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"After two years of warfare, the major causes of the war had disappeared.  Neither side had a reason to continue or a chance of gaining a decisive success that would compel their opponents to cede territory or advantageous peace terms.  As a result of this stalemate, the two countries signed the TREATY OF GHENT on December 24, 1814.  News of the peace treaty took two months to reach the U.S.,  during which fighting continued.  In this interim, the Americans defeated a British invasion army in the Battle of New Orleans, with American forces’ sustaining 71 casualties compared to 2,000 British.  This great victory gave the Americans their final war goal, restoration of national honour.  The war had the effect of uniting the peoples of the U.S. as well as the people of Canada, and opened a long era of peaceful relations between the United States and the British Empire."  (Wikipedia, War of 1812)

Today as well is a good day to GOOGLE  "More Poetry, Please" column by Thomas Friedman, in New York Times sometime in past year.   Sorry, but my blogged column that took on Mr. Friedman’s commentary, in poem form, is of the 227 columns hidden at www.jphogan.org from first year’s content, hidden until further notice.

And, "news of the peace treaty took two months to reach U.S."?  What is there still to learn about/from New Orleans?  What was it about the British that had them back to warring in America so soon after losing its colonies?

Was it all Napoleon’s fault? 

Well it seems President Obama was poorly served by the "spell check"/"editing" duty of his State Department what with, again, a seeming calling like Friedman’s MORE POETRY, PLEASE, as so many left to wondering now on the "momentum" of the Taliban commenting. 

>> "Within Afghanistan, I’ve ordered the deployment of additional troops who – under the command of General Petraeus – are fighting to break the Taliban’s momentum."<<

Ummm?  Taliban’s "momentum"?  Interesting concept.  "Taliban’s momentum"???  But, wait they haven’t had "mo" since Clintons’ eight years, right?  The "home team" of "momentum" or just Taliban going about their daily lives with a growing occupation force now more of "neocolonialism" and president’s fondness for "punk rock poetry"?

Taliban "momentum" still of ruff shoes/boots - climbing and traversing rocky mountain trails in regions not just with plumbing and running water but even without roads to speak of, and usually of "horsepower" still of "one".

President Obama, though really seems to have the Republicans on the ropes - what with the spending on Iraq so high and with Clintons not solely responsible for "surpluses" as much about diverting federal funding from such "spending" now "necessary" or at least far more important and worthwhile than such funds of massive amounts, was it spent on Iraq freedom, or just as implied (falsely?) "in Iraq"?

Surely Bush didn’t drop a trillion of our dollars in just one nation of about 25 million people, but instead did budget rebuilding of our armed forces and support structures with spending "on" Iraq but here in America, and, so of "change" to Clintons’ and Republicans PEACE DIVIDENDS before their time reckless surpluses, right?

But, still it seems to have cost so much more, and now in greater hindsight with "sanctions with bite" again a necessary policy posturing quite too much more than it should have if only the need for "bite" was pushed by Clintons on Saddam Hussein within their unexpected first term administering so soon after Bush was at 87% popularity for prudent prosecution of Saddam Hussein.   It would have cost less and gone more smoothly if we had returned to Iraq after just giving Saddam Hussein at most three years to fully comply, right? 

And, we would have had greater cooperation and trust from Iraqi Shia and Kurds for the full eight years of "abandonment" by Clintons, that chided at Al Qaeda for seeming maybe an insufficient prosecuting of Saddam Hussein post his Kuwait invasion?

So.  It cost so much because the Clintons let the Taliban get some "Mo" and as well for they in their intimate "two-fer" did let Iraq fester, all their eight years? 

Really, there are a lot of parallels between Iraq and New Orleans, and with both of action maybe better pursued before a "surge" effecting. 

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