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Hello "Nancy" - I didn’t expect to be remembering President Reagan’s funeral when I sat down to write tonight.  Hello First Lady Nancy Reagan,  I guess I still cannot think of Ireland without remember all those years I thought the report that your "Ronnie" and I had overlapping family lines from at least a hundred years ago, or two hundred from Ireland.

You really were surprised that Ashley Judd was there for you in Simi Valley service portion, so it seemed, from my perspective and with my muse history and network awareness.

Gosh, this blog is become more Irish than I expected, and just a day after I drove my first bucket of golf balls in the year 2010, while visiting the local Golf Galaxy store the day after "Fluff" won a million.  

Wow, got to love the simulator.   (Yes I thought I was going to write about golf and fit in some chipping at "Hillary" and flags around our Constitution.)

Wow, got to love the simulator for it told me stuff about my golfing I had been without a knowing.  Odd, quite odd that I could drive the ball to nearly the same spot and yet in ten different shots all near straight and carrying at least 210 yards be of finding I basically had ten very different statistics.

So President Clinton is in Ireland, and I am wondering about golf and where my cousin has gotten to who was during much of Clintons’ eight years of still, maybe, the number two station/rank in Dublin Police,  John Reynolds I only knew by family ties, and his son Kevin and our short visiting years ago while he was in US.

I am a golfer named Hogan who is now 45 and yet to have established a "handicap" for I am of only buying my first set of clubs in 2006 and of mostly only finding time to visit many driving ranges and when I could hopefully have found enough time to go through 300-500 golf balls.  I was reminded of those who would observe me around DC yesterday while at play on a simulator and while again of self correcting my swing, and finally with statistics on swing instructive to me to reduce backspin and increase swing speed while maintaining accuracy.   I was reminded for I was often observed for accuracy and near longest drives among those present especially when time was found to use range near the Jefferson Memorial.

President Reagan, hope you are doing fine.

Cousin John Reynolds if you are still a top cop and not already retired, if you see a reason to arrest President Clinton I might find it interesting to write about or talk about while finding golf time.

Hillary, yes, I still think the 22nd  Amendment only makes sense as also a protective bar to a spouse of a term limited president and regardless of sex and especially now while remembering "Nancy’s" reputation especially and as me a writer/blogger of expressing thoughts a spouse may become more annoyed by even than the other more "elected" and quite especially, while wise to POLITICAL, and historical political battles read about warry that it just is too great a threat to First Amendment and freedom of expression to allow one likely more angered during first eight years to get four to eight more years, while still bitter, likely, and, naturally, to exact political payback.  

Just too emotional?

Why do Irish make such great Americans, most of the time? 

America loses too much letting a spouse, regardless of sex, that is once the other spouse in a Presidency and likely more sensitive even before additional sensitivity if one such is also hoping to not let anyone get in their way to getting such couple back into such extreme power position.

I hear for golfers a "pre-shot routine" much considered "necessary".

And still prefer "the pen is mightier than the sword".

RIP President Reagan, we couldn’t be here today, politically, without you.

President Clinton, are you going to attack the superstitions and recent "wizardry" economics of Ireland too?

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