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"Constitutional" is a big word.

Some people even call an evening walk "a daily constitutional".

Hold on!!!

Constitutional also of "constitutional"???

The authors of our 22nd Amendment had quite a sense of humor, at least, for writing in confounding around "holding" and "holding of office" so linguistically like standard marriage vows around "holding" of "to have and to hold…" such that they at least dealth with or just broached the issue that if a spouse were to get elected after another spouse had been term-limited, even though such shouldn’t have been allowed, then their contract in marriage would be violated for Constitution of instructing that such spouse no longer able to "hold" the other spouse, while "holding office".

Kind of as "Constitutionally" challenged as Bill and Hillary attempting an effecting to "promoted" out of office and with pay increases and benefits to bulster.   You do remember Carnegie Hall Tower 57th floor suite renting assault to our senses, still - yes?

Still a puzzle maybe best for Bill’s or Hillary’s psychotherapist or publicist >> that these from Arkansas so tried to settle in Empire State as like royalty, and with taxpayer funding of extravegance "expected" both for providing of "office" for Hillary as Senator and $811,000.00 plus as annual rent just for Bill, and that before "build-out" or leasehold improvements.

Still a puzzle that Bill and Hillary had expectation that taxpayers owed Bill an office at an annual rent near four times his old annual salary, and one at such time, for just one year, an amount more than all past presidents had billed taxpayers for a year’s rent after leaving office of president COMBINED.   Luckily taxpayers still had friends in GAO that nixed Bill’s extravegant reaching on their dimes and earnings, even though Harlem rent still may be twice what President Clinton "earned"/"deserves".

Take this visual:  I think it was in Washington state while Hillary for President present and of Hillary stumping, as usual with the full security detail and extravegance only afforded so to term-limited president, of eight years of presidency:  It was a visual to question "Hillary" as of necessary "constitution" to carry the "Constitutional" of presidency without Bill doing daily "holding" of "office duty" and "charge of Constitution" of/for her.  Such "holding" is what spirit of term limit amendment seems most about, yet there was Hillary getting applause for being able to go "slack" and let Bill step in as "her man" and carry her and her obvious weakness and insufficient strength.

But such is a mere haunting now that "Hillarycare" the scare equal to "Obamacare".

But such is now a mere clump in meant to be smooth and creamy mashed potatoes.

But such though quite a "visual" then and unforgettable "Hillarycare" quite the doom to Obamacare as HILLARY-SCARE II & III.

She may not be a witch, that Hillary, but she may certainly be "bewitched".

So of their empirical reaching to new grand posture and stature in realm of Empire State, whence >>> What of Clintons having attempted acceptance of their work and expectations to "promoted out and above" holding of "office of president"?   What of Clintons reaching to grand and global extra-Constitutional autocracy of Clintons around grandeur of New York City new diggs and an effecting at least in essence of Bill as AMBASSADOR TO THE WORLD?

So Bill was born William Blythe III — SCARY!!!

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