national reconstruction like a set of temporary and removable scaffolding.  Only if President Bush was actually afraid of becoming re-elected was such boosting supposed to be enough to have declared the "scaffolding" a house.

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