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How long did the Bolsheviks stay "Bolsheviks" after no longer "Bolsheviks"?

Oh, poor Lispeth, so disillusioned.

Oh, Ja Ja Binks, such a Gunga Din.

"’Why is my District death-rate low?’ Said Binks of Hezabad."

Chicago, Chicago, Chicago?  How, did you get by with a Governor only needing "two hours a day to do his job"?   Are you as proud of your "Chicago Way" as President Obama its best known current pracitioner, other than maybe Rahm Emanuel?  When President Obama said he wanted to run a personality based governance how did we miss the "Chicago Way" personality as "dominant"?

Where are the Nubians?   Where is General Bangs?

When it comes down to health-care and reform what to make of "commitment" and "pledge(s)"?  What to make of calls to code of honor like:  Cross my heart - hope to die?

When it comes down to reducing health-care costs what to make of pledges of "honor" with "commitment" crossed in promised fidelity to truth?

When not genetic heart conditions but blockages if looked at "morally" do appear a "X" mark across ones heart parts and "suburbs"/"highway infrastructure"?   Do you treat if spots of blockage actually seem to fall under specific "pressure points" such touches when asked to demostrate how the "cross their heart" when so pledging fidelity or asking for believeability?   President Clinton’s records are going to be as available soon as everyone else’s, right?   That would be too strange to be true, right?

Who was Binks?  Why was Lispeth so disillusioned with British colonialism?

And now "green" machines past Al Gore, global alarmist so scare mongering such that children across the world thought their parents of killing polar bears with each and every new gallon of gas purchased for their machines?  And, now past Al Gore injecting extreme market subjectifying and global subjectivity such that we got the over $4.00 gasoline costs he needed to mechanize his "new machines" era?

How much "Chicago!" is too much Chicago even for Chicago?

How long did they stay "Chicago" once "Chicago" now longer even right for Chicago?

When our White House goes with "you provide the pictures and I provide the war" like, what then is their for The Fourth Estate but to chase "transparency" and "democracy"?

What was it candidate McCain waxed upon Dems war posturing to "Afghanistan a war of necessity…"?   >>> "Targets du jure?"?   or was it "War du jure?"?  Wait, one of those was mine, not McCain’s.  

"We are all jelly donuts."?

Remarkable, when you look for "fidelity" and "pledges" to of honor and of simple truthfulness, what one may find.  Remarkable when you look for the treasured "X" marking spot of "honor" and "fidelity" pledging, that even on 9/11 anniversary you can learn something new.

Was it the machine?   Was it just a lone actor?  A lone director/producer Michael Moore?  How is it that today most people take his dramatization of Bush on 9/11 and his scene editing to presenting President Bush interupted by Andrew Card while reading to elementary school students as presented, so it seems, as the first President Bush heard that day/morning of any planes flying into buildings in America?   How is it that until the ninth anniversary much machine politicing still carried that "understanding" and pushed many to over-look that history recorded Karl Rove of having informed President Bush of first plane striking World Trade Tower BEFORE President Bush ever entered classroom that morning.

So Al Gore needed $4.00 plus per gallon gas in order to have a chance to bring in the rise of his "new machines" and now "Chicago!"  "Chicago!" "Chicago!" blame machine still simple in personality to playing the BLAME GAME. 

How much "Chicago!" is too much "Chicago" even for Chicago?   And, again how is it that Governor Blagojevich was, as I heard feed of him saying:  "I was able to do my job in just two hours of each day."  (paraphrased from memory)  

Chicago?  Was there no more centralized and socialist effecting that he could have done for you each day?

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