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The CLINTONS’ SUPRLUS set up this economic mess - set it up with Democrat Party support and then with carrying with party pride for too long so that this economic mess became unavoidable.

The CLINTONS’ SURPLUS is of a negligence, easily arguable, for events of 9/11.

But, besides these games played by Clintons and those corrupted Republicans of such political toying during 90s specific to undermining of defense and intelligence and social spending programs, the Clintons nearly as much at fault for Bush’s OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM having been a NECESSARY operation.

At the time of the CLINTONS’ SURPLUS already our United States of America was at risk already for too many cuts happening too quickly with the near trillion dollars of cuts that Republicans showed Democrats could be found and exercised.  That the CLINTONS’ SURPLUS was all politics of Democrats then defensive about such an accomplishment by Republicans and so the jerkily to needing to find another trillion to cut just to save their political hides is a fact mostly ignored or avoided.

Since 9/11 our United States of America has constantly discovered that so much of what the Clintons found to cut had to be restored into our budgets, necessarily.

Since 9/11 the arguments for finally prosecuting Saddam Hussein only got more complicated – since during the Clintons’ first term a prosecution of Saddam Hussein seemed necessary, quite.

Though because 9/11 terrorists didn’t actually break our current laws for terrorist acts until they actually pulled out the box cutters while aboard with intent it is complicated to argue all the areas where Clintons are likely reasonably negligent for their gross and irresponsible cutting of an extra trillion for their SURPLUS.

Besides that regardless of 9/11 Saddam Hussein needed prosecuting just in light of changes seeming to be happening/dawning across the Middle East, and because we would have no where to really stand and stand against Iran on nukes, fairly, if not first of a history of putting bite into sanctions on and against Saddam Hussein.

The CLINTONS’ SURPLUS was completely unnecessary and we have basically had to return much of spending items back into our budgeting and as at higher costs, necessarily.  Besides that the trillion found by Republicans may have been one trillion dollars of cuts already cut too quickly that the CLINTONS’ SURPLUS was a rash removal of another trillion of cuts suggests that it was way too much cut way too quickly and quite irresponsibly and unnecessarily.

But while considering the possible and likely "negligence" actual of both of Clinton "two-fer" and their intimate power sharing please don’t forget to consider their conceiving of derivatives program and near begging of banking friends to push such greatly so that they could push their "housing bubble" economics as essentially an unfunded federal social program - so with their personal request, seemingly, still, of their having specifically asked their banking friends "to try to find a way to gamble away" the known and expected great risks and likely destabilization.

OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM was not a war of choice but a operation long over due and very necessary.  It was started with 9/11 having made it a more difficult prosecution to balance against a war on terror of Al Qaeda - the Al Qaeda documented to have been conceived and formed specifically with "cause" to see that Saddam Hussein got brought to justice for invasion of Kuwait.

President Obama is still stuck having left no middle ground for bipartisan efforts on almost any issue and mostly because of his less reasoned thoughts on above history.  Without OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM he wouldn’t have a reasonable place to stand for "bite" in any sanctions against Iran, and, while Saddam let go as Clintons nearly set free would have been using Iran’s nuke interests to gain simple global support for rebuilding his own nuke programs just because Iran wanted them to protect them from Saddam Hussein and whatever weapons he may still have.

But besides Clintons irresponsible droning now maybe being criminal and deserving to a "baby killer Madam Secretary of War Clinton" heckling — their SURPLUS is the worse inheritance for Bush Adminstration and Obama Administration - it was completely unnecessary and very irresponsible and all selfish politics of Clinton "two-fer."


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Good Morning (re)founders, all - sons and daughters alike.

George Stephanopoulus may still be found to be a British spy, one wanting a more limited view of "Founding Fathers" - yet not nearly as much as President Clinton now trying to stay in "effective" power into thirty years.

These of Democrat Party have been working hard against so much - so much American, historically - and are so much of demagoguing now with regular "…as we know it" ends. 

Regardless of the case of "medicare, as we know it, will end" it is far different from "medicare will end" or saying someone is "from" a town but not saying such was "born in" such town.

What do we have to fear but fear spread, as they know it, by Oxford educated elite Democrat Party messengers?  Didn’t President Clinton get some of his special training, supposedly, at Oxford University?   Wasn’t General Clinton the last British General found still fighting, as they know it, against the founding of our Union, as we know it, against all our founding fathers, especially all those of "fathers" of our Revolution as "Son’s of Liberty" with our original TEA PARTY?

How a ABC morning fluff seat filler like George Stephanopoulus can miss such simple, yet important, differences in use of English for American case, is a wonder.

We have a representative system since all our founding fathers were so well represented by their own ilk with the Founding Fathers, and though not without a lot of old effort, especially about THE FEDERALIST PAPERS, to counter the governance and ambitions of another Clinton - an earlier one, near as early or quite as early as the British General Clinton who may have been fighting for the Crown even after the Revolution was over, fighting to kill founding fathers where ever he might find them?

And now what is our Tea Party and what are its caucus leaders really up against - especially with a founding mother for her pride in John Wayne as "from" Waterloo not as "born in" Waterloo?  What of a Tea Party Caucus leader wanting to use lower case "founding fathers" to describe America as not just the property, intellectual property, of the original signers?   Why not better, like, to include all about insurrections especially about the original Tea Party, as sons and fathers all of our founding, a founding that was as much about the survival of such through its first couple or few decades?

The Clintons now complicate President Obama’s foreign policy messaging, as it is against foreign heads of state in Power too long, like over thirty years.  They complicate it as they both work to stay effectively much in power into thirty years themselves, and with clever machinations and loose interpretations especially about very questionable "commitments" of Clintons Global Initiative. 

And, Senator John Kerry so just the other day, seeming to an admissible confession of war crimes with his full cooperation, as "Congress", with Obama and Clinton use of drones with him near "you have us on drone use."

Why else would George Stephanopoulus misrepresent original, and more maternally encompassing, use of founding fathers in lower case and specific use of "from" not "born in" as per John Wayne and her Waterloo?   Seems someone of his profession was more professional about the two John Waynes of Waterloo with a explanation that John Wayne the patriot actor had lived in Waterloo for a short while at some time in his long life.  (I will have to check that but that is how I first heard these stories. — Hopefully I am not just hearing what I want to hear as the seeming British loyalists or copycats George Stephanopoulus and President Clinton, at least, seem to be.)

So, as our Fourth of July approaches let us remember how our Preamble is a "key" and "legend" specifically "cased" with unexpected use of upper and lower case emphasis to being to a proper tonal intonation of all following about our consecration by so many of our founding. 




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It is hard now for President Obama - it is hard now for him to be anywhere stumping on "the campaign trail" not to be talking of his great big gas guzzler - his "bigger plane."

Just today he was at Alcoa Aluminum company site, bragging again about his big plane — what a gas guzzler it is.

He is becoming notorious in this social media age so much about old "6 degrees of separation" becoming more cozy - and now especially for missing legal briefs (briefing) for Congress and our Constitutionality.  His missing briefs are Madam Secretary of War Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton’s missing briefs, even some of inadequate covering by Samatha Powers.

Historically it has been to graphic and "Weineresque" since South Ossetia dumped upon all over concern otherwise grossly of a Georgian "separatist" indiscretion.  How must Russia have felt about old Georgia the once Rorchach "spent prophylactic" - to all general appearances - discarded, not "separated"?  How must they have felt with Georgians wanting to be "separatists"?  Samantha Powers?

Russians really turned such graphic around - really forced an about face, of sorts, and so to a general spill of "potty" talk with Ossetia - South Ossetia - redrawing.

When it comes to LOCATION!  LOCATION!  LOCATION! we can look at modern social media age and President Obama of Illinois, and specifically Chicago, as not even one degree of separation from "corruption" ruled CORRUPTION recently – President Obama is more just of 1/6th degree removed from such ruled GUILTY and for his land deal with Rezkos where he bought one sixth of property the paid the full asking price for - got them to then basically pay annual property taxes for what appeared to be his grand side yard (at full valuation?) and all the while the separation of one sixth caused an instant resale value of Rezko holding to drop/skid to near one half of it purchased value - it became a substandard lot size - if I recall story correctly.

Are his Afghanistan power projections also so obvious but for missing briefs/briefing?  So Georgian "separatists" got spun around, a full about face, long enough to have become the "butt end" of global politics - long enough to stop thinking of themselves as "separated" instead of disposable, right?  What about those two southern Afghanistan provinces Secretary of War "Hillary" like to see aired?  But for coverage with brief - many are missing an obvious Rorchach coincidence?

To be more literate, to be more literal — Lybia seems more about Tripoli and word play - less graphic.  A brief may be least expected for better decorum to get the intended lay of "politics" or "diplomacy" with fronting of such with "ODYSSEY DAWN" — yet today was more just about WAR POWERS and without adequate briefing to discuss whether slide of Obama popularity is much to do not with his "Constitutional" preface as per Lybia but that his lack of briefs still makes his jerky lashing out against Qadhaffi seem counterproductive to what seems a general global strategy supposedly about new and better "global citizens" in democracy.

Again today he, President Obama, was bragging about his very big gas guzzler and while again out on the campaign trail where loser language allowed than if out doing the work of the office of the President.  But what about the two southern Afghanistan provinces Madam Secretary of War or Samantha Powers - one does look like a "shrinkage" concern and the other more an issue for President Obama about a "down low."  

Where are the briefs to cover at least such too Rorchach coincidental?

Is this a "VIETNAM ALL OVER AGAIN"?   Anyone?  Anyone?  Helmand and Kandahar an "it is Vietnam all over again" or maybe Cambodia with Pol Pot?

Is this imperial over-reaching only because of the lack of briefs/briefing?  Are they of the Obama foreign policy not actually "representing" and American will?

Georgians got turned around - it really got to be necessary and even just "potty" talk to keep it from "separatist" talk.  Georgia with South Ossetia was able to go back to be "disposable" - "disposed".

Afghanistan sells alot of opium - alot of drugs - near a reported 80% of global supply of some of such - drugs that are legal and social chemicals in some regions.

I don’t know if President Obama was bragging today with his braggadocio about his big gas guzzler as well about his now bigger entourage — Congress was on his case some though about missing briefs/briefing better for what appears about the mixed mess of much of his foreign initiatives.  Congress was on his case today, properly, but inadequately, at least to probe, sufficiently, Secretary of War "Hillary" or even maybe Samantha Powers on original intent of possible literate usage with their "ODYSSEY DAWN" and as per Tripoli concerns and such choice to avail themselves of more democratic examples with their jerky lashing out to have been less counter productive to esposed attempts to engender new GLOBAL CITIZENS.

Is it time to unvail adequate coverage - adequate briefing?  There is as much Weiner "Rorchach" about as Weiner "literateness" these days of esposing by Madam Secretary of War Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, especially around a "shrinkage" concern apparent with Kandahar and a "down low" for Obama about Helmand – what though about Lybia and atleast Tripoli?

That is some gas guzzler Mr. President, but about Chicago "corruption" you aren’t six degrees removed or even a full degree but nearer just on "legal" 1/6th removed - LITERALLY, right?  Mr. President are you feeling concerned your great gas guzzler may become separated from you soon - Mr. President from Illinois, of Chicago?

