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Once upon a time in lands less e-virulent.

Thirteen then "the lucky numbered" — "the fortunate counted."

Drawn and drafted, and the British booted and boarded away, sullen, and resalted.

How currents so, with new currencies, ap and those now freer more of the terra firma.

Once upon a time in lands wild and wonderful stretching maybe all the way to India?

Mexican’s gold?   Fool’s gold?   Drawn, and, quartered?  Re-colonialized - federalist?

Rory now a reckoning, Rory now a waxing box office pre-colonial?  Fence?  No Fence?  Wild, Wild, West or just Catholic Missionary?

Fence?  Who needs a fence?  What is proper property?  What is "civilization" - "civilized"?

It is a beautiful idea to not need or be wanting for a fence, it is so civilized - general Humane. 

Is it though AMERICAN?

How did all the Mad Men and Mad Women of our United States miss the right path/course?

How did the Gods of Madison Avenue miss our quartering and draftings so?

Let the eagles fly!  Let the eagles fly!  Let the eagles fly "centralized" Obamanaughts?

Quarter the quarters,  trash the drafts,  undraw the drawn?

So I am "historical" in Washington DC building history, myself, for as a contractor in DC of needing a Historic District permit/sign-off on permit for new windows, I learned from such tasked, to historical, Steven Colcott (sp? memory here), that I was, to the best of his knowledge the first applicant to present e-altered/photo-computer altered with "cut and paste" digital alterations to show "before and after" for putting two windows on Independence Ave SE at old bricked in doorway for 666 Independence Ave SE and the bricked in window in next old bay.  Yes, I had to mill, myself, these two new windows to match existing double hung, single pane sashes and frames, and, yes I did the masonry and brick work to finish myself as well.

So George Washington did a whole lot more for DC and American attitudes towards fences, as thee of dictates that Washington DC should be a town of connected "townhomes" not like a plantation city of homes with neighbors separated by yards/fields and fences. (learned from visit and tour in DC of Building Museum and exhibit there on historic Washington DC urban.)

So "law and order" now ap a e-discussion necessarily regularly "viral" around "fencing" now a necessary American way?   Can we have some quarters not quartered equal in values/valuation?   Can we have basic property rights trampled freely in a "general Humane" and still defend "general Welfare"? 

How did we lose the big MO of quarters returned to quarters, drawn drafts "federalist"?

How did the Gods of Madison Avenue run down these gates to like "eagle flies Obamanaughts" - only?

Thirteen then the lucky numbered - thirteen then the furtunately counted as "counting"?

Where is a movie for each state now so quartered?

Where is their new tourism pamphlet?

It is like it is their proper "competitive value" not a different "monetary value"?

What is an "Obamanaught"?   One who is both for the policies of un-funding of Clintons and also against the un-policies of Clintons, of Obama, of funding attempting, counter to old Clintons’ "counting"?  

How drawn these drafts, and our values/valuations?

Do you know the diff between e-discussed "general Humane" now of Rory’s drafts drawn around > fence, no fence - continuum?   I don’t!  I do remember our Constitution keyed with "general Welfare" and "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…".

It is complicated!  It is complicated like the Pope having spoken to all Catholics around the United States of America pursuing Operation Iraqi Freedom.  It is complicated like looking at a tree but for a looking at the forest it within. 

It is complicated!  And, now the Pope is readying to visit the United Kingdom of British isle - that salted island "across the pond".   Where citizens of the United States of America, Catholic, were not "called" as Catholics to go to Iraq and help provide justice to Muslims in assistance to other Muslims seeking and seemingly deserving such justice, the Brits may not have the excuse and conditions American Catholics also had as Americans.

It is complicated - this "general Humane" now drawn and drafted and seemingly soon to air on HBO under Rory Kennedy’s direction/production.   Where is the "General Welfare" in "general Welfare" is it not there, in, "general Humane"?

Thomas Jefferson still memorialized for encircling us "We the People" in a pledge, common, and carved deep and sharp, as Americans so with:  "I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of men."

It is complicated!  Why didn’t he, so pledging himself and us, not pledge such "hostility" against all tyranny of "minds of men"?

It is complicated!   "General Humane" really "general Humane" but as "general Welfare" so drafted as not confused for placed to start a sentence?

Were British Catholics without a  matching to "American exception" in participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom?

Did British Catholics still have just their precedence "under law" and past post military when of world warring calling them as Americans were to be like American Catholics called as uniquely American, but British - under law and with precedence of history of post war reconstructions and renderings to new drafts drawn for greater justice for more?

Were the "trees" in Operation Iraqi Freedom "forrest" not of Catholics "called" to bring justice to Muslims for other Muslims but as Americans and others called to act, post war, for Iraq as "equally" as they had post WWII and other global conflicts? 

There are British Catholics, other than Tony Blair, right?  And also grateful as Catholics for Pope of not prefacing their involvement, if any, in Iraq as "Catholics" called to save/SAVE "Muslims"?

How did we get to "let the eagle fly" — Obamanaughts when road to re-quartering in new valuations equal but unique with new drafts drawn still fifty equal loosely affiliated states?

"The fortunate counted."???

"The fortunately counted."???

Law and order - anyone?  everyone? 

How writ? 

And the "general Welfare" now like "general Humane" - drafted > quartered/limited - for all? 

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