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It was the best of times, it was the best of times, it was the best of times - and now President Jimmie Carter >  I was a better President than Clintons?

It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times, it was the worst of times - and now President Barack Obama > just "tongue in cheek" with "all Bush’s fault" for now a presidency clear in spending priorities certainly towards spending, spending with some discretion, near a full trillion of the two trillion Clintons still say wasn’t necessary?

It is today, it is today, it is today - and now President Clinton seeming confident his personality wouldn’t have us in this mess President Obama and his personality has us?  - and now President Clinton like with confidence a miracle economic cure for jobs just out there right in front of all of us?

Could it be, could it be, could it be - and without > if it is than mustn’t it be of Clintons’ as saboteurs, and so of sabotaging of Obama’s economics?  

It is this week, it is this week, it is this week - nothing but a week to be kind and near charitable to a former President even if much of legacy left and especially the sad economics of his irresponsible and rash budgeting to near a trillion in surplus, so at core of current economic problems?

Next speaker please, next speaker please, next speaker please!

But it cannot be, it cannot be, it just can’t be that these so our trying times are not of from the Clintons irresponsible chase for surplus popularity and it as a great and vast underfunding of federal jobs saving and creating needed to balance their irresponsible pushing of risky loans so such as an unfunded federal social program!


OH NO!  OH MY!  OH ME O’ MY!  

It all adds up, it all adds up, it all adds up - and yes to the Clintons and their PEACE DIVIDENDS and eight years of claiming their "intelligence" justified cutting two trillion from spending, and so rapidly that peace can only have been concluded to be here to stay for decades.   How else to explain their "slashing and burning" of just defense and intelligence budgets?  How else to explain now how much Clintons said didn’t need or deserve federal spending of that near trillion also cut seeming just for popularity thought impossible for effecting SURPLUSES, that spending such that President Obama has been having to declare spending on so much that Clintons told us, as Democrats, that such wasn’t necessary?

Are neither Clinton even half a Carter?   Mustn’t President Obama be of "tongue in cheek" when claiming it "all Bush’s fault" and so when so doing the opposite in budgeting so clearly counter to Clintons declarations of need?

And so it is, and so it is, and so it is - And so it is a week to be kind and near charitable to a former President, but not so much to let him think he is still President or a King?

What did Sandy Berger try to remove from Archives, anyways?

And Lanny Davis, it was near enough two trillion Clintons so suddenly removed from long established and now known to be near critical federal spending programs/budgets, yes?

Former Clinton Nation Security Council member Philip Bobbitt it was basically you of saying in TERROR AND CONSENT that it is dangerous for a White House to be too close and involved with Hollywood for such tends to "beget" terrorism, right?

But Secretary of State Hillary Clinton what were you thinking trying to over dramatize with LAST CHANCE FOR PEACE for you Middle East Peace trip?   That needs some justification and explanation, as well as "Bill’s" economics that suggest sabotage to President Obama’s attempts to top Clinton economic leadership. 

Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was - and a week to be near charitable to a former President, but only so far?

And well then there is the more cynical ‘economic spin’ now with "Bill’s" quick fix - sort of now of hashing out the seeming poor spin near a year ago where Obama admin looked at risk of showing their hands has hands of the economic downfall doing when of trying to pivot on convenient crisis and claim all was already better, and better but of course -well of then so of blaming Bush economics for downfall really of their own doing with "crisis" needed to make them instant successes without track record of accomplishment to justify or explain.  

So we were on a better path and more the right path under Bush, and in more ways than one?  We could have addressed even Global Warming concerns by creating two or more new industries without tanking those their ways did? 

Can you say desalination plants and solar roofing shingles?  And filters like in APOLLO 13 movie that was of getting like a square filter to fit in a round filter hole, but larger and of basic PVC materials able to clean and filter carbons of greenhouse gases out of environs before they rose to high into atmosphere? 

Wouldn’t desalination plants have created jobs around the world and also dealt well with fears of rising ocean levels, and if used to irregation have lowered temperatures where distributed onto terra firma even deserts?

I still like my idea for an internation fleet of NUCLEAR CHILLER SUBMARINES able to travel ice cap areas and work to chill and refrigerate warmer waters approaching in currents.   Maybe even as an international fleet of yellow nuclear submarines with refrigeration tubes and external systems with windows and cruise amenities attractive even to Virgin Cruises and Disney’s.

After all, after all, after all - we have known how to make ice for a long time. 

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