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In the mish mash of politics this year - what a masher.

How did the porridge get passed, even small, medium and large Democrat?

What happened to your vegetables?  Are you ready for a tummy tuck?  Some lipo?

Have you checked the "freshness" dating - the "use by" date?

In the mish mash of politics this year - what a masher.

What type of Democrat are you - what is your "porridge" portion?  Candy?  Quartered?

Are you a high speed rails and high speed trains "futurist", with your mixing?

Are you a high speed rails and slower running trains "throw back", for you mashing?

Have you seen the full mix of fifty state quarters - are you sure?  Quartered "candy"?

Are you a slow speed rails and slow speed trains "traditionalist"?

What happened to your vegetables?  Are you ready for a tummy tuck?  Some lipo?

Are you for more amenities in your training options and local/state spirit furthered?

Are you for more high speed rails with "diner cars" - "theme cars" slower and more peaceful, like quartered in states characteristics and character? 

With ten percent unemployment how is selling "high speed rails" and "getting there faster" not a "porridge" mixed too cold?  Get where faster?  Why?  What’s the rush?

Eeeeeeeeeee!  Cold porridge not my cup of vegetables!  Quartered "candy"?  Slow/slower trains on faster tracks, even "high speed rails" of amenties to distract and relax?

Are you for more amenities in your training options and local/state spirit furthered?

Every train with a "theme car diner car" recognizable from the outside as from the inside?

Smoother training yes, yes for "high speed rails" with trains that could go fast and faster but don’t, and shouldn’t need to?   An improved mobile work space in new eeeee lifestyle?

This is a certain mixing, a mash, of like minded modern traditionalist thinking.  I am not alone in my new thinking here today.  Can you save the healthcare "squash"?

What type of Democrat are you? 

Did you welcome the news of Congress to lose its last "Kennedy" seat?

Did you feel limited in early nineties with what seemed a nation wide "Kennedy ceiling"?

Your county can handle a new healthcare coverage system and a new county medical boards and chamber "porridge" a better "candy" for our times of quartering "candy".

What would we be thinking of Healthcare today if in nineties the Kennedy clan had cooked their mash to what seemed a nation wide political take over with near twenty Kennedies in to elective offices?  Would they have needed to promise free healthcare for all just to please the lesser masses?   Was that really more just the "Clinton" in Hillarycare I?

One result is already in:  The last Kennedy seat soon to be passed to non Kennedys.

What type of Democrat are you?  One that hasn’t figured marketing futuristic "green" cars best mixed and mashed, and mixed and remixed, with quartered "candy" and themes for slower, smoother, suaver train travel with more amenities in eeeeee and "mobile office" lifestyles? 

Be against "high speed rails" but as "for" for such to smoother rails for slower trains?

With ten percent unemployed who needs to worry about going places faster?

Did you wonder in early nineties if any routes, political, were available to non-Kennedys - did you look then for other party options for your own advancement in our freedoms?  Were you just never a Kennedy Democrat and yet aware of national move in clan, Kennedy clan to seat what seemed at least twenty Kennedys at once?

"Slower and smoother" rail spending the better way to sell "green" cars?  Better in quartered "candy"?

County based healthcare systems a likewise better "quartered candy"?  We have the eeee technology, we can rebuilt it, smaller, faster, better, and still free.

Have you checked the "freshness" dating?  Have you checked the "use by" date?

And so now we have a choosing again, anew, of hauntings even of Bay of Pigs redux recent in rants more Bay of Babes, starring President Clinton - the negotiator that brought us back from the brink of war with North Korea over two Al Gore employees in political and partisan espionage or "reporting" but not "national spying"?

And so now we don’t have the sequel to President Clinton of the dot com booming with YKK (Y two K) "zipper" concerns that looked to be President Clinton II of the dot org with elastic wasteband pant-suit skirting.  

What type of Democrat are you? 

Can you live with state based healthcare for all just quartered "candy" in states in their counties? 

Can you live with smoother and slower trains quartered in themes and eeeee lifestyle marketing?

You can, can’t you?  

You have an outfit already for each theme car, or now have to think about new shopping for new and old styles?

What fun it could be seeing theme cars passing daily also in quartered "candy"? 

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