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Well the brother can do a dirge.

But, holy cow what a BET. THE BROTHERS?

Where is Al Haig? Where are our Governors? What? "It is all up to the Governors, now!"???

But he still has the "Hillary" card the "YOU’RE FIRED!" hand?

Al? Really? The Governors? What’s with that, you some kind of economist now?

Al, is that you?  If it is what do you think of this:  "Hillary tried to get me to invade Yemen, I had no choice."? 

Al, is that you?  Has the Cold War only finally ended tonight even though BET decided not to broadcast such a marking of the final end, the finality to the end of the global spread of communism?  

You did catch THE BROTHERS, yes, right? 

You did turn to Black Entertainment Network (Channel 54 up here) ("BET") to watch them cover the president live again, yes, but, also to be shocked to find the dished "the B.O." for THE BROTHERS of regularly scheduled airing?

Al, is that you?   So it is now up to the Governors, hey?  And, well since "Hillary" wants President Obama to invade Yemen, and just because she thinks it should be named "Ladyland" instead – bye bye "Hillary"? 

Well, in 1998 when I moved to DC to an apartment about seven blocks from the Capitol, a building called THE INDEPENDENCE on seventh SE,  what a different city and even region it was than when I left near three years ago.  

Remember Marion Barry?  Anyone?

Well,  Tony Williams wasn’t up from Mayor Barry’s CFO for DC yet to the office of Mayor himself, and well near half or more of the parking meters around the city were broken or missing, and well near all of northern Virginia was still farmland like from the WALTONS show days. 

Well,  when I left near ten years later it seemed it was hard to find a parking meter that wasn’t in working order, and though still with the memories of near moving in days where it seemed you could get a parking ticket for parking anywhere on Capitol Hill.  But then I was of trying to park near the front door of new home at THE INDEPENDENCE and do have to admit I was of parking "facing the wrong way" and "exceeding one hour" in posted one hour space and then also of "exceeding two hours" for non-stickered cars in two hour spaces while still without my resident status, officialized.  Well, northern Virginia, became known as "The Silicon Valley of the East" during "dot-com" boom and forever changed from "Walton’s ville" to mini-malls and mcmansions and outlet stores and new interchanges and golf courses with matching developments.

But back to BET and President Obama, near a dirge - sotto voce:  Wasn’t this the debut for the new Obama decor, the brand new never seen new "Oval Office" makeover?

Seems it wasn’t Al, after all.   But you know didn’t Candidate John McCain say something about it being the Governors turn?  And you know now what with raising federal taxes based upon income or profit and/or gains a no no in a recession?  Seems if taxes need to be raised in this recession the only place they can be is within jurisdictions more just of our Governors and municiple leaders, for raising taxes on wealth doesn’t "turtle" economic growth quite like taking away most motivation by trying to take another’s profits and gain even if not just for of a selfish "professional politician" slickness to spending of other’s earnings more for your own glory, right?

But yikes "Hillary" that Yemen invasion idea just to force them to change to "Ladyland", well that one should definitely get you "fired"?

Well, it seems by not using this evenings broadcast to showcase Michelle’s remodeling style and their shared "office renditions" is it only safe now to talk about President Obama for not trying more to out "pant-suit" "Hillary"?  

Did BET try to get an exclusive for broadcast with the rest of usual Obama "speak" to over an hour used to showcase the new decor?  Did Obamas diss BET?

Anyone?  Anyone?  Anyone? 

President Obama, you make take to the new decor more if it becomes the turf on which you canned "Hillary"!  Even less of tonight too like a dirge, political, really, maybe, too.

Hey Al, Al Haig, what do you think of "Hillary"? 

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