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And Morgan Freeman, as Nelson Mandela, did portray "critical" character without too much "drama" - historically - as of Mandela not playing the blame game.

And, lapping with much overlapping, rivals caught battling a surge.

And, overlapping, surging and honor, an America took to playing mostly only "the blame game."

A "man made disaster"?  A global conundrum?

Oh, where is the honor?  Where were the stoics?

Oh, where were the Americans of "independent" spirit?

Oh, where with the overlapping and surge where was the "common sense"? 

Should martial law have been declared for New Orleans with the Federal Government assuming all responsibility for such town even without the smaller storm surge than breathed with concern on weather and news alerts, the smaller storm surge than expected when a cat 5 storm was forcast and for a region and peoples only protected to cat 3 levee constructs?

Should this martial law have been declare over five years ago and Katrina just proof of New Orleans having been at "failed city" status, so thus needing a different type of surge than they got before getting more of military response than they should have needed?

Should this consideration that Katrina surge demonstrated that New Orleans was a "failed" city needing another type of surge, and maybe even a federal takeover with martial law?

So with so much lapping, and overlapping of a smaller surge and now with a President so not the dramatized Nelson Mendela and his acting past discussing of "wisdom" to a clear and certain effecting of a "not playing the blame game"?

New Orleans?  What the heck happened?  How did so many people need rescuing, and not just rescuing of after evacuation order issuance?  How did so many people need rescuing from an area just miles to ten to twenty miles from areas still with grocery stores and maybe even food warehouses stocked and hardly damaged? 

New Orleans?  What the heck happened?  How is it that so many needed rescuing after an evacuation order issuance for an approaching storm with surge of cat 5 and so many of those needing rescuing of living depended upon cat 3 level levees for so many of dwellings beneath the sea, beneath the Gulf? 

New Orleans?  What was dat? Who done dat? How did so many that lived beneath the sea come to need rescuing, and resuing while, now even five years later, Kenner was still in walking distance and with enough stores and high ground better for post storm surge waiting than Superdome?

New Orleans?  Surely you cannot abide the jazz that yours was a "man made disaster" as "an act of a merciful God" seems more your quarter, your quarter spared by a storm national news was reporting coming at greater strength than your levees and general home construction designs, right?

Is it embarassing?  Is it embarassing to here national figures call Katrina damage and post surge lapping and over-lapping and your then more dire straights as a "man made disaster"?  Are we soon to find out that New Orleans though so hit still had within walking distance, safer harbor than Convention Center and Superdom "waiting stations"? Are we and the rest of the world soon to be discussing the surge more critically, and your post surge story of people who did evacuate so with having taken personal possessions to the max and of leaving the grocery stores and hotel pantries fully stocked and within walking distance for those who didn’t leave when it seemed some great power had them all marked and doomed?

The New Orleans story of Katrina more a story of a merciful God than the jazzed blame game to "man made disaster"?

How is it dat?  Who dat?  Who dat that tested the Saints, their Saints?  Who dat, those so many that needed resuing and as a New Orleans majority of those that lived beneath the sea/Gulf?

If a leader insists on playing the blame game should we honor such with an assumption that the person being blamed is likely the more innocent?

So so so many fled as ordered, and fled with cherish possessions and essentials, comfortable that there would be food and stuff where they were going.  Where was all the food and stuff the didn’t buy, even just in Kenner?  Where was the water?  Just in walking distance for a couple hours hike?

And so, dat, this da overlapping, mine around dat more as well of remember 2006 for vigorous blogging as "uc" mostly on newsbusters.org arguing for the "surge" and then in defense of "surge" and at times just for "compassion" or "logic" that if there was still something we hadn’t tried yet, we should try it before giving in to "cutting and running". 

Dem saints dat did too much damage on both dats?

Was New Orleans at "failed city" status already when Katrina struck more mercifully than forcast with greater swell kicking?

Welcome Home! Is the real work just beginning? No "honor" in playing the blame game, especially while Clintons and them dat "two-fer" as much or more to blame for overlapping of the faults in their eight years with maybe lesser "breaching" at the feet of Bush?

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