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A funny thing happened on the way to 2008 elections.

A funny thing it was, now even more hillarious heading now into 2010 "mid-terms".

The year was 2006, and on May 24th AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH premiered, titled. Do you remember where you were when Al Gore debuted as harbinger of "end of world is here, now" at least for polar bears?

Was this the "sinking of the Lusitania" that started the anti-capitalist movement at the heart of the "Bush recession" - the warring to recover from anti-capitalist economics, economics?  Was this just a first shot from a rude bridge and so more a "beginning" of revolution than a demarkation to world wide war?

Please bear with me, yes, please – I do not think a depression is funny, nor such a record recessionary period, either, and especially if the wrong and innocent are being blamed.

Do you know who Ivan Vujacic is?  Do you know Ivan Vujacic for whom he was until recall in February 2008? Do you remember President Bush recognizing Kosovo declaration of such February?

Do you know who Robert Conquest is? Do you remember what Ukraine used to be? 

So in all this is Senator Hillary Clinton’s January 20, 2007 announcement to enter race for presidency, this time with her "two-fer" supposedly flipped over all the necessary ways, all the Constitutionally necessary ways, supposedly, even around specific intent and purpose of our 22nd Amendment.

Was it not Al Gore with his anti-capitalis AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH a first shot from a scientifically rude bridge that started to sink our economies - but not so alone?

Was it but for "candidate" "Hillary’s" proclamation to declaration that she meant to "seize oil company profits…" that truely did more to torpedo our economies?

Who did they think they were/are? How did they think they approprietly titled for such though "untitled" Americans?

Well this is where mentioning AEI will likely distract too many from Democrat’s plotting for "neo-cons" still too fresh a misleading accusation:

See, I know Ivan Vujacic, former Ambassador to the United States from the Embassy of The Republic of Serbia.

See, I know him near the funniest way possible - take that Stephen Colbert. 

See, he sat down next to me over lunch one day, while nearly sitting on the inside window ledge of the AEI event room, and we engaged in what could be said to be "small talk."

Well, by the time Serbia recalled their Ambassador to the United States after President Bush had supported Kosovo declarations I was no longer inside the beltway but "back in Connecticut" after near ten years in DC.

Well, it still isn’t funny talking about a recession not "as bad" since The Great Depression.

Well, it isn’t "funny" that Serbia recalled their Ambassador Ivan Vujacic, either.

But, well, it was Ambassador Ivan Vujacic after casually sitting down next to me at AEI event either on November 6 or 7th of 2007 of telling me like: "Even top Republicans are telling him to expect Senator Hillary Clinton to become the next president."  (This is where it gets funny.)

I was at AEI for their event "UNDERSTANDING POLITICAL VIOLENCE AND REPRESSION IN OUR TIMESThe Work of Robert Conquest".  Ivan Vujacic was there because Robert Conquest was there, I do not know why he sat down next to me - but we did get talking about 2008 elections and Bush’s Iraq efforts.

See it seems funny that the one person I explained with greatest detail yet and maybe still of my reasons around stating not only that Senator Clinton wouldn’t win but that she shouldn’t win, either is still to this date, for "conversations", none other than Ivan Vujacic, Ambassador to United States of the Embassy of The Republic of Serbia.

So the time-line of around our economy sinking seems to fit with> first shot by Al Gore from a rude scientific bridge > but unable to have succeeded in general Democrat anti-capitalism torpedoing but for Senator Hillary’s declaration of intent to "seize oil company profits…" and beyond any to date sense of/around "fair taxation".

So the "neo-cons" are still supposed to be the "bad guys" yet "neo-colonialists" fits as a "tag" more properly accusatory to Dems.

Robert Conquest, born July 15, 1917, that is known most as a "British Historian" seems currently post his fame as author of THE GREAT TERROR with more professorial duties around and in COMMONWEALTH OF INDEPENDENT STATES at the Hoover Institute.

Ambassador Ivan Vujacic is one of my "witnesses" to my having been right and quite thorough in my reasoning back then in early November 2007 as regards my prediction to declaration around >> top Republicans are wrong to like tell him Hillary could be assumed to be the next president of the United States.  He is the one person to whom my reasoning also included a full support of Bush’s Operation Iraqi Freedom and with spur of moment adjustment to relate to Serbia and Kosovo as like a necessary pursuit of "standard operating procedure" by "neo-cons" at a time United States had no great choice but to try to create a more standard SOP.

Yes, I still believe Hillary should not even have entered 2008 race and is now arguably quite the worst nomination for Secretary of State that President Obama could have made, but for many arguements maybe possible to "need to get her out of Senate" no matter the cost.

President George W. Bush presented the PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM to Robert Conquest in November 2005.

Funny too, that if Al Gore and Hillary Clinton had been of "royal" titles we all would now have much less to say and express around concerns relating to them having "dirty hands" in sinking of Bush’s economics. 

Is it fair not to now look at the eight years of Clintons’ "two-fer" even if what we find also is less than "funny"? 

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