Test:  Can Republicans adequately do psycho-babble and while effecting overdue adequate coverage of unecessary exposure by Secretary of War Clinton and her President and his merry band?

Please assume all the time you need.

Again:  Mr. President - that is really some gas guzzler you ride to all your "Green" speeches.




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To stay abreast of necessary modernity, civily, you might espouse, artfully, suggestions to a new "romantic."

While strutting for absorption with fit ties for alignment a pot-hole still can become a "national" or "AMERICAN" expense.

Not now, not here? – So what if you could pick-up a bag of hot-patch at a local homeowner oriented service/supply center, while already out and about so strutting, and for a fix for a pothole that could be near $20-$60 depending on how close to minimum wage you are willing to adjust yourself as "shovel ready."

Surely you wouldn’t need to threaten funding for ARMY INTELLIGENCE with such a local solution - and please don’t take this as asserted about our interstates - please keep your reckoning and imagining here to your "LOCAL" street(s). Please remember to diffentiate between your local militias and our AMERICAN ARMY.

I have no idea how a town or your town, specifically, values each "pothole" "repair". I don’t know if you and your neighbors think President Obama has tried to rush us all to a JETSONS’ AMERICA. I do hope he isn’t cutting back on intelligence spending, as the Clintons did, if so, and if not quite so.

Have we become a Washington-centric over-dependent mass of futurists now out of touch with a better locality, better romantic and heralded, such that we see all potholes as AMERICAN POTHOLES?

Keeping the "intelligence" in ARMY INTELLIGENCE, especially if President Obama is overzealous to a JETSONS’ AMERICANA of grand Obama social constructs, is of a necessary balancing respectful to, lesser considered fantasies of Obama energies, spent so.

For the JETSONS it may have been more an issue about turbulence, while Americans now wrestle with "AMERICAN POTHOLES" a cost consideration as inappropriate as an "AMERICAN DOCTORS" with "AMERICAN" as a qualifier for "doctor" in your locality, and all American localities too, so unnecessary.

How much more does each pothole we call an AMERICAN POTHOLE end up costing us and other taxpaying citizens?  How much more will medicine by AMERICAN DOCTORS cost us than here to fore general practicing as Medical Doctors of the Hippocratic Oath?

President Barack "Jetson" of futuristic expectations and electric cars - and maybe some that can fly?  A President charged up himself as the Commander in Chief - and yet of questionable executive skill as per WAR POWERS and CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS having some thinking "relevant experience" has his past pre-office "experience" has his command of fantasy basketball league decisions listed.  His "exit strategies" seem fantastic as only usual to those of "fantasy league" play might explain, it seems.

Does his car talk fall apart near as fast as his "intelligence" strategizing?  He is too much stuck between a seeming intended planned and executed like: Bill will be the dove and then Hillary will get to play the hawkisk Clinton?  Has he missed all the warning and alarmism and years of dramatization about crisis situations suggesting domestic evacuations and exit plans?

An interpretation of a Obama strutting out as a new AMERICAN ROMANTIC of an ushering in of a new homely and domestic localism with sporting competitions between counties across states and state borders - now necessarily beyond "intelligence" and so relegated to fantasizing.

Bump, bump, bump. What’s that?  What did the radio just warn?  Why did my car just die - how can I get out of here now?

Why didn’t he tell us?  Why didn’t they start telling us before even the all electric car that our primary vehicle will likely become disabled and unavailable for any domestic evacuation if an electromagnetic pulse weapon part of first strike?

Why is it so quiet now — why don’t I have a car that even a Holley carburator could still be bolted upon in times of emergency?

Why is everyone saying now "EMP?"? Are we now already that if we were to be attacked and with such intelligent methods that we mostly would be without means now to "escape" our localities?

If our technology now binds us more "locally" even without considerating how many places it now lessens a need to travel to, for many, how though now are we better to intellectualize a medical fix not as nearer the afore mentioned pothole scenario and with an avoidance of additional costs necessarily from a shift from MEDICAL DOCTOR governance to AMERICAN DOCTOR government?

How now to an old HOLLEY ROMANCE recarburated and strutted for years of growth back near the AMERICAN OPEN ROAD glory days?  Before we go "all-electric" we should at least ask if our current car isn’t already too-electronic?

"Barry" JETSON - I presume - I presume your Armies and all our forces have intellectualized adequate counter measures.

"Barry" JETSON - I presume all AMERICAN DOCTOR conspiracies just add costs upon the expectations of a LOCAL PRACTICE and keep all LOCAL MEDICAL DOCTORS still sufficiently "old-school" for days when  



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Where for some "first base" is learning "dad" won’t hold to and "original intent" in his backwoods about his "ALL TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT" signage his daughter much a dependent protected about and not just for others maybe "you can have my phone number" so for others still pressures of trying to get "on base" with anyone, for a first time, so ofter more of unclear intent.

Not everyone plays "baseball" quite the same way or with identical traditions or quirks.  In New York baseball isn’t now "all about women" anymore?  All its diamonds now for all, now for all the bureaucrats.

Getting to second for some may be more traditionally and stringently that "getting" of someone’s daughter’s phone number.  A "GET A HOTEL ROOM" maybe a new base for many, or just another 19th hole.

New York?  New York?  Herald all bureaucrats!!!  Diamonds for new times for all!!!

It is a new day for all - Gay Pride Day - the New York Way - now no longer of civil disobedience for a liberating marching, but now a civil obedience liberating for all, for all ever asked to help, or contested — it is now "officially" of a state obedience not of energies of a civil disobedience, unsettling for many.

New York, now still open to all, is now to a new civil obedience to check new civil disobedience bureaucratically in a whole new way, for all.

I remember old trying political days where pressures were about such and to me as of people asking for theirs to be to me higher a priority about all I was up to than it then rated or deserved, as per evolving better bureaucratics for all — such that their strategizing was my primary concern and to such a degree that their issues were compromised some.

I believe in the institution of marriage as religious marriages as between one man and one woman.  I am looking forward to seeing if a new bureaucracy is capable of a civil obedience for all about newly issued rights about unions.  Much the way Weiner issue juxtaposed with President Obama foreign policy had overlapping concerns about "PREDATORS" and due process, and especially our national Democrats now again lacking in a necessary "due process" especially about Tripoli and all of Lybia.

In New York, baseball isn’t all about women, anymore!  Don’t forget to search for Abbott and Costello WHO’S ON FIRST video - I have it "favorited" on TWITTER on my @jphoganorg account, if you rather find it there.

I look forward to future visits to New York being less stressful and political.



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There comes a time, a time in a man’s life…

It may be years after he first learned how to "get on first" - learned "who’s on 1st" - learned to "get to first base" - learned naturally.

For Hillary Rodham Clinton, raised in Illinois taught to hit boys first, her "SCARIEST TIME" may not be current TIME — It may, for her, still be the 2006 TIME "MAN OF THE YEAR", period!

Yes the compact covered is recent issue of What and Who in Time maybe be as scary a cover, naturally, for her, and even as much for what may be found inside.

Now take the Constitution and the times it took for it to get anywhere — how did it allow or prohibit calls by State needing calls by another similar who at CGI or vice versa?   It did provide for Congress to have certain Powers, yes, and even to audit and approve all gifts/contributions by foreign agents to officers so "in our game."  It did thus consider the who and what of proper play or possible sabotage - with such enumeration of such rights around monies from foreigners flowing to our officers, like Hillary, and like similar other of CGI.

Since Bill of Clintons and his CGI are basically of a fielding of at least an Old Timers Day game every day of the year or at least such for all days Hillary of Clintons is fielding calls — How does one get to first with Obama State?  Do calls have to go to CGI first?  Does a call say to first go to a who at State get shaken off until such foreign player realizes they should first have called for a second, first from Bill of Clintons at CGI?  Who and What really matter, really matter especially to Clintons, both Clinton halfs of their united and indivisible "two-fer" whole.

Now batting 299 with this column so – 300 as guaranteed to follow as 299 was 298, blessed be the blogger - same that is the Who or just a Who of What that was the scary compact of 2006 for Hillary of Clinton and Bill alike.  Next, God willing, and weather considering, the 300th will be for 300 from then back to yesterdays as far back only about 12 months plus to get to April 15th, 2010.  So, maybe I should check to see if then to pitching 300 in just 400ish days or to if nearer a series of 500 days.

Yes, please let it be "blessed be the bloggers" — let it be with 277 of 365 or 364 the hits or misses posted for the year before — to basically a 577 columns in two years plus - unless it is actually only 227 columns I keep hidden on jphogan.org.

So this scary compact cover may be as scary, if not fore warned, to Hillary of Clintons, and so rightly as scary as 2006 Man of Year compact was, and especially with it of so much logic.  Congress has a duty because it has the Power.

2006 Time cover wasn’t as scary as the morning I woke in DC with spirited arosing questions most similingly directed at me, though me as "uc", asking if they could have a picture of me for their cover.  Me as "uc" then mostly of arguing nearly a year against an early departure and against cutting and running from Iraq Operations did wake that morning feeling only near half way there and so not willing to agree to a photo unless they would tell my whole story - my whole story which wasn’t but half secured.  Did like their seeming motivations to such good spirited query for a picture and so got out of bed on 7th Street SE in DC on Capitol Hill, as the "uc" long posting comments on newsbusters.org arguing for the Iraq Surge and then in defense of it, and with full consideration and thoughts to cooperatation even if without compromising air of identity, real – to a look at one of my mirrors and then another and then to "if you can put a mirror on your cover I will work with your intent."

Whose at bat?  What are the rules? 

Shouldn’t we heed them a little more closely?  

Really how can any state think of dealing with Hillary of Clintons at Obama State without thinking she either a second or first? 

How can one step up to Bill of Clintons with CGI to hit him up without thinking he is first and maybe of a troika or three way with "Global Initiative" of others better hit up before Hillary of Clintons, seconding?

How to get to first with Hillary of Clintons but to hit off Bill of Clintons first so as not to lose either the taxpayer dollars from one or the quieted "commitments" from the other that either or neither have to give for much the same plays/games?

"uc" as of my posts that year of taking on all comers in the media and DC politics with my regular arguments and commentary on newsbusters.org was simply a play on texting modernity to from a "you see" though knowingly while considering many may think it specifically for other alliances, maybe.

Sorry Hillary of Clintons, I welcome "let’s play ball" for call ups of Petraeus and Panetta but still doth protest still the suspect fielding of both Clintons of Clintons’ "two-fer" and so seemingly still much for same position. 

Sorry Hillary you are no Rice — is Wizard of Nevada - aka Wizard of China - aka Mr. Huntsman (Jon) a "whistleblower" so to speak, and speak now regularly?

Oh Time, hey it’s me again - haven’t read latest issue yet - hope it has the Congressional Power to approve all gifts/contributions to "officers" of our Constituted United States of America well covered.

Really, stepping up to play with Obama adminstrators does seem to call on and many to be prepared to call Bill of Clintons first if not only as second — money from one might stop and stop money from both, naturally – and too much near a government of men instead of a government of laws.

