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The secret of the success of much of the nineties was its "decentralization" movement.

We have alternatives to Dems reaching to keep the "big human-sized chessboard" of their imagination of best way to keep most of America "pawns" in the schemes and recipes of DC mixing.

Rep Rosa, you do realize that when you let loose on glory and glories of Obamacare (Hillarycare III, if you prefer) you started appearing to be of "mine, mine, mine"  - to let me get and keep my big DC chess pieces and move them this way and that way, like a god.  You took such gesticulation way past just "being Italian".

Yes I canvassed in 1991-92 on better clean air standards and on subject of "universal healthcare" and for maybe more than half a year.  I have to check.   Yes I canvassed on such and decided then by 1992 that nationalized healthcare not our best move.

So it was while working for Governor Clinton’s Connecticut Primary campaign HQ in 1992 I was already much of such opinion and already then of my "we could use Connecticut submarines and new contracts and designs to heat or cool oceans, and while at Groton event working rope lines for crowd control while Gov. Clinton met to discuss closing down all facilities there.  Governor Jerry Brown, we may have actually bumped into each other in Hartford as you race to stairs somewhere for an event as I was walking by on sidewalk.

Yes I know who Ted Marmor is.  Yes I know where he played/plays squash.  Yes I never played squash with him, but did play on the same courts those handful of times I did, and did with my Slazenger "Diplomat" squash racket I like to call a Schlesinger "Diplomat" for sporting spirit.

The nineties worked so well because it was a "decentralization" away from "bunker mentality" in local policing and "welfare" governance by big Dem brothers in Washington DC.   It worked so well and rode spirit of old SPENCER FOR HIRE dramatization.

Yes we have alternatives to re-centralization by Dems to Washington "Establishment Elitism" and for "green" future and better healthcare reform.

Yes I am ready to stop writing about politics and move back to career path more in entertainment as soon as being back on good long term path for growth "believeable" such that I can get again to gambling about knowing what may sell a couple years before it can get to market.  I cannot do it until Democrats shift from spend - borrow - tax and tax - play the partisan blame game with "guilt tax" re-centralization.   No profit seems available for "motivation" with Washington not just dreaming of spending "their share" but spending and spending to that closer to 70% taxation they desire, quietly.

There may still be the old reported 6 trillion of private investment dollars available for profit seeking and investment in our futures.  There may still be $6 trillion just sitting around without a place to invest it for a profit or a fair earnings not hobbled with new "guilt tax" governance.   There is enough private capital out and available for my mentioned development concepts for Detroit and Atlantic City.

But about "community organizing" and saving our communities and finding a better healthcare system to reform to:   We need "county-based" not "country-based" healthcare system that can use new computer and internet now to prevent the old most feared "corruptions" then "preventive" to such a considering for local/regional solutions.

Yes I have had this idea since before Clintons got elected in 1992 and checked its thinking after near half a year of door to door canvassing that opened me more to thinking of many in Connecticut.  Yes my INTERNATIONAL FLEET OF NUCLEAR CHILLER SUBMARINES dates back to such day I worked rope line for candidate Clintons visit to Groton.  Yes healthcare reform is best to fit back, and fit into old movements in "decentralization".

Sorry, I don’t really have too many new ideas on such, but that may be the good news for such would mean old ideas stopped seeming the better ideas.

Why call yourself a "county" if you cannot provide coverage for all within?

Why keep old system of healthcare coverage as "employer-based" when now moving to a competitive "county-based" system a likely more cost effective and efficient system?

Why become "Washington-centric" when holding on to your local character and with a way to use a county based healthcare system provides both a change for "comparative advantage" for economic and global competitiveness, and, offers itself as a new and needed "barometer" of general economic and sociological health of "counties"?

We have alternatives, and now a down economy largely for private capital without a place to make a fair return or a profit.

At least we need a Washington not of spending the future earnings and dreaming of maximizing their spending of the very future earnings in same dreams that small businesses and large need free for discovery and securing of "motivation" to the work to actually create "taxable earnings".

Yes, getting back on path to a new "decentralization" the better path and even for our Homeland Defense. 

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