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Well this is a BLOG after all.

Today is the ninth anniversary of the eve of 9/11 - aka: September 10, 2010.

What are we missing that may be right in front of us, right in front of our eyes, present front and center to our ears?

Dear young President Obama has fallen onto a list so low in my esteem that near only George Stephanopoulus so resides.

There are some words I try to avoid, especially when earned. I had to turn off President Obama’s press conference today just half way through.

And now with evening news showing his closing remarks I know I did what I needed.

Did he just arrive on our planet? Such would explain his limited conceptual around political "inheritance".

Has he forgotten? What was that "tomorrow is a wonderful opportunity…" for him?

Should we talk about "inheritances" outside his blame Bush… - take from the uber-rich… - that tends to belong more to states and local government taxation arms?

How did he come today to talk about American - Islam relations so as if Kuwait invasion and Desert Storm never happened and like with him the first president to ever administer to help Muslims?   What ever happened to the positive images of Bush "friendship" with Saudi royal family members and with air of friendship, much Muslim?

Well, this is a blog after all and I am still of wondering on my 60 mile bike ride yesterday and if it actually is now the bicyle ride of - most hills climbed in a day - since back in 1984 ride from New Haven to Berkshires with full panniers, then the second year so touring such route.   I didn’t look before I took off to ride into Stratford and then up through Trumbull and Stepney and Monroe to Newtown and then south along the Housitonic through Oxford and Derby back then to Milford.  I didn’t think I had picked a route to heights of 700+ feet above my residence near sea level but then I did set out to look at a hill someone said was at least two miles long and so from routing to finding its peak from the other side.  Such riding doesn’t "stimulate" the economy much for I stayed off my touring bike enough years since 1982 purchase for it still to be paying for itself and now with parts from atleast twelve different part stores.  I would need a new bike and its current "marketing" support to be out stimulating the economy.  I do hope your bikes are still holding up.  I do my own maintenance, you?

Well, that said:  Now back to Obama and "inheritances" on this the eve of his day declaring "a wonderful opportunity for…" him to talk about Islam - American relations as if he just landed on our planet and is the first president to ever brave such he seems to be quite dramatic about:   So tomorrow is the day better than any that reminds us what the "inheritance" the Clintons left President Bush was/is.

But back to Noah and his ark built to save species from extinction >> Buttercup’s Ark? 

Buttercup’s Ark???   Surely "don’t ask, don’t tell" controversy rests necessarily upon its own keel?  What is the name, best, for an ark where room for only one of each sex in each species isn’t the issue?

Yes this is a blog and with a sole blogger who turns any channel near immediately upon noticing a broadcast including George Stephanopoulus - for I still think that no one is getting enough of any story from him and maybe less useful "historical relevance." 

So Noah didn’t have room or luxury to address other than survival of species.  So the story goes, right?  Surely others built their own maybe "Buttercup’s Ark" just to see to living another day, and being a proud generation, right?  Was there really only one ark during the flood?

Maybe it was President Obama’s avoiding that whole "9/11 is the inheritance the Clintons left President Bush" more than that claiming around the whole "Spain’s green stats" that his economics were about like doing all he can to grow the economy and create jobs.  But?  But? But, Mr. President you do remember that when you started towards "green economy" it was clear that such approach, even less ambitious by Spain, did lead to at least two jobs lost for every "green job" created?

How do "front-line" deciders get past the "don’t ask - don’t tell" issues around survival of the species and next gens that force tasking around who takes point may effect?

Please offer other ark names and hero captain surnames here:______________________


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