Time to walk away?  Really?  Republicans got game?  Got Power too?

Hey, Pulitzers - do you hold a grudge against Hearst still about Hogan - Hogan’s Alley?  Wondering about applying myself - get you may not be best to ask.




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There may be an anarchy about the Democrat Party - by withering and fading former of equal rights.

This day may live with some infamy for the day after 47 minutes went missing from a President Barack Hussein Obama speech. Until the missing 46-48 minutes of such speech are found it may not be wise or safe to comment.

These are no ordinary times, only when another also from a "Hyde Park" was about was such once about so.

We are now fast and patient to a "FOOTLOOSE" in Bo’s Oz — But isn’t today the "morning after" - the "dawn" springing eternal now after what may have been President Obama’s first shortened speech - the dawn after his first short speech for such BIG matters given while he had The White House to himself, nearly like a bachelor pad of old?   Michelle isn’t home already, right?

All that is missing this week is a headlining by another fading Democrat - a grandstanding anarchy by "Jimmy" - by President Jimmy Carter.

Personally, now left with the ghost of my past with such from early days of Obama Administration to a documenting with public journalistic and editorial commentary in full column - long blog - form, such that my BRING THE TROOPS HOME, BRING THEM HOME, BRING THEM HOME NOW FROM AFGHANISTAN, so nearly then so publicized now stirs with President Obama now sparing a few minutes, years later, more like my early thoughts, so writ - "written" I guess since I am not the law.

For perspective, our troops that should, with their families, friends and surviving family, be still of a pride and good purpose about OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM as now more obviously then "right" and "necessary" even if President George Bush could have been better at "selling."  Thank you all for you sacrifice, I try to avoid much commentary on Afghanistan because it more maybe than Iraq is a problem today that is because of the "is" of the Clinton 8 having been of a dangerous "avoidance" and "inaction" necessitating us having a presence their now under more difficult conditions.

And, most memorable of President Barack Hussein Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech was his careful wording, so clear a warning and dramatic notation, with his erudite oration, specific, quite, about "dangers" from "inaction" and "avoidance" in global politics.

So now of an "anarchy" of sorts President William Jefferson Clinton as "Lairie" with his "economics" now while his "job" mostly around "economics" only officially about Haitian economy - surely what he is now selling he has tested and proven with a full ‘Haitian Economic Recovery’ of some sort, right?  So now such with President @BarackObama that otherwise, of such "Lairie" here to fore would have to be of a "undermining" or even "subterfuge" against the law now attempted by the Obama Administrators as of a selfish "Lairie" also a classic "Bill" of holding out on Presidents, on at least economics of their "personality" that could have helped their party. 

President @BarackObama, with his speech more than 140 characters, and seeming missing a 46-48 minutes, is now of a juxtaposition and challenge by "Bill" as "Lairie" suggesting either that his "personality" as a former white southern male, quite a "master" of his times, is what President @BarackObama needs but cannot muster with his own "personality" — or that "Lairie" of the "Bill" official about Haiti economics for pro-bono work or "official" United Nations business has worked an acceptable economic miracle that now needs to be shared for all Americans even if so there necessarily about very low wages.

These are no ordinary times - so much near a "anarchy" of sorts seems about the Democrat Party Leadership.  Like "-BO" of an "OZ" "footloose" and running with three southern white males (Carter has to be also up to something - but where and how and who is covering it?) hot at his heels and ambition.

So "Gorely" and "Lairie" both out this week trying to show "BO" how to sex up his politics?  Is that the story, as we now just wonder where "Jimmy" may be, and, while suspicious now of learning from The Onion that to get a Pulitizer you don’t just have to apply yourself, but have to apply yourself to a Pulitizer for a Pulitzer.   They didn’t discuss if a Lilly Pulitizer can apply for a Pulitizer for another, hmmm.

So, with President of the World Bill Clintons, likely not with a current record of success with his most recent personal efforts in economics, and, with Grand High Priest of Earth Science Mr. Global Warming Al "Gorely" Gore suggesting stronger job killing politics of his partisan science and "Gorely" priorities for President @BarackObama as of  an inadequate governance — Are we to think with them that they did actually get promoted out from White House and above our highest national offices to such grandiosities as necessary Global "officers" of all priorities for mere citizens of our United States of America?

So mo’ "Bo" of an Oz of an anarchy about his party leadership — and all the while the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium can hold two thirds of the number of troops deployed in Iraq at greatest levels and so now with "-Bo’s" presidential magic of just one tenth of the capacity of such stadium as regards his plays and strategies for Afghanistan priorities.   Another way to consider the dimensions of "Hillary" and "Obama" is to consider that Operation Iraqi Freedom at such troop levels at maximum deployment numbers was a near equal number to the number of primary voters of just Democrat voters in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that separated "Hillary" from  "Barack."  

Personally, I still think we could have and likely should have brought troops home at beginning of Obama Administration as I wrote then, and work more with intelligence and community development and organization, maybe with fewer with arms, better to their warring on illiterates — personally, I never thought I needed to look into Democrat politicians presentations that they had better reasons to increase troop levels then now about so many juxtapositions seeming near a party anarchy about this week with his "troop withdrawal" abreviated oration.



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If you are on her bus, Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton’s bus, aka THE BUS OF HILLARY, you may want to get off and soon  – President Barack Hussein Obama, stuck in the back of her "bus" may not now be able to get off in time even though so near the "emergency door" at the back of THE BUS OF HILLARY.  

She is of THE BUS OF HILLARY heading full speed towards the cliff  with no inclination to apply the brakes.  Chances are if you are a lawyer there is no "stop" left for you - she is driving "ALL" lawyers off the cliff, including it seems her boss and real President.

Please no more "whining"! — Since the first moments of President Barack Hussein Obama administration, with it a clear and certain proclamation, within his inaugural speechifying, what was once acceptable "POLITICAL CAMPAIGN SPEECH" did suddenly become of more laws and ethical barriers not "protected" so — since such moment when PRESIDENT OBAMA, so sworn to our highest standards, did assert old acceptable as "political campaign speechifying" as if it were indoctrinated and accepted TRUTH, his willingness to board the "bus" so still basically and largely maintained by Clintons, was still just of "politics" and so just more like a knowing lowering of "OBAMA" campaign "HOPES" of placards of CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN to suddenly "with" Clintons to just a muddled and less inspiring UNITE FOR CHANGE.

Was it just because of his embrace of the Clintons and their "two-fer" that "NEW" President Barack Hussein Obama took to his first hour and moments as our newly sworn President with "OFFICIAL" speaking of a knowing telling of bold and grand lies of false history and unproven claims?

Before President Obama ever first took a indended "ECONOMIC" step like his that were so backwards if to attempts to streamline and cut costs across WASHINGTON - where he instead of using a logic where the three issues of "ALIENS" -  "JOBS" - "HEALTHCARE" were prioritized in such an order where one would then not be a "carrot" nor a "bar" limiting good or better progress of the others as his reversed and illogical ordering.  It may have been his willingness to basically board THE BUS OF HILLARY on healthcare that had such new and so inexperienced President that had him put a socialization for Healthcare first – it may have been more ideological, though, even though he seemed to take to back of such "bus" acceptingly.

The no longer "acceptable" as "protected" political campaign speechifying orations within the President Barack Hussein Obama Inaugural Speech may have been politically necessary to commence a new "OFFICIAL" cover-up of much of Clintons’ past governance and even meddling in "executive" matters since.   Without starting off offering Clintons political cover with bold misstatements he may now be of having been the driver of his own "bus" (or "truck") and an earlier reported condemnation.

When not looking just at THE ECONOMY of President Obama and just wondering on matters of "Hillary’s" State, and somehow not critically enough, as per GLOBAL ECONOMICS relations related, so many of his other problems seems rooted in his FOREIGN POLICIES AND POLITICS and a gross lack of DIPLOMACY.

It is hard to now not cover President Obama as stuck on THE BUS OF HILLARY with Hillary at the wheel and the "driver" but for "Bill" just behind her like "over her shoulder" quite a "backseat driver" as they still pump it full speed towards an serious ethical and legal cliff with no seeming inclination to brake.

We, those not on the bus, and so likely not actually "lawyers", can see such more simply and even honestly.  We can see the collusion, we can hear the muddled "complicated" orations that say far less than they seem to.  We now can just wonder if President Obama can get off the "back of bus" of such or should morally even try to operate an emergency "over the side" for himself while yet "officially" the real "captain" of such "ship" as THE BUS OF HILLARY.

While we have to wonder how "Hillary’s" DIPLOMACY expected to have stimulated foreign relations to better foreign trade and economics necessarily can be said to be a "failure" so, specifically, as per our current ECONOMICS, we do not have to accept that it wouldn’t have been better and wiser to have been the "too cowboy" once of John R. Bolton’s Diplomacy.  Operation Iraqi Freedom might have stayed an earlier like ODESSEY DAWN for Americans and so a funded "freeing" and "policing where prosecution called for" with oil revenues when re-established.  We really are now at a crossroads where big signs are suggesting it time to think again to "cowboy" direction of at least former Ambassador John R. Bolton.

We have another "cowboy" about foreign policy now to consider more an "ironhorsemen" not a known "socialist" or even "czar."

Still we have our PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA of knowingly telling lies while hardly a sworn officer of our ethics and Constitution, with no longer protected speech as campaign speech, with his very public and heard and seen INAUGURAL SPEECH.   He may have found it necessary for all Democrats wanting to stretch the Clinton era any further - and so necessarily to misrepresentations and illogical conclusions.   He may have had to lie to so many so soon just because he had so, essentially, just willing boarded the Clinton maintained BUS OF HILLARY earlier better known politically regularly more as a  bus of FRIENDS OF BILL.

If Democrats had been serious about cost cutting and timely deficit cutting stream lining they would have only moved on such socialization and gross centralization for Healthcare bureaucracy development AFTER having first addressed our boarders and "alien" issues and such before addressing "jobs" so that addressing "jobs" didn’t naturally make "illegal alien" "aliens" issue suddenly overwhelming again.   It is, economically speaking, still a grand puzzle that not only did these seeming of Obama "truck" driving all end up so on such "bus" with all their ethics and standards so compromised, stay willingly aboard as "Healthcare" was put not just as temptation to "aliens" so, but as so with temptation of "jobs" also put ahead of concerns, economic and such about all aliens.

I could quote the obvious "lie" so publicly put forth upon our whole nation and the world as we know it, so then back in first "official" moments of Presidency sworn seemingly for Barack Hussein Obama.  Why though bother as today it more puzzling about his HUNTSMAN that such for China was not also a "socialist" nor a "czar"?   Why take more of my innocent time to put out such so "OBVIOUS" and so "AVAILABLE" while news of there having been a "ironhorseman" & "cowboy" of free market economics here to fore isolated more in China?  Why take more of my innocent time, around so many of such charges here again aired for so many?

