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It is really disappointing the extent to which the BABY BOOMERS have compromised their old ideologies and ways.   It is quite shocking the extent to which our BABY BOOMERS of their sixties have become sell-outs.

There are many more ways to fix all this mess than the still very contested "one size fits all" Obamacare of Obamanomics - there are far too many likely other options still not yet discussed or considered, enough.  Our BABY BOOMERS are those that should rile most at thoughts and suggestions that they need, to the one of them, to the all of them, to be brainwashed or "guilted" into doing the right thing - how did we get here?

Our BABY BOOM is so now passe, of sorts, it has been too long since "holistic" been enough in our political pop culture of leftist liberal protestations.  Have they abandoned their old ideology - have they abandoned it completely?  Where are their communes - were is their vast ideology’s practical applications of LOVE and COMMUNITY?  Why haven’t they saved us all - saved us all from themselves living too materialistically and selfishly?   Where are their communes and natural and holistic low cost alternatives?

Iowans do you have some extra land for them - do you have some corn fields they can plow under for a ideological revival?   Should they really be asked to challenge themselves now, since so much has faded and maybe be left less arid and rich farm lands and so to maybe turning desert areas into American working communes - self sufficient communal care and farming centers?

Where is today’s say:  MAKE LOVE - NOT DEATH PANELS!!! ?