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Is it what was "heard" or more what was "witnessed" this week of CGI?

Was it the end of feminism, feminism as we have known it?

Did Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton play it so?

Just unbelievable, really unbelievable – The Secretary of State of our United States of America arrives and speaks about her "dirty stoves" - and of too many cooks around her "dirty stoves" - uhh?

Secretary of State Clinton now ten years out of White House as First Lady and eight years as such and now, only now, we are hearing of her "dirty stoves" - uhh?

I guess you all witnessed the death of feminism as we have known it. 

What will you do now?

What is President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama to do now, now that they finally may be rid of the Clintons’ economic advisors and administers, some how to date, like too many cooks around Clinton’s "dirty stoves"?

Maybe I just imagined that the Secretary of State of our United States of America showed up at "Bill’s" CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE and talked about "dirty stoves" - and for as the first we were hearing about such from them near twenty years after "Bill" was sworn in as President for the first time?

Is President Obama now almost rid of all the Clintons’ economic experts and maybe free to move us past what he can easily still sell as "Clintons’ Jobless Recovery"?

What does it mean to feminism for our Secretary of State of our United States of America to have shown up at her hubbie’s GLOBAL INITIATIVE annual gathering of groupies so demure and domestic with such modest talk around her "dirty stoves" and too many cooks around such?

Has "Hillary" declared her "feminism" a farse?   Has "Hillary" prostrated herself, though an officer of Obama’s cabinet and quite inappropriately?

But really, this is real politics and "hard ball" arena in which we just witnessed a demure Secretary of State speaking to her "dirty stoves" and too many cooks around such even though she now past eighteen years since first stepping on soap box of First Ladydom!

Inappropriate?   Inappropriate and quite telling?  Inappropriate and quite telling too of internal issues in Obama’s cabinet of too many cooks too? 

Could she have made her "loyalties" any more clearer?  Could she have spoken on a subject to more demureness?

Should we have seen this all coming even before the Clintons attempted a highjacking of Bush’s presidency and presidential political effecting?

Should we have seen this all coming back just when "Bill" tried to get the taxpayers to pay for his post presidency LOCATION as NEW YORK BANKING ALLEY - the near most expensive rental space available - when "Bill" tried to move in with the banks?

How are we only now hearing of "Hillary’s" "dirty stoves" and too many cooks around such?

It is easier to explain how Clintons highjacked the Bush presidency than to explain such, and even to explain how misguided President Bush may have been not to lead with the "blame game" as President Obama has, with a daily to hourly "all the fault of the past eight years".

We should have seen this as soon as we became wise to "Bill" trying to use "Hillary" to get them both into the White House, for such "perspective" re-educates and changes interpretation once left to more ‘innocent’ past rendings?

And, then President Clinton set tone on eve of Initiatives last day with a beat that doesn’t still add up and seems near insane >>> as on PBS Newshour in interview with Judy Woodruff - like:  President Bush could have a should have kept the Clintons budgeting all eight years of Bush admin.  Uhh?  That is like wrapping up #cgi2010 like saying "thanks for coming but we should all go back to year 2000 committment levels." 

Note:  The Clintons not only took too much out of federal budget when taking out near two trillion in spending to deep surplus budget but did so very irresponsibly even for that amount if possible for not actually of "necessary" job and infrastructure spending as an amount that was cut in way too short a period of time.   Maybe Bill doesn’t remember some disasters happened and left us realizing he had grossly underfunded and unfunded "NECESSARY" programs. 

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