What is it we have a Presidency for - afterall?   Maybe to alert us to Senatory John Kerry having been personally responsible for Operation Iraqi Freedom having taken so much longer and so with far less cooperation?   Maybe to querying of economics of offered funding methods for Operation Iraqi Freedom, with all its "wild west" or "cowboy diplomacy" not though sufficient for the unexpected and additional costs for Iraqi prosecutions to a new like ODESSEY DAWN, earlier so, like, quite due or caused by the spread fear that the United States of America and those of coalition again partly organized would soon be CUTTING AND RUNNING (again?) largely now believably just for efforts - "ANTI-WAR" so dumbed down to such, lead by Senator John Kerry?

What is it we have a Presidency for - afterall?  Surely for "cowboys" and "ironhorsemen" alike - or not.  Surely though to a hope that most honest and Consitutional prudent path will be the one chosen - not to a choosing of "false truths" so a one way ticket with THE BUS OF HILLARY?   And surely not to now proceed and with an expectation of respect, any further, with "BUSH LIED - SOLDIERS DIED" as a proposition anywhere/at all acceptable as actually near enough "truth" to be?

All lawyers, so seemingly still trapped in such an unethical:  It is now covered by "HUMANITY"?  Please proceed to the emergency exits - Clintons don’t seem to be able to help themselves.  Personally it is hard now to remember those days and years I could work around by lawyer dad and grandly about national political stuff with such a clever and innocent conivance that he would hear the he didn’t need to hear or try to understand what I was doing, and especially how or what specifically I was doing to help him be a better lawyer.   I don’t know how all others have been getting along, though, and those about my sister also specifically once helped much with such innocent coniving intentionally through such for my father.  He seems to be safely off THE BUS OF CLINTONS you may want to follow suit. 

And still exercising my poetic licence, innocently:  I am really talking more as if of baseball batting averages here where dad and sisters may go innocently from 280 to 250ish and mine finally become public as near over 400.

And now that old "cowboy" days once trashed are now popular, quickly, please — we have some new "cowboys" about ready to ride and ride as "ironhorsemen" - proudly (and honestly?).



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Jeremiah was a bullfrog - Jumeirah accomodating hotels and resorts.

I have been to Congressional but not to see golf like that.  I am trying to remember how I got home that day, and how far I actually walked with bike that had a flat due to leak at base of tube stem, unpatchable.  I know I left Tiger Wood’s Inuagural Invitational at Congressional that practice day and put bike on the front of a bus heading towards DC, but forget if I got on Metro with Bike and then walked with bike from nearer old Eastern Market apartment. 

I do remember better how SLICK WILLY ECONOMICS set up most of our current down economics and so also Irelands.  I doubt that is what those that read NEWSWEEK this week, though, will read.

Mr. "Mulligan" rides again and so soon upon the heels of "PELOSI CANNOT HANDLE HER WEINER."  Can President Barack (@BarackObama) Obama handle his SLICK WILLY?  He really inherited a mess, a viral and embedded coded mess, written by and for the Clintons, as his economics go.

How many shots does President @BarackObama need - does he just need to prevent "Mr. Mulligan" from any more free mulligans?  I did get in at least a ten mile ride that day back maybe in 2007 getting to Congressional - glad course was on a public bus route — can President @BarackObama handle new meddling and routing, strategic and likely still too selfish, by "Mr. Mulligan" aka "SLICK WILLY" and so inconveniently quick on the heels of "QUEEN’S WEINER" & Congress news of "PELOSI CAN’T HANDLE HER WEINER"?  Can we get more "dime novel trashy"?

It actually may be all "Bill’s" fault.  The simplest answer has been said to be the most likely most accurate — "Bill’s" economics and his derivative conception and boosting for a careless housing bubble economy more an unfunded federal social program still compute as simplest and easiest answer.  He may have thought it would work out to be a convenient gift, and actually manageable connivance, for soon President Hillary and miscalculated, though.

Yee from Northern Ireland sure put on a show - don’t know what to make of yee yet.  Sorry about "Mr. Mulligan" having been so irresponsible with his CLINTONOMICS such that Ireland may have been hit harder by its unbalanced programs where "social programs" were run underfunded and much else unfunded.

Don’t know what President @BarackObama will do now this week with NEWSWEEK highlighting he that has so made Washington so polarized and partisan, though as Mrs. Mulligan Hillary, and her presense arguably more so.

It is still impossible that "it was all Bush’s fault" so polarization around Congress still set to worst, maybe ever, as long as Clintons still fronted as innocent and forgivable.

A new "urbanism" with a walking and talking of a "why can’t I/we fix our own communities" can do far better than the old unfunded social programing by Clintons with their housing bubble and its derivatives - if you can figure out how to fix what ails yee you won’t need the banks loans - if you don’t need the big bank’s loans a smaller community bank might be willing to loan you the funds you have proved you don’t need, and work with you to fix the community you share beyond the fixes you had been imagining as locally and individually possible. 

But if you want to feel dependent and of a BIG BROTHER distant governance meddling in your local and personal hopes and dreams you can now tweet supporting thoughts to @BarackObama — You can even believe the unbelievable and think that Clintons’ caused polarization in our economics and Congress can be fixed by Clintons with anything short of a full confession.

That is was "all the Clintons’ fault" actually works out to be the simpler and more logical answer — "it is all Bush’s fault" now actually best reported as a very knowing and very public "lying" to not just Americans.

I must have put the bike on Metro, but I must have walked it home to Eastern Market some of the way – that was something to be proud of Northern Ireland - Mr. McIlroys.  

Where are the feminists in "Hillary’s" corner willing to tell "Mr. Mulligan" to let her have her chance - her moments - her independence?  Where now that WAR POWERS not as much a concern as its use seeming so unpredictable and contrary to the "expected" or "normal" behavior of those asserting it?

The Clintons’ SURPLUS is nearly one hundred percent Arkansas blarney.


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These are the words so writ back in 1992 - they are not as happy as they were meant to appear.

I have been nationally political sensitive, consciously, since near first grade years on Livingston Street, in New Haven Connecticut, a generally "Yale" neighborhood, and so of a near "token" Catholic family so.  We weren’t of the establishment but were not the "townies"/"greasers."  My dad did so basically live most of his life in "Goatville" at least until last decade, give or take.

President Obama grew up in Hawaii and maybe at least as privileged as I did so growing up where I did and Irish.  I don’t know if he ever entered middle school science fairs or oratory contests - I did to win a science fair with a green energy diorama for a town with hydro-electric power in a box about two feet by five feet — and I did take second place. also then about seventh grade, for Franklin Delano Roosevelt oratorical presentation with his DAY OF INFAMY speech about surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  Though mom was more helpful with diorama considerations the speech prep was maybe "dependent" on Dad and his enthusiasm and support.

My K-12 school years were of New Haven public schools and me quite a "minority" as "caucasian" related to entire school enrollments and quite in K-4 years where my elementary school was still of hosting at least near 70 students from different nations in its regular enrollments, due to "Yale" grad school and faculty ranks.  I grew up across the street from this school and had most of my "recesses" their - and never got to school on time arguably until forth grade when they made me a crossing guard for such intersection - still though didn’t make it to 1st class on time that year, though, as my memory serves.

When I wrote "THE RECESSION ENCOURAGED A RECESS" in 1992 as first a poem to the subscriptions department of The Economist Magazine it was first titled like then most recent issue of such as "TOMORROW’S EMPIRES."  They had asked me why I wasn’t renewing my subscription and I was then writing political spin in form of political poetry mostly then sent to New York Times op-ed writers to get more works, theirs’, along such spin doctoring lines. And so, writing one more specifically for them to partly explain that their competition TIME was then surprisingly providing sufficient economic and political news was just a seeming natural media.

Though this poem of "THE RECESSION ENCOURAGED A RECESS" is often untitled in slightly adjusted drafts from its origins as of "TOMORROW’S EMPIRES" in my collection "THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM" it at times is presented as titled with our $ (dollar sign of U and S overdrawn) or with just "US" as its title.

"TITLE IX" though was the nick-name I gave a second Sarah Heath back in 1982-83 school year and for the one a welcome bulwark (cowwark?) as a conservative soul added one day to mostly liberal clicks I was of.  See one day I was of strapping on my Rossignol Caribou cross country skies with occurence of rare snowstorms for area enough for such, and so in jeans and my Gerry brown down coat, and with thoughts maybe to career about if maybe anywhere in the world another "Sarah Heath" might exist that I should become aware of if I were to decide to use photography and dark room skills learned from neighbor Sarah Heath maybe in a professional photography career.  Yes, Sarah Palin has long been the only "TITLE IX" nicknamed soul in my life but for my old sisters and many female friends kindless mashed over years around "feminism" and "equality" debates.

But it was "recess" for largely having been me in school yard after school hours back near first grade when two (obviously) Yale Law Students stopped and polled/questioned me, a child alone at play, as to they (Bill and Hillary) could both become President some day.  The still most notable first graduate from same Hooker School, from days it was first opened in 1906 as a public K-12, may still be the fellow I think was "General Manager" of Hearst Newspapers or Corp during the years of such as parlayed against in CITIZEN KANE, one Joseph V. Connolly Sr.

My years between 1983 and near 1989 were of a status acceptable to my parents of being a "summer son" to Joseph V. Connolly Jr. and his wife then mostly still a part-time executive at NBC in Rockefeller Center in their pensions department, and as the primary contact for a new program where NBC employees could borrow against their pensions, as its administering executive.  It was from a friendship coincidentally started with a landlord accidentally encountered from a parents’ mother’s day visit to Block Island that then led to me later on such island as a bike and moped mechanic for a summer, a bike mechanic mostly and one who already had a full tool set, acquired mostly one tool at a time with own earnings, but for more serious bike frame tools, while hardly out of high school.

See, "THE RECESSION ENCOURAGED A RECESS" was about me realizing I should close my Home Remodeling and Consulting business, a Connecticut S-Corp, and dedicate myself to political writing near full-time, out of a grand lack of confidence in most of our leaders and their "directions."  I had been testing management and marketing ideas with my business and while volunteering with New Haven Jaycees, New Haven Area Special Olympics, the young and developing Eli Whitney Museum, and Connecticut Special Olympics, and realized my thinking and strategizing near then already a decade to two about such had answers many seemed hungry and desperate for.

I cannot forget that moment on my Caribou cross-country skies for suddenly the competitive spirits of a Bush, Conn, and Heath seemed to be playing women’s basketball around me - and towards engaging me in such play while I was trying to ski straight.

By time I wrote "TOMORROW’S EMPIRES" as it is in my "THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM" - a collection of political writing a poetry started before those I met first from my "recess" yard were even in the 1992 race or seeming to be expected to enter such, most of my thinking to move us together out of such recession, then, was already set in motion - already set before Clintons had much to do with it but get a rare and undeserved chance to ride such "wave." When such of my "THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM" was commenced "Barry" Obama would still have been at Harvard Law, though the last pieces of such working likely dating to days within his first post law school year, with him where ever he actually was then.

