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First though some housekeeping:  I love my SRAM, I love my SRAM 8 speed "replacement" bicycle chain.   Oh, it fits proudly on my 1982ish Panasonic DX4000 with Shimano 600ex full grupo, and french "Competition" touring rims on the Japanese 600 hubs.  The saddle, now that new tires, new Panaracer Pasella 1 1/8 x 27 road tires, became called for, this saddle that was a aftermarket upgrade more tuned for my specific riding attitude,  this very saddle that though the "RACING III" model was to be used mostly for touring or long training rides,  yes this very saddle I had to mail order back in 80’s from Palo Alto Cycles near Sunnyvale, near Stanford.  They do not make Avocet saddles any more, and while I consider newer tech, while old tech still ramped, I do so loving my new SRAM chain and the company story all since earlier days of my cycling as primary hobbie.

Well, that said:  There she goes again,  there Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton,  the Mrs. to Presidents Clintons’ "two-fer" that could have been President William Blythe III and First Lady "Hillary" Blythe.  That probably would have stopped them before they got started, right?  Well there "Hillary" goes again in another desparate attempt to save "Bill’s" legacy and reputation and now Global Foundation’s relevance.

Well those two matters taken care of:  And well with "Hillary" much also with "Obama" of missing their times and the destiny they both seemed called to:

No more pants math, but, well "Hillary" and "Obama" are still missing their’s this greatest calling of our times and its rare economics and opportunities for real change to a better economic foundation for all American legal residents — "Hillary" and "Obama" seems set heading in the wrong way, economically, and while Middle East can make its own news like she apart of some hours today, quite well with new media and internet and much without her, and the complications her involvement add.

President Obama, I get that it is ironic that you got elected, and that even "Hillary" could have been elected for such a rare opportunity for foundational economic change good for all future economics of the United States of America.

Additional cycling note, while I think much of this winter to be full of wondering on upgrading to a new road bike, to take me to three bikes, what with my Cannondale 850 from 1988 product line still going and also soon maybe ready for tire upgrade and change to higher psi tires with less resistance now available for more road than off road efficiency.   I may though, when and if I "upgrade" to many technological improvement found now on current and vast product lines, still consider building a whole bike from separate orders of separate parts.   Today was the day, the day so before I went out and road for over five hours in 90 plus degree CT weather, remarkable for likely the first day I could say I had riden over 1,000 miles so far for 2010.

"Hillary" certainly contaminates the Middle East process and with it a reasonable discussion point to look at her for misplaced motives, more to helping Clintons foundations than Obama administering.

So it is a union job for President Obama, that could have been "Hillary’s fate" as well.

It is no "cheap theater" to look at irony that President Obama is faced with the greatest good he could do the United States economics for now with "crisis of valuation" matured and mostly past we find ourselves now best to call our president to take advantage of such across America and bully, if needed, all unions into wage reductions across all perks and details in employment packages and benefits.   This is no call for unions to lower there agreed wages just for greater profits for "Management" but a rare opportunity for American to become more competitive in global economy.

Much has become cheaper, and more is likely to become cheaper as a result and with long term growth likely quite modest compared to recent decades of major techno advances. 

Therefore,  America needs our President to incourage or bully all union leaders and members to across the board adjustments in line with new lower "valuation" as the best path forward and now with it a very rare opportunity for even with lower wage agreements that may need readjustment of mortgages as part of deal and revaluation of major assets as a one time "adjustment" — that with even agreeing to lower wage packages they will remain in same "economic class" and with same purchasing power and status.

Patriotic marketing note:  Yes I rode a "Japanese" bicycle with Japanese components but did mix it up and dream the dream of a resurgence in American cycling equipment pride.  Especially all those years thinking of Rhode Gear equipment/water bottle cage, and Cannondale panniers and handle bar bag, and quite while riding on my Specialized Touring Turbo tires of same now much less used and supplied for rim size that also were "folding tires."   It wasn’t until a handful of years ago, maybe 2007 while getting back into cycling while still in DC area that I bought my clip-in pedals for both bikes and cycling clip-in sneakers and moved, finally past "toe-clips and straps"   Shout out to Performance cycles for years of being in the cycling business and now of the labels on most of my cycling clothing now in use at least a hundred miles from any of your locations. 

Another patriotic note around cycling:  Timeline has it, if remember correctly, here while making sure to mention Eric Heiden, that I didn’t buy this bike without having known who Eric Heiden the Olympic Skater turn pro cyclist was, in early 80s, and didn’t pick out the above mentioned "Racing III" saddle without remembering the Columbus Day Bike Race hosted by New Haven and within a block of my home that Eric Heiden was headlining with his change to cycling, and with my not just meeting him but having record of such for wonderful photo(s) he posed for that I had my younger brother captured within.

I guess while mentioning "international" around this bike story I should, in all fairness add that I was an off and on squash player while then primarily in tennis and swimming, and with often daily consideration of my squash racket the Slazenger DIPLOMAT.

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