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In memory of Jimmy Stewart, who died that day in 1997, that July 2, 1997 I was near Washington DC on second day of my road trip in my new used 1988 Dodge B 250 Cargo van thinking towards Los Angeles, and Robert Mitchum who had died just the day before:

Also in memory of all those that died on 9/11/01 as a result of the attacks on the United States of America:

There is no tippy toeing around some basic facts about the history of the United States of America just of the past twenty years. There is much we have been discouraged from considering since 9/11/01 and so much that wasn’t simply of wisdoms of President George W. Bush’s efforts to help our nation heal and stay together.

President Al Gore would not have just been able to "lasso the moon" after 9/11/01 attacks on America - he would have likely gone massively to war against all of Afghanistan and likely accidentally some against Pakistan as well.  He would have been at home with war photographs and likely found the Afghan Conflicts quite picturesque what with his time as a Vietnam Conflict war zone photojournalist, so it seems.

We have President Obama of the Democrats defensiveness that they would have run the response to 9/11 very differently and heavy from the start in Afghanistan.  We therefore have that President Al Gore would have soon been in Afghanistan with major presence and commitment maybe larger than what Bush dedicated to Iraq - to Iraq as still of roots about Al Qaeda motivations.

We have some actual political history since 9/11 that shows quite that as politicians go it was Senator Hillary Clinton who benefited more than any other of America’s politicians, politically speaking, due to crisis of GROUND ZERO being her GROUND ZERO and to the (needed?) extreme make-over of former First Lady Hillary Clinton into an untouchable international sympathetic figure with near super power to defy our most established seniority system - our Senate’s seniority system.

Really there is no way to soft shoe around so much that has been left undiscussed for so long while a blaming all about directed at those maybe more innocent.  This still may be a stretch, some, but may be spot on and not just cynical - the Clintons did after 9/11 stop claiming "smartest in the room" status and instead lead with more a: we just did what the American people told us to do - so it is Americans’ fault, not ours, like.  It was near idiotic with a regular "blue states said do this…" and "red states said do that…" grandiose over simplifying by Clintons, with a gross abuse of Bush’s generosity in the interests to see America heal as quickly as possible.

Did President Obama just execute long delayed Democrat Party strategies that would have been President Al Gore’s soon after 9/11 and such that it would be a logical conclusion that President Gore would have also accidently widen the area of conflict also to being at war, some to much with Pakistan?

Much less talked about is how President Bush found that he and his parties disatisfaction about Saddam Hussein not yet having been fully prosecuted had suddenly and unexpectedly become far more complicated because of attacks on America on 9/11.  President Bush may not have been as disatisfied with the United States for not having yet brought Saddam Hussein to adequate justice for his invasion of Kuwait, at least, as Osama bin Laden likely was - and was since his founding of Al Qaeda specifically with designs to see that Saddam was treated accordingly for his invasion of a sovereign neighbor.

Again it is still quite remarkable that for all these years it has been little discussed that Senator Hillary Clinton did politically benefit the most from 9/11 as American Politicians go. She not only got out from nearly all oppression a junior Senator was expected to be subject to under our famed seniority system there, but she also got the complete and international make-over as suddenly as a sympathetic figure ready to be president, a politcal untouchable of sorts.

I didn’t make it to Los Angeles as expected with such road trip to be first step to moving to Hollywood - I turned around after a couple weeks in New Orleans due to delays from needing a rebuilt engine installation.  I did decide then about that moving nearer to all fifty states would be better and so to my move to Washington DC in early 1998.

But, you know, today is a day to talk about responsible budgeting, right?  Today therefore is a day to talk about how dangerous the Clintons’ surplus of their removing spending commitments about near a trillion of available revenue actually was.  President Al Gore would have just as soon found out though with most of unpaid wars and reversals of Clintons’ surpluses being only about Pakistan and Afghanistan as a new Vietnam - an "it is Vietnam all over again" even.

That he would have been providing the pictures and the wars as a former war photographer and photo journalist may have quickly become a concern, but that is hard to say for sure.  President Gore would have been again a Gore covering war gore, though unavoidably.  Senator Hillary Clinton might then only have taken second to President Gore as Politician that gained the most politically speaking due to crisis of 9/11/01 attacks on America that Clintons’ surpluses may have facilitated with their gross and rash unfunding/underfunding to a surplus, excessive without a doubt, near a trillion.

What we can say with confidence now seeing how the Democrats meant to likely have managed Al Qaeda from day one seems to be that Afghanistan and Pakistan would have been near as expensive today as Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Pakistan have been.  We at least would have had all the same stories about a President having to go to war without our armed forces having sufficient vehicle armor and body armor, and much more maybe as a political discussion about "irresponsible" and "dangerous" Clintons’ surpluses.

Now the Clintons did move quickly and broadly to stop asserting they were like the "smartest in the room" and did so move to a full blaming of 9/11 on the American people, people who they had simply let spread their ignorance about global affairs, unlearned about such, with acceptance by Clintons as their "executive" decisions - of a simple lie that they had just done what the American people had told them to do and so without using any of their smarts bragged about as "qualifications" for such offices.