That I started with a "I am more a Citizen Rosebud than a Citizen Kane" also had its commencement near the time I took to calling Sarah Heath (Palin) "Title IX" but more about me about my Hearst or major media ambitions much greater than merely being a photo-journalism some day.  Such was of such a time and a feminism and still traumatic America post-Vietnam era such that me of "Citizen Rosebud" commitment was to working a motivation or safety net for attempting to take 17 to 20 years towards such career but with a zig-zagging allowing me to essentially treat all in my generation and near it and all before it, somewhat objectively, somewhat "Randian", as if all were patients and me with an assumption of patient privelege and confidentiality standards more important than than any so considered actually needed to be a "patient" for anyone licensed.

Mr. McChesney, where are you today, I have learned about where Anne has been a bit since.  Thank you both.  Happy Father’s Day.  Patty, I still remember you deciding you "wanted to get in on it" in your own ways.  Everyone else - I only set off to do all that I did consciously attempt because I had asked some to help make sure some soul(s) would be out there and available some 17-20 years later that I never would have thought of as a patient. 

And of "THE RECESSION ENCOURAGED A RECESS" so with "SAVER’S OF THE WORLD" being inclusive and allegorical to Richard C. Levin and Ms. McPherson then President of Bryn Mawr College, as of families that had been clients able to afford my contracts as responsible in home economics and savings.

The politics hardly considered about "THE RECESSION ENCOURAGED A RECESS" is that I felt it necessary due to an apparent disrepair of Democrat Party to cross sides due to the recession and play more with Democrats for Democrats and with specific memories of my day in "recess" yard that those two Yale Law Students stopped and set me off as documented with my recent http://www.facebook.com/jpeterhogan "NOTE" set as with availability for "EVERYONE" still.  These were days I had access to Demos party think through my sister in Dodd’s office and her party pamphlets/magazines - and her own "argument" that had me see a general disrepair of Democrat Party enough to have me cross over some, charitably, due to quite concerning and growing concern about most of our then leaders and possible global opponents.

See the "recession" didn’t encourage a play time but called me so to expedite my own organized and strategized plans long to be a caboose to the Reagan Revolution but on my own schedule, and to help those in politics like the two Clintons from old "recess" yard meeting though on the opposite side and of the opposite think. 

To "conservatives" I may still seem left of center but the the "Liberals" of the "left" I must seem far more from the center and to the right side even though so much of their rising in early 90s - there rising when their own ideology and practices were otherwise prohibiting success, their success - and so of me then but not now of a working to help save them from themselves.

My sister has left politics since - and to professional standards more to guarantees to equal time for each side, or all that they are allowed to spend to/for. 

I can’t seem to get away from it, it still seems so familiar and engaging.  See, I still seem to remember that Bush’s Operation Iraqi Freedom was commenced with a way to pay for it - that Bush did fund at least one of his ‘wars’ and that the Democrats still behind their times were much of blocking his like ODYESSEY DAWN funding of such. Like Bush proceeded with fair expectation that our United States of America if now in "freedom" spreading as a global police force against tyrants and dictators towards prosecutions justifiable by their own real histories was to a "funding" allowable with that peoples oil revenues once back on line.

Yes, back when I harkened with "a recess" in such writing it was of the sadness of feeling a need to help the very people on the other side long distrusted since first impressions from my old "recess" yard - and necessarily due to global and local politics then while "Barry" was still at Harvard Law or just out of such.

Happy Father’s Day 2011.  Hi Amanda, again.  It has become as near an interesting new story now, ours, since those years I started writing us all away from old deep considerations back in early 80s.  It has been interesting realizing after our social media connecting with old Myspace accounts so much of this and so much of my years trying to avoid the Hamptons and a realization as to what your name was.  It has been quite interesting remembering how many efforts I worked and mused thinking other arrangements had to be made due to the mess the Clintons had made of so many years of my political and marketing efforts.

Hello again, Mr. McChesney I have known you some longer than your daughter has - Happy Father’s Day - did I spell your name correctly?



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And, so we find the Forth Estate still "urban" and now a better social referee.

And, today you have to pick the club or the honey do - the honey do or the hubby do.

And, all the while the institutionalization of "Hillary" stays juxtaposed here in America most against a regularness where a hook to the left too much, quite too much - as community members should still be allowed to walk down their streets and wonder on why their community cannot fix itself.

To have witnessed just the DESPERATE "SHOW" WIVES OF OBAMA STATE DEPARTMENT this week was one thing - to have seen/witnessed some of the rest was too much - too much even for just one of our institutions — It will help that you have already read "HE GOT HIS!" column from this point on.

So we have again this week to have to deal with some or much "Hitler" in our play — even his institutions no matter what they were called.   It may be a good day to find some more trophies for interior decorations of ego walls or trophy rooms for Forth Estate, but vigilance about such and referee duties may not allow - allow at least a co-ed and personal effort about such today — On the teas and in the sands today is still that Peter Orzag tried to chip in, for Obama and Hillary, an institutionalization for both of them, for Obamacare and/or Hilllarycare III, of a massive and invasive IMAC — and, oh, the Congressional roars, now still, about such mac ill roiling — oh, and yes on the tees too.

As "HE GOT HIS!" drove straight to the ‘greenness’ of "Hillary" and her ‘game’ and "experience" and her necessary institutionalization now this reporting of HILLARY IS INSTITUTIONALIZED notes more concerns and abuse by "Hillary" much contrary to many of our institutions and even fair play in golf sport and political competitions.  Charlie Rose reported recently with his series of interviews with past and present Secretaries of State - actually showed more than "reported" more institutionals delusions by "Hillary" our current Secretary of State.

The "UN-OBAMA" & "UN-HILLARY" new problema is an old problema much to do with "Hitler" and others of lesser "selling of their souls."   You should have seen Henry Kissinger’s expression when "Hillary" went of to "institutional" with her abrupt and inappropriate blurting to Charlie Rose with an irrational and unreasonable proposition that like "there has been a ’smooth’ transtition between all Secretary of States throughout the history of such institution."  (paraphrased, most certainly.)

As the new problema establishes, for global citizens, and, for their referees, and such that is their Forth Estate, the "UN-OBAMA" & "UN-HILLARY" new diet for all as towards limiting need for further institutionalization for Americans - and better criteria for admittance around operations and dictates.

Rumors of "Hillary" as of a "medical bag" to rival JFK’s storied "medical bag" also from White House "maintenance" doctoring are still sparse and hard to confirm - is it bigger, was it term - limited, has one magic pill been enough?  And, so Hillary may not be also of such a "magical" medical bag as JFK was known to be of as ‘necessary’.

Whether you tee-off teed-off set off still about old and new Tea Party rights - today is much a Congressional and leadership day about Hitler and his institutions.   "HE GOT HIS!" broached part of abuses around "Hillary" of "institutionalized" - but hardly the rediculous preposterous answer she asserted to Charlie Rose and the world so with her defensiveness with her offensive posturing as the former First Lady that left the next Secretary of State the not so "smooth" transition from Clintons’ 8 we refer most often to as just "9-11" – and so as to have gotten Henry Kissinger "britches in a sudden bunch" as a "johnny on the spot" called to defend her rediculous proposition that power has supposedly always transfered "smoothly" from one Secretary of the State to the next.   See how "Hillary" deludes more with her "instutional" defense about our institution and traditions about Secretary of State now as well as how she has been deluding many with her "don’t touch me" institutional preposterousness around our lored Institution of the First Lady?

Whose rights still at our "Congressional" - our play about our institutions?   How will Speaker Boehner or President Obama stike also at institutionalization of "Hillary"?   It is also about golf, and still "Bill" - where is Bill, by the way?  What was his scoring of these past two weeks of his officiated Weiner and to it a DESPERATE SHOW WIVES OF STATE inconvenient exposure?

With the new problema to an new walking and talking - a more honest and accepting walk of personal freedoms and individual responsibility - the "institutional" of "Hillary" is now much a grand or greater concern than that yet from President Obama, even with his IMAC of Orzag over-reaching, now much in play.   Everywhere people should be reading - reading to address and guard - to stand tall but honestly and without the offensive institutionalization that is "Hillary."  Everywhere we are all to first a walking and talking to a new urbanism with a honest teeing to a Tea Party or even New (Democrat) Independence Party - to a walking first and foremost with a "why can’t we fix our own community - without it becoming a greater borough burden - or city burden - or county burden - or state burden - or regional burden - or most shouldn’t be necessary "failed all the way to the top" national embarasment?

It is preposterous!  "Hillary" survives only with her "preposterous" postulates that put the entire "institutions" of State and our even more lored and celebrated Institution of our First Lady at her defense, and to create a fog about her of "do not touch!"

I am getting to the "Hitler" in all this.  First we have to absorb how "not a smooth transition" was the transition from the Clinton years to the Bush years for our foreign policy - it may get confusing to see such due to the characters involved but the preposterousness is certainly there.   First you may be best to consider how much the years of crusading by First Lady Hillary Clinton was to inciting the very disruptions that the Bush administrators inherited — her popular imperialism much of her traveling dictates for her brand of feminism.

You really should try to find a viewable snipet of Charlie Rose show that was first in series with Secretaries of State - that then due to Charlie’s acceptance of "Hillary’s" preposterousness, that which got the most unusual expression from Henry Kissinger, when he was demanded to defend "Hillary’s" rediculous postulation, by "Hillary’s" asserting, was then to me deciding to avoid the rest of such series and even most of the rest of such "first episode."

The only joke in all this may be Irish humor of sorting type - as Rory McIlroy at Congressional is maybe in Gaelic quite the "lion in the woods" - "a tiger in a hedgerow" and now as Speaker Boehner and President Obama play through the "selling of souls" and the "Hilter ghost" in Obamacare/Hillarycare III and their IMAC over-reaching — the only joke may be that Rory McIroy may essentially translate as "tiger woods" in Gaelic.  Better though to stay focused on our institutions and our new problema about our developing new "urbanism."  It is to Speaker Boehner and President Obama that institutional concerns about "Hillary" are really all about "Hitler" and government over-reaching.

And, so the Forth Estate stands still free and able to referee and celebrate.

And, so the propostions that are Obamacare revival of Hillarycare to such new institutionals necessities, are of a suggestion that "We the People" accept "government care" as a God given right and though all the while in ways counter to decades of people selling their souls in some ways to get some of it for themselves with personal liberty and individual responsibility.

And, so Speaker Boehner and President Obama, time to tee this off:   That it is immoral for America, these United States of America, to suggest healthcare for all and as so institutionally yet devised and at all to a God given right since still we have issues, we have Hitler issues — we have all the medical advances in our medical industries and institutions only made possible by Hitler and his institutions persistant and well documented years of medical experimentation on some/many/very many humans?

And, so it may still be more "moral" to let our free markets stir the individual responsibility and personal liberties and market value discussions with a new urbanism also about how much selling of your soul may actually be worth.  

HILLARY IS INSTITUTIONALIZED:  That Hillary is "institutionalized" is both so of her "fog of Hillary" positing such that her "experience and judgement" cannot be questioned and shouldn’t be without her threatening to smear all past First Ladies as like a identical class due such action, and, as well for her "preposterousness" with daily asserting and visible posturing as well with her public blurting asserting to former Secretary of State on Charlie Rose show, as a bubble defense as well, that there has always been a "smooth transition" from Secretary to Secretary throughout our history as a country.

