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Ahhh the Tea Parties.   Ahhh my local Connecticut candidate choices.

I was thinking of passing up voting on local elections this year, I was thinking such for I haven’t felt I had time to learn enough about the candidates on current issues and times.

This evening CT-N channel though helped settle that thought.   Thank you CT-N for rebroadcasting yesterday’s CANDIDATE FORUM from Hamden with Governor and U. S. House candidates.   I heard enough tonight to realize I know enough and have enough opinion.

I would repeal Obamacare, I have been against it since before it was Hillarycare I, and, as then even of at least six months a door to door evening canvasser with CCAG and ConnPIRG with "healthcare" and issue.  Yes I may have canvassed your home or your neighbors and funny how now I have parents and a sister living in the only two homes I canvassed and thought I could pick up and rebuild and maybe for profit or to keep for myself, if I had the time.   Yes it took me a year or two after years and years past such to connect the dots so in Milford and Westport.  I did canvass Christopher Shays at his home and some of my old New Haven neighbors those months with many fall and winter months.   I had stopped/closed my home improvement contracting business because change was happening quickly, and I lacked confidence in many leaders.

You could say I have been involved as long or almost as long as Representative Rosa, in my own special ways.  Here is a letter from 1991 the New Haven Register did "work with" but without publishing for subscribers direct view:

Letter to the editors of the New Haven Register, June 8, 1991.

New Haven is a great city, with problems yes, but none that the culturally diverse and talented peoples and businesses of the greater New Haven are can’t address and solve together.

Our biggest problem is that we have not learned how to work together.  The businesses and the voters of New Haven do not work as a team.  We all need the same things:  A safer and more attractive city, more business and jobs, thus the chance to grow and become someone.  We all have a lot to learn and all need to become even smarter and more knowledgeable in order to turn New Haven into a premier city.  We have the raw talent, what we need is the leadership.

It is getting tiresome to listen to the candidates for mayor speaking of an either/or world, one in which the problems are seen in black and white simplicity.  There is a "new world order" emerging and what it amounts to is that if we, the people of the greater New Haven area, are to survive let alone prosper in the world economy we have to , out of economic necessity, resolve our differences.  We don’t have to like each other but we do have to learn to respect each other and our different backgrounds.  It is our great cultural diversity in New Haven that already make the city great, regionally.

We can, however, no longer to afford to just think regionally.  We now must compete globally.  To prepare for the improved competition we must get our city in order.  We need to discover and tap all the talent that is in New Haven, of any and every age, especially the kindergartners.  After all it is their future as well as our that we are trying to build.

To prepare for and adapt to the new world order we need the agility of youth, the ability to think freely and thus learn quickly.  Our age old ways may no longer be appropriate to the new world order.

The city of New Haven does need to become more attractive to prospective businesses as well as residents, shoppers and tourists.  We must succeed in attracting more businesses, with their additional jobs, and also at the same time succeed in making the city a place where people want to visit and spend their money.

What it seems we really need is a mayor who is characteristically a democrat, with concern for the people as foremost, and one who is also a republican with a focus on the interests of businesses.  This only sounds impossible because the term "democrat" now means the opposite of "republican" and vice versa.

It is no wonder then that campaigning has become negative when the democratic party and the republican party instead of worrying about the needs of the community, state, and nation have instead focused on how to make themselves appear different and better than the other party.  It is about time that they realize the voters want substance in their representation.  We know what we need, and we know what we want.  So candidates, if you want to succeed show us you know how to listen, and know how to lead.  In a Democracy we aim to elect the candidate who will best serve our needs.


Such letter is now a part of my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM that was meant to keep pace with Reagan Revolution and as well with known ambitiousness of William Bratton, then known since 1988.  Such letter was not meant to be a Marxist argument but another America piece on self reliance.  Such was written while wondering if what would work in New Haven could work also in Ireland.  Such was never of expecting Clintons to take out two trillion in spending when just one trillion maybe too rushed and too much.  Yes, I wrote such with my concern around positive change for New Haven and US as it was fresh upon tracking of "sole superpower" status.   Yes I wrote such mostly to start trying to retune journalism and main stream media to a new way of writing that wasn’t just of city news about blacks and whites, and such the town I did K-4 public elementary days with at least 70 nationalities on roles. 

Well,  Dan Malloy, I have to protest your "War on Drug" dodge with "Clintons did a fine job" that drolled into "blame Bush" and talk about border problems today without even mentioning damage done by Clintons unecessary slashing of defense and intelligence budgets in their two trillion of unfunding of program spending for programs of next presidents term.   Not only did Clintons remove money good for border security when squeezing out money from spending that traditionally made or broke our middle class, they also logically also removed money from availability for new green spending and high speed rails.

Glad to hear CT got High Speed Rail funding,  there is winter up her, and well do the heaters in new green cars work as well?   What happens if you break down in the winter.  

Senator Barbara Boxer is a direct relative of one in the Clintons’ house, right?  And now Representative Rosa’s advantage of Clinton ties and lift from my market efforts and creativity may have passed,  a soccer coach may have better "networking" now in DC in comming years, but maybe not.

I did mean to get paid for so much of what Dems in 90s took without proper authority as state goods.  I am still "on strike" as per the economy for "benefits" to such during time "Hillary" remains in office. 

I play me better than Bill, you should see some day.  Do you have any idea how much you still like him for has come back to me, as mine?

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