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We find ourselves all in a mined-field of "politics" with few "safe" places to write, this morning.

America does seem safer, but not for Clintons’ eight years of that dangerous "avoidance" and "inaction" Pres B. O. spoke specifically (not?) to in his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech, but for Glen Beck rally/fundraiser for support to military families marking a "point of no return" to old days of Beck so much then in early days of Clintons.

America does seem safer, and maybe a little for Glen Beck, the new Glen Beck, for his rally does etch in psyche for many a "crossroad" for America passed to a return to old "longer term" thinking.

Yes, Glen Beck used to be more a part of "the problem" than now, and well it may not be safe to say much more today for Senator Mary Landrieu on NBC’s MEET THE PRESS did assert a Holy War now against the "Beck Gospel".

We find ourselves all in a mined-field of "politics"?

We find ourselves now in an American Holy War, calling us necessarily to pick paths carefully, not just of "old" Glen Beck, once more of "the problem" of America of so "short term" in thinking to just "get to the next song" broadcasting.

We find ourselves now in this "Holy War" asserting by Senator Landrieu against the old "individual" "Gospel of Beck" revival with her, with her, with her more a "statist" of "socialist" Gospel? What is "Gospel of Landrieu"? Anyone?

Is there anything "safe" to write about today? Is there anything "safe" to write about today, especially now that gladly we are finally back to thinking near as long term as those who attacked us on 9/11, those that thought attacking us on 9/11 a winning concept, for they were seeming then thinking far many moves ahead of The United States of America, and especially its Democrat leaders, then?

I don’t know about you but by my middle school days I was grateful I didn’t have the initials "B.O." especially when thinking to future maybe as a leader someday with same abreviation as "body odor."   Do wonder now the day after the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr. stepping it "Lincoln" and with long term thinking, how "African Americans" feel with our "first black President" named with same initials as "body odor."

Is there anything "safe" to write about today?

Did 9/11 attackers think they had out thought Americans,  all Americans?  Just American politicians, or just America’s Democrat politicians, whom they maybe thought would hand Islam the greater defeat of The United States of America, by there own "thinking" post incident of "surprise attack"?

Is there anything "safe" to write about today?

Where is "Hillary" in this new American mined-field of "politics" with the "Landrieu standard" thrown "Holy War" at the Beck "Gospel"?   Must she run, head ducked down across such "tarmack" a "mined-field" anew in America’s story?   Has she lost the "race" card game?   Has she missed the "mined-field" for having "failed"/"crashed in ditch" and permanently side-tracked, already "historical"?

Where do Clintons fall in this new "Holy War" anew an American story?   Were they the "racists" great hope to avoid "Black" rule not just eight more years but a thought to full 16 years by essentially at their heart - Southern "master" and "mistress"? 

Is there anything "safe" to write about today, this day that seems calling all to new opinions and scrutiny and judgement of Clintons?   Did "Hillary" have to move to New York State just to get past detriment of "eight more years of money just for Arkansas and Southern Bible Belt States?   Did "Hillary" though ever actually amount to "becoming" a New Yorker?

Well, Glen Beck hosted a timely and successful and welcome fundraiser, on Martin Luther King Jr. 47th anniversary of "I HAVE A DREAM" but maybe just accidently for having just assumed a year before that asking, so inspired, a year before for a "Saturday" booking of Monument venue that such just wasn’t likely to be a Saturday of "anniversary" significance as well?

I remember the days of Glen Beck, DJ in New Haven, in early 90s and of America those days of such so employed as more a problem for America, for our The United States of America.   Even before Clintons, as First Family, made matters worse Glen Beck was more then of "the problem" than his/our "new" Beck, as "teacher", as now maybe part of "the solutions".

Yes, my collection of political spin suggesting towards "positive change" for New Haven and Connecticut, other cities and states, and our United States of Americans, is compiled as THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM and mostly shared and effected to national "opinion" to "positive change" and, mostly shared with New York Times op-ed columnists near entirely before Governor Clintons became President Clintons.  {They call themselves a "two-fer" so plural and plural possessive the most historically appropriate grammar for Clintons’ Presidency and post Clintons’ presidency attempt to secure more years for just Clintons.}

Yes, back in middle school days, while jesting with pals, I was not alone in being grateful that my initials were not the same as "body odor."   I may not alone then in my thinking that if they were I wouldn’t even ever consider running for our office of the president.  I am white though, and don’t know how I would have felt if not "caucasian".

Is there anything "safe" to write about today? 

Was it then and now that many problems around Katrina - New Orleans - of the State of Louisiana a "failed state" to little of "individual" and "state’s rights" old American stoicism?

Glen Beck, celebrity fundraiser?  

Senator Mary Landrieu?

Oh, Mr. President, it is more your failing as a politician not seemingly of "discussing wisdom" of kicking the Clintons both out of your "house"/"politics" within your first year, it is such and not some shallow bias, less "political" that seems to make Glen Beck more popular, but maybe for the company he is keeping.

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