The new "urbanism" of the new problema that is as well our current "UN-OBAMA" & "UN-HILLARY" is much to a walking and talking and tea times of persons, together, wondering locally why they cannot fix their own communities.

Rory, hopefully you have sufficient institutional support - most notable about you so far is you look like my high school girl friend - whose X-Step-father once was a police chief.  Good luck to all the golfers - maybe a momentus day for freedom for President Obama and all things "Congressional"!

Again, where is "Bill"?  Oh, yeh, and where is "Hillary"?



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How well Republicans can do community-centric government restructuring urbanism between now and 2012 elections is likely to be "hot dog" in these races.  

Republicans, with their arguments and wisdoms around how America of "We the People" is at a time and place where local thinking and a general urbanism is also needing be to walk the same talk locally everywhere. 

If the "UN-OBAMA" movements cannot walk locally with an engage urbanism with all as relevant participants in vast and grand RESET to thinking showing the "UN-OBAMA" ways are better and better for all in America, and much more historically American.

He hasn’t been alone these long years thinking Americans had to stop being essentially "organized" as "Americans" but for the "geo" of "geography" in his geopolitics. 

I did just see e-mailed blurb from The Heritage Foundation that I didn’t expect so, and now as yet "unread" piece that seemed to be alerting all maybe similiarly about a maybe "keeping it real" and "across the board" and all "main streets."  I look forward to reading their new column, but after I finish this draft of my thoughts.

Their are likely to be surges that Obama and his Secretary of State, who can be said to have gotten all her "foreign policy" experience by "sleeping her way to top" and to such - it is of the "fog of Hillary" she likes to front using all traditions and protections especially spousal protections to keep media and most from even attempting to address her "Jekyl" and "Hyde" and "is" isn’t "is" existance with matters of State policy now so contrary to her "experience" from years as protected and overly celebrated First Lady.

It wasn’t just with her "Hillary for President" attitudes and expectations of grandeur of her protections and "pomp" afforded her for so many years of sleeping with her "powerful" "Bill" being able to appear to be "running for President" while keeping the historical traditions and "hands off the First Ladies" general media practices a protective envelope of a sort of prophylactic as a bubble about her.  She has since she was First Lady Hillary Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton been suggesting in her ways and joint means that it would be "impolite" to ask her about her relevant "experience" for each and every decision, and seemingly even a single relevant seeming contradictory pronouncement, official.

President Obama is not to be alone towards 2012 democratic decisions by all involved citizens of our United States of America - it is likely to be full of "UN-HILLARY" near as much as "UN-OBAMA".

And, as Republicans can lose still in many places/districts where their wisdoms and practical governance "RESET" calls are needed most - those places where people will have to believe Republicans can an are walking the appropriate adapted and hip urbanism - we wake our own "dawns" and "springs" nearer to realizing dangers from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and as with she a former First Lady wanting her "bubble" of an unreal "innocence" for years of the Clinton 8 and mostly with an it would be "impolite" to ask a former First Lady such.

There is little if any critical review and deconstruction of the "Hillary" story these days it may be near as critical as if she had become that near "Queen" of titling she was seeking by asking to use and abuse all our old and historic traditions and protections afforded by "We the People" and its free media as part of our Institution of the First Lady. 

We don’t get the needed:  How can she do this now?  She didn’t do that earlier - she claims her earlier is her "experience" for an expected confidence in such now and yet we aren’t supposed to disect such because it would be impolite - and so don’t get the articles to explain how she can be both her "Jekyl" and her "Hides" (Hyde, really?).

President Obama immortalized the part of his story about "community organizing" in his DREAMS OF MY FATHER (only?) particularly a distaste for the hardwork of "community organizing" with his telling of his personal attitude about such urbanism of near "I got to get out of this place - if I only had real power, what I might do…" 

He got his!   He also got his!  

He got his?

And now with his RACE TO THE TOP more a celebration of avoiding "community organizing" and just doing what ever it takes to try to get old of the big "brass ring." 

Can the Republicans RESET America to the now necessary more urbanism that is "community organizing" or just "community" - necessary more since Obama and Clinton over accentuated a global distracting imperialism to be a rampart to their socialism so far less American that what Republicans are seemingly trying to walk as new best talk?

Is the "UN-OBAMA" and "UN-HILLARY" mood now likely to be dominant now soon to be to a conception and commencing of a NEW DEMOCRAT MOVEMENT of even "old deal" works and the daily quite necessary checking of "where is Bill" quite tiring and concerning with his/their intimate works to muddle our democracy with too heavy a global Democrat campaigning initiative of Clintons Global Initiative?

Unless "Bill’s" marriage has been that "set asunder" "Bill is in the building" and participating.



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And the U.S. Open at Congressional and the staid hallways of educational institutions economic departments around the country, and the boys of summer of Yankee spirit about the Bronx.

The Clintons’ biggest problem with me is an economic one and a property law and ethics one that was never meant to be near enough "big government eminent domain" taking or a exaggerated sense of self worth by one politician or two interlocked and colluding as a political couple and confusing "two-fer."  It is quite bad enough that they by using so much of my musing as their own, even before attempting to selfishly use it again all over again, without permission, for their "two-fer" ambitions with a fronting of "Hillary" as deserving of a "titling", did trap me in my marketing/political FICTIONS thought up to work around a short-term seeming crisis - and by treating my working of fictions for distractions as if they were my personal story and NON-FICTION. 

May you personally never get trapped having to live your FICTION as if it were your NON-FICTION BIOGRAPHY in real time and especially not for the near two decades they have been effecting likely. There was alot of NON-FICTION novelized into the FICTION I mused in early nineties as a volunteer short-term distraction/fix but that layer was never addressed or approached as NON-FICTION interpretation misappropriated for their (the Clintons’) selfish political ambitions.  Trouble when such happens is that politician(s) lose proper sense of value/valuation and in my case cause a known muse to be made to feel the victim and then again and again and especially as they (the politicians of misappropriation and interpretation - ie: the Clintons) then offer unsolicited political spirit to such on needs seeming about due to the FICTION that were not real in the actual NON-FICTION living and politics of muse/me.

It was bad enough the Clintons basically were misappropriating my works needed for me to continue working on my FICTION AND NON-FICTION works as towards my career interests to be a world class marketer and maybe even known and published author.  It was bad enough I have felt now two decades that I have had near a full time job to protect my own intellectual property rights to my NON-FICTION and as to maintain my earning potential in my chosen career path not as their interpretation as FICTION could rightly explain, and from them and most Democrats.

To even get near a sense of scope and value about such it may best be to start with:  The biggest insult by Clintons is how little they are now financially worth after having so long taken so much of mine as theirs.  See: I chanced to voluntarily muse to a lesser known years after Clintons first commencing in such offensiveness with less material and effort as a way of establishing a balance for value, and a conservative value of a minimum approximation for how many earnings the Clintons may have kept me from by treating my FICTION as theirs and as not a NON-FICTION of my own personal property - intellectual property of my real intended career path.  See in my defense I challenged unknown author wanna be J.K. Rowling to write seven books for seven years of curriculum and without explain or hinting that such was to protect me and youths from Clintons and at least American Democrats.

To support such story and history you must at least try to begin to understand my history about my "citizen Rosebud" personality and that since 1983 I have been conversant with personality claims in small talk that "I am more a Citizen Rosebud than a Citizen Kane" and as such was always as spoken to be one in defense of Hearst public image and legacy not to farce about such.  To understand some of the hidden layers and how with Clintons’ and Dems’ general misinterpretation and crediting and grand misappropriations that had me then having to write new FICTIONS to cover myself every time they seemed to have tried to "help" politically and so instead of being "helped" without solicitation I ended up having to work twice as hard and about "reworking" of my FICTION especially the parts it was protecting that were real and actual NON-FICTION. 

You have to consider Jamie Tarses and FRIENDS, SEINFELD, LAW AND ORDER and ER and Amandas, Amys, and Annes - and especially that Jamie Tarses had Amanda Peet portray the character most based on her at NBC during some of the critical years of my developing networks and dramatizations to sustain my FICTIONS and NON FICTIONS.

For those late to such party as a FICTION or NON-FICTION I basically had to create new FICTIONS to protect my intellectual property and actual career path every time Clintons tried to "help" though without solicitation for help - I had to write a new FICTION to have them think their "help" had "helped" so that they would stop offering unwelcome and unnecessary unsolicited political help, and to protect the Amandas and Annes and Amys of FICTION and NON FICTION parts of such long term thinking that was of workings to time parts of such for 17-20+ years later in our futures.

If at this point in this I have confused "FICTION" AND "NON FICTION" usage I really don’t care - figure it out for your self.  See: to get them to stop their thought generous and unsolicited and actually unnecessary "political help" I had to continuously go out and find peolpe with problems actual like those thought to be mine and then make theirs seem mine so that all that political energy being misused wouldn’t go to waste. 

Until about seven years ago I wouldn’t have been wanting any of their offered solutions as for the meant timing in my decades spent towards my actual chosen and intented career path, not of choosing to fill Nicholson tool bags with nails and construction/trade tools for pennys of value related to my daily productive career energies spent.

It was in such spirit and long term planning so not characteristic of either Clinton, well, but for that I have known them both since I was near a first grader and they polled me while at play in Hooker School yard as to whether they each as Yale Law Students, not married, each could become President some day — well, it was and actually voluntarily that I was willing to muse and chide/ride three wings of STANLEY TOOLS with thoughts for a new hand saw as a hybrid from two saws I regulary used, and still own — It was voluntarily mused to STANLEY to research and development, Corporate and Marketing to combing standard English style saw and Japanese style saw into one and such that time passed enough that I nearly forgot such myself until a voice from R&D came in my head feeling defeated about such inventiveness and with "we will have to temper it" and such as if that was the end to a "new" saw possible success for then limiting its future ability to be sharpened — And then to my refreshing of interest and chiding with a voice back with: "so temper it" it sould sell well. Interesting fact is such started on the deck of Jonathan Rhinehart home I was constructing after having left Suffolk Law School after first year to be a the best caboose for Reagan Revolution I could position myself towards, and such then about "Barry" Obama’s first year at Harvard Law.  Such the Jonathan Rhinehart of Ogilvy acquisition then about of Adams and Rhinehard Public Relations into their world wide marketing much in competition with my grandfather’s old Young and Rubicam marketing efforts that he had spent near 25 years with before mandatory retirement in 1971.  See a co-worker had asked me why he always saw me using two different saws and such not about two as a cross-cut and rip saw but of two crosscut types - and getting my "BECAUSE STANLEY HASN’T INVENTED A SAW THAT HAS THE BEST OF BOTH SAWS YET".

