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It isn’t going away.

It is not to go away.

It certainly is not going away any time soon.

To resume:  To assume!  Hillary you know what is said of/for "do not assume"?  To assume?   Assumed!  Assumed too much!  Assumed too long!  Assumed still too long?

How many times did Hillary get defeated already around such?  Too many to count?

To presume:  To be brief:  Now: Republicans and Bush/Cheney and folk do have a lot to be here "interested in." 

To presume:   Her assumptions still haunt her.  Her assumptions still haunt "Bill and Hillary."  Her assumptions still haunt the Democrats.   Her assumptions still with those associated are still much in play.

To be brief:  No rush, no rush unless you are a Republican looking to redeem the party’s image to the max by November.   In her inappropriate assumptions, now way past reasonable as "confusable political" played, her and "Bill’s" usage still unchallenge confuse our American political history, nationally at least.   In brief:  The "change" of story so confused by inappropriate usage by Clintons from back in early 90’s is a "life line" to Republicans as such efforts to effect postive change and as much as possible with the era of great adaptations to a new world order of post Cold War winning by Bush as such efforts assumed inappropriately and for so long, and with cravings of more thwarted, is soundly a start of such positive change and anchoring of such towards effective affecting in urban America and such that Republicans now may crave a more speedier outing as for the "THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM" and its prose and poetry pre-date the Clintons entry into 1992 race and so, and so soundly that such change Clintons still get their most political lift and popularity from stands still as change that was already set to happen under a second term for President Bush.   Republicans may want a brief continuance as a full telling of such story will expose Clintons freshly for inappropriate assumptions, and still.  Is America hungry to learn how Bush 43 had to spend most of his years fixing the messes the Clintons left him with the "changes" they didn’t wrought and even more the ones the did?   Yes, President Bush 41 likely would have been blessed with so much of the positive change Clintons still ride popularity of as if it were theirs, and all the while Reagan/Bush and Bush/Quayle "primed the systems" and helped lay the foundation.

It is certainly not going away any time soon.   Makes a few books with material existing already and artful still.  

Hillary:  Are your associates annoyed you assumed so much? 

To be brief:  Why do brief?  

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