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A feminist interpretation could be that Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, now Secretary of State, did give spouse enough "rope" to get to this bitter end all by his lonesome, his lonesome though so publicly, anew.  That her encouraging "Bill" this week was just a plot by "Hillary" to finally break out of "shadow of Bill" could be "believable."

A bitter end, yes!

But really it seems the drama this week, this week while we as Americans should be of spending more time asking ourselves how we got here - here to the United Nations meeting again and so with European Union states having more votes than our Union of states!

How are we now so caught up in drama of President Clinton of "throwing Mrs. under the proverbial political bus"?   How are we to such a bitter end of "Bill’s" anchor rode with "Hillary" so recent to set around LAST CHANCE FOR PEACE?

But really why do European Union states still have more votes in United Nations than our Union of states?

And, how rude was it for President Clinton under pretext of CGI-2010 as a non-partisan happening to go political and pointedly so against President Bush last night after First Lady Laura Bush and daughters "participated" under ground rules of "non-partisan" pretext profered by Clinton Global Initiative?  Not quite the "throwing under the bus" dealt Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, our current Secretary of State?  But close?

Can it really be profered that "Hillary" is of encouraging "Bill" and giving him the rope to find, very publicly, the bitter end to uncontrolled drift now of his going political and superior, especially to her, to her thought still with some ambition of her own, not just of returning "Bill" to White House with his desire still to be the rightful "president" in their "two-fer"?

But really, how are we standing for such distractions while maybe without a fair number of votes at the United Nations tables this week?

I don’t quite know what to make of this behavior and stagecraft so to "Bill" and his false sense of "superiority" especially as it seems a defeat to feminism yet while appearances have it as billed to improve feminism.  That and his mad political attacks on President Bush administering witnessed last night in his interview with Judy Woodruff on PBS Newshour, yikes!

Well, President Obama and then First Lady Michelle Obama are scheduled near last at CGI2010 and maybe can effect the necessary "intervention" to right course now drifting uncontrolled with "Bill’s" hands of passing the bitter end.

How can this week be spun but as "Bill of throwing Hillary under the bus"? 

Can Obamas right the course and get Clinton ship in tow with a timely intervention and such a seeming much necessary one?

I don’t know what this means to feminism, but do see it seeming muddies waters around such and even in Middle East efforts working to improve rights for women there.

Anyone?  Anyone?  Anyone?  

Is it to be covered either in President Obama’s United Nations remarks or closing remarks for CGI that will be followed there by First Lady Michelle Obama’s closing remarks, or even maybe the soon to be announced Republicans new mission statement out today?

Oh, how sad that a President can let slide so much.  How said the old "passing of the buck" after 9/11 attacks of Clintons and their people of "blaming America" and not their own "leadership" - or what is more discriptive of Clintons than "leadership" and simpler: "sense of governing"!  Sure America needed to heal and doing political divisive may not have helped at all but Clintons blaming Americans by taking to >>blue states said do this and that…and we just did what America told us via our polls to do? 

Just sad!  Sad but maybe just this reaching of such a public "bitter end"?

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