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"Columbus sailed the ocean, blue…"

Can I get a "U"?  Can I get an "S"?  Can I get another "S"?  Can I get an "R"?

How clever it was for Obama administration with what help necessarily from Secretary of State, post Russian RESET, to have found less than a dozen "Russian Spies" to deport.

How clever it was for them, together in a more complicated "two-fer" crowded around intimacy of "Hillary’s own",  so then to find a few to deport and use such to import higher skilled Russian snoopers in science.

How clever it was!

How clever it was even mispelling RESET as "overcharged"?

How clever it was to deport less than a dozen to take the heat off hundreds of thousands of loyalists in Democrats new American Socialist Revolution?

1492 all over again?

Can I get a "U"?  Can I get an "S"?  Can I get another "S"?  Can I get an "R"?

How do you spell RESET? 

How do you spell RESET?  

And, all the while with U.S.S.R. of falling for having over-charged into Afghanistan such to Afghanistan of becoming "the Gettysburg of the Cold War"?

How many of Obama - Clinton American Socialist Revolution were hidden by the clever deporting of such "few" Russian "suspects"?

How smarting, that Afghan defeat of the entire U.S.S.R.!  

Can socialism ever return to such an old mass global spreading before effecting a humbling of Afghanistan "fighters" of such legacy of defeating the U.S.S.R. and being the warriors of the "turning point" in the Cold War of "like a Gettysburg"?

To socialize Afghanistan? — these Dems, with their American Socialist Revolution will, though, conveniently, have to first usher in "federalism" before they can attempt "socialism" for Afghanistan that can exist as a "must" with any reach to "socialism" at home.

How smarting, even for American socialists and "Hillary" these Afghan fighters standing in the way of RESET.  How can we move forward, forward with Russia without "containing" well earned pride of so many Afghan fighters?

Hillary’s State Department, with its part in deporting of a select few Russian spies seemingly still with poor performance reports for many past quarters, did so allow a swap for more highly trained Russians and such with specific training around better understanding classified and cutting edge scientific materials, right?

Clearingly, it is just too cynical to think that Obama-Clinton are targeting proud Afghan fighters just to help former U.S.S.R. states feel better, right? 

Clearingly, without such push-back by so many proud Afghans,  Iraq under Saddam Hussein would still be of great cause to "counter and balance" that Soviet sympathetic - Iran, and without the end of the Cold War having changed such loss of near a million Irani brave - in war - into more a like "genocide" by Ba’athist socialist Saddam Hussein of once stronger anti-Shia machinations, right?

When the Cold War was first thought to have ended and then with thinking the global mass spreading of Soviet socialism also halted Saddam was just of with so many dead on his hands as "collatoral damage" though maybe more ugly.

So clearly the Cold War didn’t end when we thought it ended and many now still to trying to negate the successes of our "greatest generation" and quite to a tramping on their still fresh graves with an arguing that with their "victories" we now must embrace near all that they fought and sacrificed "defending" from, right?

"Columbus sailed the ocean blue…"

Can I get a "U"?  Can I get an "S"?

1492 all over again?



Boy oh boy!!!  Are bodybags piling up the specific "effect" from "Hillary’s" "causes"! 

She at least chest deep or higher already, especially when adding in more "domestic" stats of costs around our south western borders left unaddressed and underfunded and even unfunded all those eight years of her itimacy in "two-fer" "experience" during 90s that supposedly made her "qualified" for continued responsibility on same issues at same levels. 

She has to be at least shoulder deep in body bags from her reigning of decisions old and new.


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