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Best we call ‘m Indians. 

Who’s this Saint Brendan, fella?

Hey, neat!!  Look at all the beads.

Hmmm?   What about the spices?  What about some gold?

Will they call us "occupiers" - will they fight when "occupied"?

Best we find a way to get them to think they have a vote, a vote that matters, but…but that can wait.

That is for another day, if any day at all - but as just an illusion to left to fester?

Best we give ‘m some religion and then some more religion, and then maybe take it away for our selfish socialist power needs.  Good thing we are not Spanish explorers acting for the crown.  

So much easier being devotees of Clintons, ain’t it - but for the festering that may again exceed their plans.

History?  What has history to do with any of this?  This is about October anew about "Bill" wondering how to stay relevant again.   This is about a "Clinton fester" anew and imminent as a new danger.

History?  What has history to do with any of this?  HUSH HUSH!!!  Don’t rock our boat - don’t do anything for the rest of October to remind Americans how much President Clinton tried to take all taxpayers for, per year, with attempt to get into nearly a million per year New York City office space.  

Best to keep this all hush hush, and quiet to just wisper of "linked" and "emailed" or "share".  We should discuss it, yes but quietly right, since "Bill" and "Hillary" need it kept quiet still,  lest they start being called "Indian givers" or much worse.

How to say it once, just once so it can rest quiet for rest of October, hmmm?  Blog it, but not blog another over it until November, hmmm?  Hide it in plain sight?

Yeh, Columbus today likely would have still landed but after a quick look around taken quickly back to vessels towards finding the real India.  Maybe if he wasn’t to arrive until after early November, hmmm?

Riches, hmmm riches!!!  Hmmm, the riches - those riches sought of Clintons’ seeking?

Sure this November is about how nothing is actually as Democrats are trying to say it is or was.

Sure this November is about how so much is so fictitious and still much of "Clintons’ political machine" machinations, even more than of President Obama "change".

"Hey neat, look at all the beads" — yes is a part of Clintons own past of sixties and seventies, right?  Just maybe of "Hillary’s brownies" and maybe of "Hillary inhaled" but "I didn’t inhale" still "Bill".

So if Clintons are still popular for creating a housing bubble and a housing economy then they should now still be proud of such, right? 

So if Clintons can still ride popularity for having created a bubble economy around housing as even they both like to "remind" then why aren’t they now explaining the unemployment numbers "post bubble" more realisitically?

Oh?  You do remember where Bill and Hillary hoped for President Clinton to set up his New York City office in mid-town, right?   You do remember hearing stories of innappropriate expectations of taxpayer appropriating for them, right?

Well, how to keep it hush-hush until November here, hmmm?

Oh!!! You forgot most of such of President Clinton trying to take taxpayers for near a million per year in just his office rent, post presidency, and for near the penthouse poshness nearest THE RUSSIAN TEA ROOM?  Yeh near a million per year with just $811,000 for the raw space per year before "improvements"!   Yeh, it does seem odd, very odd especially with Hillary then of efforts to be a New York Senator.

That is for another day - if any day at all.   Hush, hush - please - until November.

Yeh the Clintons still have us paying too much for offices in Harlem and yes local blacks do seem to have become displaced as feared, by locals.

But if it was a "housing bubble" then we are more back to "regular employment" and not to "record unemployment" - right?

I have no idea how much Senator Hillary Clinton’s NYC office rent was but do get that Clintons did try to get enough taxpayer dollars  per year such that they couldn’t feel demoted.

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