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So to be brief:  I still am in my rights to think Bill and Hillary thieves.  I am still in my rights to consider their political usage for their selfish political gains of rhyme and reasoning of original works of mine from mostly before they entered their "two-fer" in the 1992 race.   They never acquired nor were granted free usage and repeated free usage of the personal artworks that made my own efforts successful.

But to be brief:   It is still the outrage of the introduction of Barack Obama to the world with his 2004 Convention Speech that haunts us all now from the audacity I felt and witnessed turning on the TV that night to (from me) "are they (Democrats) nuts?"  WTF!  The Democrats are trying to put a black face and personality into ownership (political) (anew) of my "political art/artistry" and again without authorization or any rights of ownership.   I had to turn it off it was so gastly.

Note:  My efforts were of a creation of a body of "political art" developed as a Reagan voter and much more a Republican than a Democrat of the early 90s.   My efforts we by then a decade in the making, and we much care and work, and study.   I had been trying to be ready as a "artist" to be a caboose to the Reagan Revolution.   My work though temporarily and in "charity" to struggling and near "lost" Democrats was never as an endorsement but a "band-aid" like a "kick in the pants" with respect for my rights to my own political art and story.  Most of this can be found condensed in my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM and even the parts where I remind and refresh my sense of ownership and billability of days before they started moving towards playing fast and loose with "ownership" and towards making an as noted "Republican’s" efforts their in the public eye – without authorization.

So to be brief:   I guess I couldn’t for past year have been so keen to their strategies to be so effective in thwarting if what I mention above were not true.   I do really wonder if Barack Obama knew in 2004 that he was of attempts to put a "black face" of ownership around my personal struggles and decades of effort towards such "political art" kept mostly in "political poetry" and some prose whose rhythms and reasoning, and rhyming and beats are still heard echoed especially when Democrats are getting desperate to try to reclaim "successes" from 90’s that now more seem to understand they still don’t understand, and for needing to again play fast and loose, without authorization.   It was near twelve years ago I signed in to Library of Congress and tried some phrase and key word searches to see if maybe I had missed "a great mind" using the "art" of my "art" that such Dems could be said to have been using instead of admitting to unauthorized use of mine, to no avail – nothing popped out that suggested they had a different source.

So, really, I couldn’t have been so successful in thwarting their efforts this past year if this indeed were not true, right?   Was Obama duped into using "offered" lines without knowing and intent such?   He didn’t even have DREAMS OF MY FATHER published by time most of such "art" was consecrated and dated with by J.P.Hogan.   Anyone?   It works as a caboose to Reagan Revolution but hardly as an adapted tool for bringing in soclialism, luckily.   Shameful what they tried to do with its popularity.

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