Well that is enough for this column but to remind those here not new to all this as a new visitor that the Jamie Tarses ties carry the real coincidences intentional years with FRIENDS show being of two "Matts" and as well a female Geller and another swimmer, David to carry my concerns for my younger brother whose best pal was a "Matt" and so a another "Matt" for more creative cover and while primarily set to casting around my co-tri-captains of my Wilbur Cross Governors High School swim team a female Geller and another swimmer, David.  That and then to SEINFELD working/reworking around an older sister and sisteringness with her of tall lanky Kramer classmate and while overly concerned at times with her "J Peter…’s" sense of fashion.  That and while continuing this development for a success in my actual chosen career path and hopes for a romantic future to LAW AND ORDER to help give my dad and oldest sister free public relations support and creative distractions for their careers in law and politics.  And well then the Jamie Tarses voice back in my head asking "can we have one more show idea - for Thursdays at ten?" and me thinking such would get too close to home and disturb my FICTION AND NON FICTION works so of my experience and life quiet decades knowing who DEEP THROAT dramatization was actually about and what - but with well a professionalism around EMERGENCY ROOMS and two other neighbors could work as long as it wasn’t set as well in New York and such that an offered fictional alternate me got offered in casting to George Clooney repectful of Watergate history. 

Don’t forget Nixon was the LAW AND ORDER PRESIDENT before "Hillary" sought his impeachment.  The actual fictional and not fictional address for Manhattan District Attorney office is One Hogan Place.

I really did get a kick out of ME MYSELF AND IRENE and CSI start as both seemed to stem from my two days and extra in AMISTAD with Steven Spielberg and Morgan Freeman and Paul Gulfoyle who plays Brass in CSI.  Irene was the name of a set security guard I met walking around that was studying to become a police officer like her father, a Sargeant in Swanzee or there abouts, and, well after such days "in Hollywood" I visited old pals on Block Island near Jonathan Rhinehart home and from my days building as a rough and finish carpenter there and while working through lingering thoughts from Paul Gulfoyle after our tet a tet where he bristled with "who are you to tell me how to act" and then a quick shutting up that left me feeling generous more than vengeful, and so that I was in circle of friends old and new with then current criminology students and Rhode Island’s "finest" in old mix of locals, and with those two in criminology being students then under Henry Lee.

I have no predictions for this weeks competitions - how little the Clintons are now worth is quite insulting considering how much they also had to work with - even though such wasn’t of authorized use or understood use – and especially as any worked positive spin of "Amys" in my FICTION was charitable and not romantic or personal still - she shouldn’t have been led to believe otherwise by anyone since I decided I didn’t want to keep dating her and such unfortunately before I realized her dad had decided to try my advice for him and IBM as shared the Thansgiving weekend visit that had me my one time at dinner at THE TUXEDO CLUB and with visions of Anne and Amanda - the real Amanda then about six.  I might not have used the "get her to break up with you" method of breaking up if I had known her father was mixing all thing IBM into all my other ongoing integrations to a career in global mass marketing. 

Really no one should have led such real Amy to see herself as more important or near as relevant as Annes and Amandas maintained in FICTIONAL protections and dramatizations better not mass marketed as NON FICTION.  It was essentially "CHARITABLE" as I wrote to encompass old friend of my sister globally and only as "CHARITABLE" in a feminism as I was working my works for such sister her long time friend from DC, that turned out not to be the "Cinderella" story I agreed to a first date years after first meeting but the one thing I was trying to avoid - a member of the same exclusive club as one of Anne in NON FICTION about my "I am more a Citizen Rosebud."

If you see the real Amanda please tell her what a swell guy I am - not sure she is still "talking to me" after you each have read this.



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These are the days that try women’s souls especially around foreign policy and a polarized economy.

We could look at how their hero worship, the leftist liberal set of Democrats’, is misplaced about "Hillary" and still.  We could look at how "Hillary" treats her "friends" and see there are political problems.

Personally I owe both Clintons nothing, not even respect — they still owe me far too much and while be generally great disappointments, both, considering the possibilities with all that they had to work with.   Personally, politically, it is appropriate and prudent to let this be "personal" but yet "objective" and full of relevance with truths about their "popularity."

These are the days that try women’s souls?   These are days that still may try my patience and smarts far more though, and still - yet only maybe because of political "cover" provided Clintons that is not actually much really "political facts" or real history.

Now, that said, how Obamas’ treat their friends maybe be as questionable, politically, and even some "economically" as it seems their long time close personal friends the Rezkos have been left holding the depreciated "side lot" to Obama home in Chicago that dropped near half its value with the friendly sale of just a sixth of such - such bought at full market price.   I did mean to check Google for a recent land transaction between such parties of close friends in Chicago before this draft - yet haven’t yet checked again so to see if First Couple Mr. and Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama really have let their close friend sit in jail with legal fees and such a fall about them without having bought out their ownership in rest of side lot of Obama home in Hyde Park prestigious neighborhood of Chicago.

Well Democrats have gone beyond a more regular "forgive us our trespasses" and to quite an seeming unnecessary and imprudent droning on more as of personal angst and even "predators."

Yes I have rare high ground view of Clintons of those who muddled and underperformed relative to what they had to work with and how such was of unusual opportunities for lasting improvements not so of simple highs and lows more like one night stand administering with promises of "no-complications" theirs as they pimped America to unsteady highs and lows, economically and such, and so with an unreal posturing with propositions that PEACE DIVIDENDS were rational and reasonable for such years.

Now as the "Inevitable" falls with "Messiah" the social push is likely not to suddenly capitulate and disappear but regroup and reorganize to a more reasonable "ambitiousness" closer to community organizing levels and local political offices even in historically Republican "red" districts.  The ideology mustn’t be what has been wrong -like,  must just be more the imperfections of the "leaders."  And as such was again attempted with or maybe the "class size" ratio of one or two "teachers" per 300 million plus "students" at once being just wrong for their "left" ideology.

With both the Clintons and now the Obamas such downfall from "leftist" ambitions to a grand BIG GOVERNMENT takeover the best first place to look to understand or rationalize their failures may be best and most simply to a "how well did they treat their friends" and as they did seem all to work to being "Limousine Liberals."  The Clintons may have been wiser for not having condemned limousine use by capitalist job creators and savers while working big government spending increases to build fleet of limousines for the liberal elite - hard to say.

Yes, Democrats may take local offices in next election cycles as Republicans may sweep across national office races.   It may be the first realization for Democrats that they were so wrong about their "class size" with their ideological push and that they now have to all become more simply "community organizers" more of "local" offices.

And, yet so trying todays reporting on Democrats of this new "Limousine Liberal" cast with "jobs" reporting around "job creation" at least in Wall Street Journal — See, again they show a disregard for "construction workers" as like grunts or even enslavable with use of "put construction workers back to work" and yet with higher ranking given to something like "train workers for new open jobs."  Again, such just mentioned goes to "popularity" of Clintons not earned by Clintons or deservedly theirs and much about how they muddled opportunities to do so much more with what they had available due to conditions specific to the nineties, that may not naturally repeat, and so now may be lost because of their "gaming" with such for "politics" - selfish political gain.

Before we even get to the trying droning of "Diplomat" "Hillary" more "PREDATOR" than "PEACE MAKER" we have in the air during these trying times how they turned on Bush family, both Bill and Hillary with some of the lowest class baseness and about face politicing that greatly abused the long offered and maintained "embrace" of friendship generally offered by many in Bush family even in their troubled days.  The details of the how and how often about the Clintons abuse of "friendship" by Bush family is still "news" relevant to a more reasonable and necessary "honest" judgement of Clintons and such as to a "disqualifying" of them for "leadership" in "high offices."

And so.   And so in this X BOX new next gen era and "JOY STICK" PREDATOR DRONING how far beyond a reasonable "forgive us our trespasses" have Clintons been, especially Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, so with "diplomacy" now more of "forgive us our PREDATORS"?

And so are Clintons really running a shadow foreign policy, or at least just "Bill" or "Hillary"?  Are they the new "Ollie Norths" of a politics quite of attitude near "if the President says it is legal then it is legal"?

And, are we now at risk with two angry and betrayed women together at State setting priorities for drones and such at least as far as "a diplomatic solution" is not within our means, or within our means any longer – Let Odysseus eat it! - Let Odyssey Dawn commence! - We are tired of waking to find "tri-poli" stories anew of our men out on hunts again battling their personal monsters, like?

And so they story and timing continues near timeless — and so after Senator Christopher Dodd started at the Motion Picture Association I had a brief series of one liners about people if in a "classic" or maybe "modern" work such that I was of saying nearly that if "Hillary" were in Homer’s Odyssey she wouldn’t be Penelope but would be the Cyclop who got fooled with the "my name in Noman" such that news of excape by Odysseus was only spreadable to other Cyclops as "No man was here."  Sure Qadhafi may have "had to go" but only because Saddam Hussein had to go - and for the "humanity" of it all. 

Really these are times that should be trying women’s souls more than mens.  How do they answer for their heroine "Hillary" and her side-kicks in global feminism?  And, this all as the "how" and "why" about the Clintons’ turning on Bush family maybe one of our young nations ugliest political histories especially since so much of "friendship" of the long embrace by Bush family was given without being earned, and within their family sense of "honor" and "prudence."

It was former President Bill Clinton still of his post office political and partisan meddling that was soon after current President Barack Obama’s calling for a new civility for our politics to another interference and from foreign soil with his proclamation and rallying cry near of "it is Republicans’ JOB to try to defeat us (the Democrats).



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President Barack Hussein Obama, whose father once was a cook for British troops, did recently speak where only the Pope, Queen Elizabeth and Nelson Mandela opted to accept a rarely afforded offer of venue - Westminster Hall.

I am not sure that was 140 characters or less - we shouldn’t though let Representative from Queens, NY ruin Twitter for everyone.

For Pelosi Weiner much a political problem about SOP, protocol, jurisdictions or districts.  For Obama Weiner raises coup concerns of Clinton Democrats not toting his own party priorities.  For Clinton Weiner stirs a THEOCRACY OF CLINTON threat to our Constitution and separations - For Bill Clinton Weiner so as acting to HIGH PRIEST BILL.  For Clinton Weiner Hillary has a problem with she and her women being objectified and willy nilly subjugated, at least domestically.

For Twitter many are grateful - but where were the "tweeting" deserved and earned by President PBO at Westminster Hall and not he of a carpe diem for "reparations" - at least? 

If there were "tweets" about Twitter abuse by Weiner that covered concerns that a "marriage" officiated by Bill Clinton is naturally a "marriage" that is "not" a "marriage" I personally missed them.

So Queens Weiner used Twitter in inappropriate and non-traditional political ways to reach out and stir constituents of his comrades, instead of just his own.  Pelosi’s Weiner is a new technological political problem that old frank mail barriers and checks better protected and served - he seems to have prefered "twids" (twitter IDs) that were known constituents of other comrades, though maybe thought his as of the "church" of Bill.

And from Westminster Hall some tweeted - many tweeted but not it seems about an American first black President that is half Irish having asked for reparations at least for the Irish – it remains an American issue so as to whether enslaved blacks of such an empires history actually had a better living standard than many early Irish Americans.

Now maybe this Weiner story will expand to issues of "Twitter Tag" games with this Weiner having passed on "twids" (again TWID = twitter ID) to his comrades of such jurisdictions and political districts - "retweeted" like as old "phone tag" of our standard operating practices of Washington representation historically has for "business" so that people would be passed to their sworn representative and largely ignored otherwise by other say "comrades" of Weiner.

