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A little "back to basics" woven now into fabric of weeks news:

>Your bus is going down the street with ten riders and no blacks sitting in the back.

>At your next stop two people get off the bus, both from the back of the bus, and at stop nearest the ice cream store.  One elderly rider gets on and with senior citizen discount.

>For the next three stops no riders signal for a stop and no one seems to be standing near enough the bus stops to actually "be waiting."

>Then three riders exit that have been sitting apart from each other and seemingly "not together" and five new riders board, seemingly in two "clicks" at this the nearest stop for the public library.

>You pass by three churches and another house of worship before anyone seems to signal for you to stop either for them to board or for them to exit.

>By now three riders all black seem to have chosen among the many empty seats to sit at the back of the bus, but two together and one seemingly "solo."

>Wow, school is out!  Twenty plus white youths all looking much the same but of coed group seem impatiently waiting at next stop.

>> So, and well it seems a puzzle now for two others usually wait at this time, but seem more prone to detention, but next stop at least three usually unboard, and with a bounce in their steps, and a tune in their head, so near your stop nearest athletic fields, for seniors.

>>>And now the hard reality - the quizicle to civic awareness, as has been asked for as long as I can remember:   WHAT COLOR ARE THE BUS DRIVER’S PANTS?


And, now some real math and judgemental awareness:  How much can President Bush be at fault for spending this supposed 1 trillion on war mostly in Iraq, and "quilty" and "shunned" for not having spent that much, that much that was deficit spending largely, and, so much as "should have been spent in United States"?  First we need to subtract how much of this was spent in Afghanistan - Obama’s JUST WAR - and then subtract a large amount of this spending for Iraq that Obama fits more to Afghanistan as his JUST WAR but that was the deficit spending needed to reverse the slide of our military from the gross and irresponsible unfunding and underfunding during Clintons’ eight years.

And, so with that "subtracted" from "Bush’s Trillion" presented by President Obama as like of all spending outside of United States territory proper of such "trillion" now how much of such was actually in state spending for troop salaries and support staff expenses as well as equipment and state side logistics?

And, now how do we "discount" or "value" the commentary asserting by President Obama that this money should have been spent near entirely only on social causes within United States territories, proper?  

How to "value" such "spending" assertion while President embraces Clintons, both, and while trying to only blame Bush administration, yet while history recorded Clintons in their eight years of leading us to such spending, such spending Obama presents as more proper use of such deficit spending yet of Clintons then saying it wasn’t necessary and that unfunding and underfunding of such domestic programs what Americans should embrace?  So this "hypothetical" "other spending/budgeting" also of  Clintons and Dems during Bush’s years of trying to keep him from reversing their unfunding of such "programs"/"line items"?

And, should the Iraq Operational budget get a discounting for Democrats largely of reversing seemingly then reasonable arrangements to see United States start getting some "payments"/"credits" from Iraq oil sales while operations on going?

How much should be subtracted as well from Obama’s "Trillion" spent that he seems to be saying shouldn’t have been spent and for what the costs of maintaining sanctions and "no-fly" zones and such of operational costs that Bush likely would have had to keep up for all eight years, just to be safe? 

And, how much now would we be having to spend now just to give "bite" to sanctions for others like Iran, if Bush hadn’t put sufficient "bite" into sanction on Saddam Hussein with such "Trillion"?


Do you remember, such seeming math quiz, of old? 

Did you remember? 

Did you remember that "You are the bus driver"?

Did someone say "pants"?  

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