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So you want to take a left turn and want to trust the "voice" of our President.

What could be more "patriotic" or even more "hopeful"?

Scared?  Scared stiff?  To take left turn as "instructed" or not to?

How much American "open road" left to work with?

How much American "between the lines" still makes sense?

To go left or not to go left? >> that is his query postured >> anew >> a new way >> and again a way contradicting to earlier ways, most certainly.

"Washington is broken" the signals no longer clear?

Game on!!!  It is a Hearst World Series, did you know?

Game on!!!  President is smart, and smarting but wishing he had managed a state run media, an unquestioning and obedient "media"?

"Washington is broken" the signals no longer clear?

To take the instructed "left" or stay longer on America’s "open road"?

These are the time that tie men’s souls eeeeeee so!

These are the worser of economics and the eeeee here of economics - we do not need faster trains, we do not need high speed trains.

These are the eeeeee days! We could use slower trains and more "environment" upon like old dining cars. 

Take the sudden left?  No rush!!!  We are eeeee together "E Pluribus Unum" like, still?

Yes America could use slower trains!!!

Yes "American" is of "55 saves lives" but can’t we make that just about our trains?

It has near been two years and these Dems have shown they have few and small ideas and near "take from one and give to another" about "the best they have".

It has near been two years and since such time Bush rivaled and rallied in with a "transition" period near the opposite of Clintons same with he, Bush, reported the "most cooperative" in a transition yet, like.  Bush was so "ready" and cooperative you have to really start asking: "Didn’t Bush really save us from the new Great Depression and with his "transition" policies?

Ok, President Obama supposed to be a superhero!  Where though is his costume? (If you haven’t seen star studded comedy METEOR MAN you should - Very very funny.)

Ok, we can accept Obama/Clinton embrace has shown neither skilled at "marketing" America and quite mad now about such "exposure".

Ok, we can accept, sadly, that the "peaceful" house of Obamas and Clintons cannot now stand long still united.  It must be now after President Obama’s college speaking this past Saturday that one is right and the other to blame, and such with Obama nearer of specifically blaming Clintons’ budget balancing and extra surplus chase as the governance that wreaked his spoken to damage upon our middle class.

The people win and our First Amendment and maybe all the rest - We have a Hearst World Series of Houston AL team against San Francisco NL team > We have a Chronicle vs. Chronicle celebration of capitalism and citizen journalism, right?

Scared??? Scared stiff??? Scared to take a left as instructed?

Do you know citizenrosebud.com currently links as jphogan.org.  Do you remember FIELD OF DREAMS and it working for father - son baseball relatings confused around "and he had a bat name Rosebud"?

Word/phrase of the year and one that may prove Bush a "green" President may be "shuttlecock re-entry". Seems no "education" politics served by denying Bush was green with continue avoidance of great unfundings of science at educational institutions.

Seems though President Obama may need a super hero costuming after orations in Minnesota. 

Seems President Obama may need to hide from President Clinton now after starting speech around attacking President Bush around "middle class" slide.

Seems that President Obama went so far back in "blaming" of President Bush as like from "day one" for sliding of "middle class" that he actually nailed it, scientifically speaking, by effecting a blaming of President Clinton.

Seems scientific and irrefutable that President Obama finally nailed the "economics" by seeming to lie and appearing uninformed while so maybe being "incompetent". 

Quite odd a way to "nail" the economic science.

Quite a wonder to speak so near ignorantly at an education institution and speak to be warry of Republicans desires to cut Federal Education Deptartment funding.

Quite a wonder, this "super hero", so "nailing" economy by blaming President Bush as from day one and so accidently have revealed the true forensic economics of Clintons’ rush to balance budget and then further rush to surplus that removed two trillion from federal funding that usually makes or breaks our middle class economics.

So these Dems have shown the do not know how to market American or America.  And Clintons too for thinking "bring back Bill" markets "American" and without being a condemnation and near mutiny among Democrats.

So now in these the worser of worst of bad times so eeeeeee we do not need faster trains but maybe do slower and more enjoyable trains with new old amenities for all.

And now to market America with failed/failing cities of Detroit and Atlantic City??? 

So don’t take such sudden left as instructed and follow our still tilled American "open road" and its "heartbeat" "green" throughout Bush administrations support of private and educational revolutions in green and conservation of limited resources?

So think about Atlantic City born of green anew as an American "ATLANTIS" a new entirely "NEW" city conceived and build new in GREEN to compete globally with at least South Korea’s entire new concept city build on the old sea?

So think about Detroit maybe born anew as Detroit City The American Destination!  Detroit the City of Earth Domes of indoor "destination" "replications - recreational"?  Year round interior downhill skiing?  A misplaced "tropics" with all the warmth and distant culture?  An indoor desert horse track with races and betting Dubai styled?  Detroit a celebration in "open road" independence and mobile destination enabling now to the destination?

"Washington is broken" the signals no longer clear?

Dems don’t know marketing American?

Take the left and only get "take from one and give to another"?

Stick to our heartbeat of "open road" and independence and encourage Detroit and Atlantis rising and not of "stimulus" or "big brother" especially since both as so conceived stand a change as capitalist for-profit successes of the "We the People" inspiration seeming needed?

But what to do now of President Obama "nailing" damage to "middle class" as from day one of Presidency of Bush and so necessarily therefore the "inheritance" from Clintons and after their "transition" near the most ugly ever, in all our history?

And, wow, so President Bush saved us from another Great Depression with his transition of having programs and plans ready to go for America at the earliest possible moment he could manage any Democrat support?


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