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Oh pumkin, my pumpkin - oh jack o lantern. 

A wise and prudent man once said, and maybe in his biography, that one should always look for one person behind a happening and maybe more than that happening as like by that one person. 

Sorry, I don’t have a copy of such in front of me - it was said more in the "clever" and "spooky" like "there is no such thing as permanent friends or enemies, just permanent interests".  And, I don’t know who said that, who said that first.

It is "41" all over again.  What a surprise.

Thanksgiving is coming!  Thanksgiving is coming!  Thanksgiving is coming!

I guess the intel irrefutable that the British are already here.

Oh the president’s "tee times" - his record of tee times, maybe only comparable to Mother Bush’s tea times in such periods of record:   Can it be said of even one of his tee-times that he took the less than "BEST" tee times at such courses at any time in such period?

Oh the horror of all such play.  Oh the horror of all such play.  Oh the horror of all such play time?

How now but a haunting ghost towards November - such record play time…?

A thousand points of light from another’s ghosts and era, a haunting anew, anew in a prudent witching?

Ahh, the forgiveness,  ahh the evangelizing,  ahh the old adage around looking for one person behind "change" as most responsible.

Oh pumpkin, oh pumkin - my jack o lantern?   A thousand points plus of light anew?

O’ the Obama!  O’ the EVANGELIZER!  O’ the evangelizing of Obama only runner up to tee time priorities?

Ahh, the forgiveness!   Ahh, the EVANGELIZER!  AHH!  THE EVANGELIZER?


The treat the trick!  The treat the trick! 

The treat the trick of "forgiveness" era for Dems in evangelizing?

Evangelize daily, not just once a week, not just the once a week attending better spent golfing with BEST tee-times? 

Evangelize daily, try to hide "separation of Church and state" inconvenience to mission - Get on airwaves and mesmerize daily for an hour in evangelizing.

Where prudence lacked, and, whence prudence failed - just forgive your fellow Dems in mass, daily?

For Biden - a reprieve from plagiarism story?  A way past electoral barriers past of from such to higher office with such?

For Woodstock Dems of "experimentation" even of just hallucinating to "Aqua Buddhas" another mass forgiveness.

For Anti-war Democrats so rebellious of their parents and grandparents conservatisms:  more mass forgiveness and now a shoulder to cry upon as they wise more to their parents ways in prudence?

Oh, Halloween!  Oh, Halloween!  Oh, Halloween!

So many ghosts of American politics past.   Ahh, the evangelizing to one party forgiveness.

Ahh, the evangelizing to one party forgiveness?

Oh, the ghosts of Blumenthal past?  Oh the ghosts of Blumenthal’s past?

A witching to "Aqua Buddha" a love child born to criticizing from such a Dem Conway?

Ahh, the evangelizing to one party forgiveness!   Oooooo!  The Blame Game Ghosts.  Ooooo!

Oh, the "ghosts" of Blumenthal’s past a similar ghost to Biden’s plagiarism problem?

Ooooo?   Boooooo? 

Whose story have you taken as your own?

Who are you to be this Halloween?

Oh pumkin, my pumkin?

Oh butcher?  Oh butcher?

Is her "meat dress" ready? 

It is "41" all over again - SURPRISE!

Ahh, the evangelizing to mass one party forgiveness?

Oooo?  The Constitutionality of separation of "evangelizing" from state?

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