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Back in the day, the days, Speaker Pelosi was more "Pelosi from Baltimore" — even then in early 90s as even Clintons were together showing a lack of "leadership instinct" for our times: 

What was a "HOMER"?

Yes we are at risk, daily still, for "character" lacking as evidenced in early 90s change era when Democrats (National Democrats especially) showed a dangerous lack of "leadership instincts". 

Yes we are at risk, daily still, for not knowing the Clintons more for whom they are, and were, more so known to be whence, of instincts of national Democrats, in early 90s more of running away from problems and running away from running.

Simply "RAVENOUS" - Speaker Pelosi, once more just "Pelosi from Baltimore".

If you missed those years and months of Democrats showing their grand deficiency in "leadership instincts" for our times before Clintons were sported to stepping out of their confort level you now likely miss that their character flaws increase our dangers still today, and especially for them not wanting them "discovered".

Do you remember the gay days of gay demonstrations then too?  Do you remember such as a grander attempt to change the general defining around vocabulary even more than gaining equal rights?  Was it just the early days of a struggle, a struggle for judicious negotiations where asking for twice as much as needed to hopefully settle for half, for half the whole they needed - their play?



Hmmm.   Yikes!!!

Official records???  Unchangeable???  Bureaucratic delay, delaying, delayed, delayed still???

What is a "homer"?  Does every state really have a "Springfield"?

Hmmm.   It is your choice, choose it well — it will be with you and your record forever?

No "bewitching"/"bewitched" out/defense?   No retreat - no going back?

Who is on base?  Who is on base?  Who is in officer housing that might help my career?

What is a HOMER? 

Hmmm.   It is your choice?  Choose it well?  It will be with you/your record for ever?

Hmmm.   So you just have a tingly feeling in your leg while walking by that, that, that "lola"?  Not even "concerned" about "career" for such "tingle" from "lola"? 

Hmmm.   So yes you didn’t do your homework once and now be off to Afghanistan?

Hmmm.   Speaker Pelosi once was more just "Pelosi from Baltimore" and of those years and months of concern (actual location unconfirmed)  as change was happening fast and faster than most could compute/keep up/process and such those days national Democrats and Clintons were showing a serious deficiency in "leadership instincts" for our times and our Constitutional preservation.

{Personal note:  yes it was a little later and after they/some started listening to me and trusting my guidance that during Clarence Thomas hearings Senator Biden was willing to alter to "America is a great country" while wanting to say it wasn’t.  (I was helping, from afar, further the positive change via spin doctoring to a new and improved "political correctness"/PC)}

{Personal note:  I did not enjoy much of those years, and especially the linguistic fights to effect an aggressive "new gay" lexicon over existing dictions, long of new and old budding.  It was a harder time made even harder with so many Democrats and many Republicans seemingly lacking of necessary "leadership instincts" and enough paranoia around possible threats.}

Hmmm.  No "bewitching"/"bewitched" OUT/"DEFENSE"? 

What is a HOMER? 

Who is on base?   Who is that "lola"?   Gotta have that "lola"? 

It is your choice?   Choose it well?  —  It will be with you forever, your record, permanent?

Official records???   Unchangeable official record???


Does every state really have a "Springfield"?

No retreat!!!   No going back???

Imagine >>>  You are a male enlistee, a proud new "gay" enlistee, a male gay and proud new "official" "gay" soldier — and then you get a tingle?  You look - you smile - you see a uniformed officer - smile again, tingle grows, grows, grows - and you on private time as much as allowed start to follow noticing no "committment" sign of a ring as officer’s arms swing back past her backside, her backside you still think "his backside" … 


Oh my??? 

Now what???  Was it just "the uniform"???

And now you want more???

Are there words to describe such still? 

{Personal note:  if you are not aware enough to consider how great a deficiency in "leadership instincts" that mostly Democrats showed in early nineties then you hardly have enough knowledge/information now to understand our current threats and how Dems may not either.}

Oh?  GAY STREET?  That is down in Baltimore near the Inner Harbor.

Who is on base?   What is a "HOMER"?   UNCHANGEABLE - PERMANENT RECORD?

ALERT:   Ginnie Thomas has no "conflict" with husband’s powerful office/duty any greater than "Bill Clinton" has with his powerful wife’s office/duty and sole official duty to protect us from "Bill" and "material support to terrorists" linking with his supported and nurtured and empowered AMBASSADOR TO THE WORLD stirring of worlds "new leaders" that some to many might otherwise be labeling "terrorists".  right?

{Yeh, MONK television sit com shouldn’t have started with a bouncy redhead assistant - blond or brunette and not curly, would have been better.} 

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