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Civics 101?  Who is the President? 

Who is the real head of the Democrat Party, now?

Something about the United States of America is a military superpower "like it or not"…

Does anyone know after such so recently what a "democrat" actually is anymore?

Are there now "Clinton Democrats" as the rebels against "Obama Democrats"?  Are their two sects of cells of Clinton Democrats?

Are we now with "Peace Dividends" slash and burn our "military superpower" "Clinton Democrats" (FOBs)?

Are we more now of "Necessary Warring" "spend than tax" "Obama Democrats"?

Is Secretary Clinton torn between two leaders?

Is Secretary Clinton serving two masters?

Are there yet "Secretary Clinton Democrats" completing a "troika" of sorts?

We really are all being asked still and regularly to decided if you are a "Clinton Democrat" or an "Obama Democrat" "whether you like it or not"?

We really are all being asked more though to look the other way;  We really are all being asked to "just trust Democrats" even though they are still and regularly putting out conflicting "reputations" and "positions" as right, and one of "Clinton Democrats" of no "war" is necessary even as Taliban took to over-running Afghanistan.

But, to be brief:  Is Secretary of State Clinton sending State monies the wrong way?  Our America, under "Obama Democrats" of the United States of America, is a military superpower "like it or not"! As such Clinton seems to beg the question that today so left as such a "global police force" shouldn’t we be "collecting" not "distributing" funds, "like it or not"?

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