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Tomorrow is Labor Day, or maybe it is Labor Day today.

Seems the problem is still the problem J. Edgar Hoover faced after having worked with liberal Democrats so many years, and so closely, so closely almost a "plumber" himself, and, so so those many years maybe with a realization that the "liberal lawyers" had an advantage in court that could protect his snooping for them but not protect him if he dared do the same for Nixon.

Tom Delay for President?  

President Bush honored so many Republicans of much ‘positive change’ during nineties by playing the simpleton (being a timely simpleton) more of "stay their course" of it was their course that needed preservation and crediting?

Tom Delay for President?

President Obama, don’t you agree that this makes sense since Democrats must have been going after those they needed and wanted out of the way the most?

Yikes, what a September Surprise!  now with Tom Delay out in the open/clear to revive the Republican pride of 90’s positive change thought stolen for Clintons with attacks on Delay?

Most already see Nixon of "if the President says it is legal…"  of now maybe the "new foundation" of President Barack Hussein Obama administration, and as "good".

Most already see President Obama administration no slackers themselves in looking into private emails and medical records and everything else their new "IMAC" political White House office of Americans’ medical records and with urine and stool and blood samples now such a secret warrant away from biased party hacks, and others nobel in charge, to Constitution and "We the People" people.

But, how many have read the history/biography around J. Edgar Hoover of that book I read whose title and author I am not at this moment remembering — How many know of J. Edgar Hoover as FBI director refusing to do for Nixon what Nixon felt just, still in then going past Hoover’s fear of the above mentioned "liberal Dem lawyers" he knew too well?  How many get that this book and its author I believe quoted such FBI director of telling readers that basically Hoover was >refusing to do for Nixon what he had done regularly for Dems and Kennedys?

They got the wrong man?  Only cold molasses pours more slowly?

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