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So you didn’t know there is/was a horse glue factory heading north out of Hades? 

Well, did you ever hear of a symposium called "FEDERALISM - EVOLUTION OR DEVOLUTION"? 

I don’t recall if it covered Cuba going "private sector" - "free enterprise" but do recall a politician saying something even more befuddling than Newt Gingrich recently speaking to ‘anti-colonialist ghost’ guiding President Obama, like, like from Africa and, his dead dad.

I do remember meeting this politician then in mid 90s at the Joseph Slifka Center.  It was not Newt Gingrich, but an as well or better known politician.  I did miss the opening day of this gathering to "symposed" hosted by Yale Law School with most venues at such venue.   I was in the neighborhood, but late to learning my near favorite subject was being publicly discussed and symposed upon with a discussion of the evolution and devolution of federalism.

What a wonderful day, today -so full of so much "counter-culture"!   Cuba - Cuba to freer markets so so "counter-culture" to Gore’s green hegemony and especially Obama/Clinton machinations to anti-capitalism.   And, surprise:  WALL STREET - the sequel - as no other sequel could be so timed to be more "counter culture" to dogma of Gorists and Obamanaughts. 

[I so wanted to work in Denzel Washington and Cuba Gooding Jr. into today’s in "Hollywood Series" but seem to have to wait and even wait to work in Sidney Poitier maybe with a IN THE BEAT OF THE NIGHT, but, well all this COUNTER CULTURE just too much for too few words.]

Oh, yes the other famous politician of saying something more confounding and confusing than Newt Gingrich’s recent "anti-colonialism" (maybe in a double negative) was none other than Vice President Joseph Biden with his either "federalism is devolving" or "federalism is evolving" sympostic concluding.

So complicated!   "Anti-colonial" from what perspective, Mr. Gingrich - please?  Kenya shouldn’t try to have colonies… so President Obama should have colonies???   "Obama is engaged in Kenyan anti-colonial behavior…"  is that what you said?  What can that possibly mean?  Obama while acting with a "neo-colonialist" ferver is acting as Kenya did to try not to be a colony of another?

So complicated!   "Federalism is devolving."???  Vice President Biden, and yes with me having missed the opening day to maybe here some "parameters" on "evolution" versus "devolution"  specific to sympostic debate upon federalism?   Even "federalism is evolving" is too confused and like a "double negative" - which ever it was you concluded can you please elaborate?   Seems if "federalism" as it seemed in those 90s were to "devolve" that would be a good think like what we seem to have now with Tea Parties, but, I don’t think that is what you were concluding.  Weren’t you concluding that federalism "devolving" was like a good thing for then more centralized socialisms would become the norm?   But then if it were "federalism is evolving" and especially in those 90s that would imply federalism was to improving for greater survival like now so the seeming good thing of these Tea Party revolvings.

So complicated!  But keeping me up to write tonight for not going without "awareness":  Oliver Stone doing "counter culture" now with WALL STREET the sequel out just in time to help me stay out of President Obama’s way as he keeps seeming to head in the wrong direction.  I have myself to blame for that, and luckily.   As many are realizing tonight, and keeping me up around such surprising "COUNTER CULTURE" out by Hollywood,  President Obama nor Al Gore could be welcoming WALL STREET the sequel for it surely is now out and saving many as out for capitalism, again.  

Yes, I feared Dems were trying again to go where they wanted to go in 1993 but couldn’t. 

Yes, I feared for irreversible slide from such Dem inactings and gave them the room to effect such recently while far less at stake around the world at risk with them "trying their ideals".

Yes, I feared for irreversible slide and got clear of President’s way but for realizing we needed a sequel to WALL STREET put in the works.

Viva, la capitalism.   And, thank you Vice President Joseph Biden, of Delaware - I know no other "conclusion" as a simple statement to the symposed that still defies on its face understanding.

Newt Gingrich, yes - you are in the running now with "anti-colonialism" seeming a contradictory double negative or negating doubled posit.

I do not know if there really is a horse glue factory with Hades to the south.

For those late to my blogging:  I authored a collection of political prose/letters and poetry in early 90s towards effecting greater momentum for much positive change and also to specifically help Governor Clinton become electable in 1992 with a learning of such beat.  This is now the collection I am proud of, but for the "Clinton got elected" part, taking it further than I meant, so titled appropriately THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM.  But for Ross Perot my assistance so near charitable to Dems was meant to be enough to engage them and do so staying short of keeping President Bush from a second term.

It is complicated!   Dems were mostly as a party following the first string candidates away from running and at near a run.   President Bush deserved someone to give him a fight, and well Governor Clinton nearly the only one left by such time new world order making some major waves.  

Thank you Hollywood.   Thank you Oliver Stone - especially for what now is so seemingly necessary COUNTER CULTURE and a bright beacon back for America to American.

Cubans >> Are you becoming more Chinese or more American?  It is hard to tell.

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