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Is the most disappointing character of these radical Dems that they do not believe enough in their purported causes to take credit for having created crisises necessary for them to have the "popular will" to attempt such an "ushering"?

Have they landed flat for being of a committment short of willingness to be a political martyr for their causes?

Are Dems now looking to November decidings as the time they become political martyrs for not having been willing to be political martyrs?

Is "it is all the fault of Bush’s eight years" only rivaled in American history by "it is all the fault of the past eight years" for political "naivete" and rank stupidity?

Haven’t these Dems have exceeded near every accusation once slammed against Nixon in their own politics where "e-snooping" a favorite tool making political "plumbers" much "old school"?

The Clintons took out two trillion in federal spending and still want to ride popularity for such, and yet Obama wants to blame Bush years for not "spending" on these programs that Clintons still want popularity for having unfunded and underfunded or outright refused new funding justifying. 

The Clintons, especially "Bill" still want to be a hero when quite a budgeting villain, by Obama admin "spending priorities". 

The Clintons, especially "Hillary" still want to be a hero while now so needing to put "bite" in United Nations sanctions that their eight years clearly stand historically of towards "un-bite" and "escape clauses" and "general weakness". 

So how is it Dems have now done more to make America return to a priority around either "THE BEST DEFENSE IS A STRONG OFFENSE" or "THE BEST OFFENSE IS A STRONG DEFENSE"?  

How is it Dems have so made the old despised ways of their parents and grandparents around conservatism a more necessary and wiser, for today, path?  And, seemingly so "accidentally"?

How is it Dems old PEACE DIVIDENDS now so a party before its time but that now for Republicans is a cause for a party, if only the best offense of a "STRONG DEFENSE" fully re-established past the eight years of Clintons and their gross and irresponsible unfunding and underfunding?

Surprise!!!   Clintons still want to be popular!!!   Clintons still want to be popular but have no "foundation" theirs to now stand upon, for such and such so often opposite to President Obama’s argumentst to "necessary".

Nixon was even MUCH better on China, than "Hillary" - then and now, right?

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