Gosh, we missed all this just because Al Gore wasn’t actually elected President, well maybe not all of it.  The Clintons’ surplus likely would have been a real political problem for a President Gore, and more so than he a former war photo journalist now trying to provide the pictures and the "conflicts." We likely wouldn’t be now suggesting Bush had no real reason to suddenly and decisively contradict the Clintons’ recent intelligence issued to justify PEACE DIVIDENDS before the time, and so much else of their irresponsible unfunding and underfunding with their removal of liberal spending, near a full trillion, while funds were readily available and not necessarily of justifications for deficit spending.

And so now how about "Mr. Gore Goes To Afghanistan" as a treatment of what currently ails our general budgeting?  How about Saddam Hussein and the real Arab Spring that must have been of intelligence quieted to de-emphasized by Clintons’ White House just to justify their PEACE DIVIDENDS? 

Did the Clintons together use the CIA to lie about PEACE in their times?

And, what the heck would President Al Gore have done about problems still festering with Saddam Hussein not adequately prosecuted for so many known and maybe unknown, as yet, war crimes and crimes against his people and their humanity? 

Oh, yeh and what about Iran today if we hadn’t gotten around to prosecuting Saddam Hussein?  "Justice for Saddam Hussein" was quite the rally cry that most raised the insurgency we now call Al Qaeda, right?


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William Blythe III so conceived - so of an era better to be a Clinton than a Blygh — Oh, where the heck else were we to take our economics and marketing?

An integrated marketing concept for the nineties and decades after has been fraught a decade on with inadequate repect and judgement.   Where once the BABY BOOM had sway, and as the best demographic to kowtow to, with marketing and advertising conformity, what was of our nineties was a change to an integration to jump past the tail end of the BABY BOOM constituency.

It can be said that part of current inbalance across our demographics and sociology of our United States of America is due to white Americans not having produced enough of a new gen these past few decades since the said BABY BOOM.  (We maybe should save such so for an entirely different expose at a later segway more appropriate to other fairings.)

How have we become so polarized to a new partisanship even greater than some thought "Hillary" as "too polarizing" might have accomplished herself, unconsciously and unavoidably with her natural character?

We now have alot to discuss about the BABY BOOM and especially as per our fair burdens and governance, and, as well about economic and marketing priorities and their advertisements.

It can be rationally argued that two Clintons were too many Clintons as both so fixed and fixated upon their BABY BOOM pride.   It can be historically recorded that some of the rise of Clinton "two-fer" in nineties were, economically, with a consideration to an integrated marketing for all, to a diminished prioritizing of the tail end of the BABY BOOM and a jumping over, seemingly necessarily, for our economic future, to the next gen priorities and needs.  It should be historically considered that much of nineties had been considered to say reduce the influence of those of the "caboose" of BABY BOOM as too much of the same things and to bridge the cusp by at least a few years to the desires and wants following with from the post BABY BOOM BOOTY.

It can be argued that someone specifically of our years of those that made current President Obama, now himself about to turn fifty years old, should not have been elected to be our inspiration, as so much for past decade had been to set up a future economic to jump over such as the tail end of BABY BOOM and to a growth economic more of post BABY BOOM BOOTY.

Yes, this gets personal.  Yes, I am not of the BABY BOOM "official" years of birthing, but, see my oldest sister is, and while many of my friends or subjects under my team captaining certainly of a different world, economically speaking to their sociological separations.

Yes, this was personal - but so it was as politics around a specific ambition to be a very forward thinking Madison Avenue type of Mad Man.   Yes, I certainly did set up my thinking for economy to jump its marketing, necessarily right over lasting powers for my oldest sister’s gen as BABY BOOM TAIL that is now known better as the caboose of OBAMA.

Yes, I was these years of an awareness of some of our economics specifically from the Clintons and their pride being of a misuse and misinterpretation, inadequate, about the very marketing charming they were accidental and unitended riders and beneficiaries about.  I was some to much aware of concerns that they were using specific integrations directly contrary to their intended usefulness and to ways quite undermining of a thought long term laying of a better economic foundation for all.  I was then and remain quite aware that they if they had just asked about such that they were inappropriately assuming rights about for themselves and their pride, so much too much of our BABY BOOM, they might have learned much to have saved so many from so much smarting now.

The essential point is that if you follow my economic and social progress concerns and my years of efforts to maximize to positive change and a new political correctness at least for our journalists then it best to now rework years of inadequate considerations about such and work in how the marketing and economic integrations was with well thought through conclusions that the tail of the BABY BOOM needed to be jumped over to work in a gap closing for BOOTY divide to a exceptional reconditioning to the POST BABY BOOM BOOTY minds and hearts.

So it was considered, and so it was attempted — now though we have a resurgent insurgency of the tail end of BABY BOOM pride with some much its elders of Clintons so much playing as a broken record across our general economics and with a specific pride too much to effectations for fewer than such that they too confidently misappropriated had been conceived and nurtured.

My story is a story of being in the gap - of being after the BABY BOOM by a year to three.  My story is of so much, now already, and with Clinton born Blythe III so of at fault, personally with his spouse and their personal and specific ambitions, for a general working, selfish, that effectively worked to undermine efforts of decades to set up a better economic foundation for growth and positive social change not along partisan lines or intentially with any bias but against the BABY BOOM and especially its tail or "caboose" that is most now, unfortunately, represented by President Barack Obama.

The Clintons are much "broken records" skipping merrily along essentially moving us no where.

Essentially we have now the pride of the BABY BOOM as way too self-serving.  Oddly, for such lot, we should be asking if they all can’t just take it back to "communes" for themselves, now.