Was there inadequate "tweeting" coverage of unusual Westminster Hall platform afforded our first black President of our United States of America during our TEA PARTY "REVOLUTIONARY" REVIVAL DAYS?  He used such to celebrate that his father had been a mere cook for British "colonialist" or "neo-colonialist" forces and got worked up some about his own current neo-colonialism and his hosts support about such.  He seemed to have fed insufficient material for proper tweets on issues of slavery and reparations and even just issues as well about "reparations" maybe deserved by Irish.

He may have asked for "Bill" to officiate a marriage for Queen’s Weiner that would be of the "church" of Bill as still of "is" not "is" and so a "marriage" as not a "marriage." 

The real story here, beyond just the additional political mess of crossing his comrades’ politics and standard operating processes is quite what "expectations" to "civil" or "godless" a "marriage" officiated by President Bill Clinton is of, officially, and politically.  Was it meant to a "Twitter" political activism and even coupish against President Obama in a loyalty to Clintons and their "beliefs" and "worshipping" of each other as still above and superior to President Barack Hussein Obama?  Why are most of seeming inappropriate Twitter activities of political stirrings beyond his own jurisdictions?

In less than 140 characters most can now tweet sufficiently that the Democrat Party is a party divided with too many bosses and too few real solutions or feasible or workable solutions.

I don’t have any clue why President Barack Hussein Obama would have asked for or just accepted the opportunity to speak from Westminster Hall at least without using it with "brotherhood" to speak to "reparations."  I don’t have any clue why a President of these times and conflicts and with such domestically with his own party so divided would have welcomed such complications to arise from the rarity of venue offered with Westminster Hall planning - and don’t know if he specifically asked for such even though England as united with a Church of England offers other complications for one so individually of pulpit siezing regularly to advance his "personality" based new evangelism to a new "interfaith" religiosity.

Sure you may need multiple tweets and a thread of them to sufficiently communicate the Constitutional propositions being adulterated by Democrats these days and especially that about our First Amendment Constitutionality that former Constitutional Law Professor "Barry" Obama is most dividing around our "establisment clause." 

See our First Amendment allows that there be no law passed regarding an "establishment" about "religion" but so that one that wanted/wants to be a new "MESSIAH" is sort of hopefully exempted from since their activism logically would not necessarily be an "establishment" of "religion" unless it had been successful to being a new "religion" with all their efforts at "establishment" and such not needing mere laws passed while so of a new evangelizing around efforts until such time of "character" and "personality."

You could simply tweet that our 1st Amendment allows that a "second coming" may occur and so beyond our laws capability or jurisdiction and yet need a second tweet to address Queen’s Weiner or "Church of Obama" or yet a continued processing to a "Church of Clintons" unless, that is, that any "marriage" officiated by "Bill" Clinton is specifically not a "new interfaith union" superseding all existing religions nor a simple "civil" and "godless" union of a "marriage" not a "marriage" and of union celebration of "is" not "is" Clintonisms.

Twitter use by Queen’s Weiner is specifically short and confusing - Queen’s use here about Twitter where used as "Queen’s Weiner" is specifically to the jurisdiction and political district of Queen’s New York. 

How Clintons’ Weiner got to abuse of "trespassing" - morally speaking - as of their "officiating" - is an issue beyond expected political use for Twitter, right? 

Representative Anthony Weiner, evidentially speaking, seems to have been more interested in people not from his district - at least via Twitter - "All politics is local" just wasn’t doing it for one obviously of a "church" or "godlessness" of Clintons?

What does his "embrace" of Twitter really say about "marriage" and his "marriage" by Clinton of a thought Jew and a known Muslim wife? 

His marriage was meant to be a larger political statement than his Twitter embracing - it must have been, right?




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We have the confession - we still though have the politics.

President Obama has finally admitted the Republican "car in the ditch" got there by being hit by the Democrat (Clintons’?) (Obama’s?) "truck".

The politics by Democrats haven’t been honest from day one - and now we are their cover-up of of "economic accident scene" falling apart with them finally admitting that "car" wasn’t just hit by a "truck" but hit by a here to fore hidden from all "reports" Demcrat’s truck - we are still waiting for further confessions as to whether "Bill" was driving "Bill’s truck" or whether President Obama was driving "Bill’s truck."

It follows that Pelosi is able to handle Weiner - if follows that since so much dishonesty has existed from day one now selling "Anthony" as a new MJ 23 or Marky Mark to work Democrat "Big Goverment" deep into all your "business."

Is it or can it be "good vibrations" that has Pelosi troubled with her Weiner?  Is it Democrat’s "truck" having left the scene of the "economic accident" reappearing with its delivery still of too much "big government" intervention into your "business"?

Bill’s Weiner seems inseparable and indivisible from "Bill’s truck" and "big government" over-reaching of "apprentice president President Obama.

So would it be allowed in Brooklyn or Manhattan as a marketing image for Hanes or Jockey, on buses and subway boards.   Can he be just a new "GOOD VIBRATIONS" not too "BIG BROTHER" and enough unquestioned as new "interfaith" "Marky Mark" or MJ 23?   Would "Anthony" have to loose the "bacon" marketing of "doesn’t bacon" collars just because of "pork" - THE PORK?

As Pelosi works to show that she can handle Weiner we now have to wonder where "Bill’s truck" came from and where it has been since Democrats put together the "economic crime reports" that have been so long of false accusations and assertions against the Republicans. 

Is "Anthony’s" "PROBLEM" really that his is one not permittable for billboards even in his own district?   He has a public - private image problem now complicated by his close ties to those that his the "truck" part of the economic crash and now may be hoping for some "distraction" to hide their own "confessions." 

We have the confession - we have another confession - we have had quite a few surprising recent confessions — now it is well beyond whether Leader Pelosi can handle her Weiner - we have her now needing to explain "Bill’s truck" and possibility that apprentice president President Obama had actually been taking it out for a test drive the day he crashed Republican economic "car" into "ditch" in partial report long of the Democrats false and dishonest "economic accident report." 

We still, most certainly still, have the POLITICS.

"Anthony" of the Weiner moves even if of some "good vibrations" still not permittable at least on billboards visible from school windows in his own district, right?

Could he carry the "pork" and diet plates around global citizen interfaith sensibilities in marketing and also the separate and equally complicated substance marketing for legally altering states of mind, especially with alcohol?  Is he musical or at all "athletic" past what ironic "pumping" exercising Pelosi now may have to defend?


Leader Pelosi’s Weiner problems are quite complicated and long enduring. 



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About the best news Americans could receive today would be an ALERT!!! …  BREAKING NEWS… !!!  BREAKING NEWS… !!!


                 *  *  *  _  _  _  *  *  *                      

As today goes we seem to be learning we have an Obama State Deptartment of angry and betrayed women maybe mixed up enough to be getting us deeper into unnecessary wars and more warring without end - more "Vietnams".

As today goes we have an uppity common Congressman of Pelosi entourage/posse, and her postulating, acting out in ways female Boxer, Senator, nor former first female Speaker, Pelosi did/does.  He cannot claim it is just his name - it must be his personal character —  maybe re: id more than his ego, Harry Reid?

As today goes still without his resignation we have to now ask if his wife’s sensitive files are safe when at home.

As today goes still without his resignation we should be wondering if "Bill" actually was suggestive to "Anthony" with a "Muslim" angle such maybe to such Jew Representative Weiner ("Whiner" not "weener"?) coached with a "you can have as many wives as OBL if you marry her - especially if I proceed such "matrimony"?

As today goes still without his resignation we should be wondering, right?

As today goes still without his resignation tomorrow is his "paper" anniversary.  Is it time for Speaker Boehner to speak his mind?  How much more time should he give Dem Leader Pelosi to adequately cover such as from one of her "soldiers"?

                 *  *  *  _  _  _  *  *  *







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To heed James Carville’s recent comments that civil unrest may now be unavoidable should only be considerable after first asking if and how "socialism" is worth fighting for.

The Economist facebook linked a recent change for Europe and the 27 states there, with the recent changes in leadership in Portugal, such that now only five countries of such are now "socialist" of "left" - unlike ten years ago when half were.

Of the rise of the Asian Bird Flu so was an era in America of little realized warring - and that was near twice the amount of years passed as mentioned so by Economist "LEFT OUT".  All of this must be linked and related - even if off the radar of our Democrats or avoided and ignored by them, though visible and known.

To heed James Carville’s alerting "socialism" must now be worth fighting for. The desire to get something for nothing must be offering enough to overcome the cost and burdens of trying again to push us so backwards - this "socialism" must be worth fighting for, right?

In the 90s we were much at war economically and philosophically with intellectual battling to thwart capitulation by our governing agents and officers and our corporate and institutional leadership.  We did turn away from an embrace of non-American ideals and historical ways and nearly to an unthinkable embrace of much we fought World War II to prevent, and stood against with policing efforts strongly since.

America can not be a "favored" bet for anyone to be of a stemming of European change away from their recent socialism and leftist governance.  Their "socialism" may not have even been worth fighting for.

Democrat economic "experts" float comments about Japan’s economy of the 90s not being the "recovery" they expected - and quite without mentioning how America did change suddenly from the path to embracing Japanese as superior and more perfect and necessary to follow and celebrate across all American corporate management policies and politics.  Much of this did happen and become "change" unexpected by Japanese before the Clintons’8 commenced. The timing of the Asian Bird Flu is coincidental in its timing with such change that had most top American corporate leaders doing an about face to a strong and pointed stand against earlier impulses and inclinations to become (necessarily) more "Japanese."

Where or how Saddam Hussein of his and Ba’athist perverision of conception of "Ba’athism" as of a ideology and organizing to a future of a United Arab Socialist State is related as of the same time and of a seeming cooperation and/or colussion with some few European (German? French?) leaders and/or elite individuals to a willingness to set events into motion to maybe set Saddam free from sanctions and with a collatoral benefit of a global change to a return to a Euro-centric economic.  Maybe America was going to make "socialism" seem worth fighting for - and maybe they (whomever they might have been) so a way to trigger such as a new global think.  It seems it could have worked - they just needed the United States of America to become a slightly overbearing new sole superpower of the world.

The "inheritance" President Obama prefers to proclaim as "all Bush’s fault" cannot be such - and if you are yet still unaware mostly of much jockeying of early 90s that is little talked or written about, you may be unable to be any wiser.  Most of these problems are more so of "socialist" sympathies by Democrats and of their "socialism" and Europe’s recent leftist governance of ending up not quite a "governance" not worth fighting for.

If there is no real money to fund all the American "socialist" promises how can there be enough "motivation" to a "civil unrest to fight for them"?  How, can such American "socialism" be worthy of so costly and demanding a commitment from enough, when former more leftist and socialist countries and peoples more of a history of such are peacefully working away from such? – Only a proposition that a "MESSIAH" superior personality is here again that needs such obedience is about the only plausible excuse/rationale.

So it was what gave rise to the Clintons successful 1992 bid but now seemingly near obviously without them of a full or even considerate committee think about such.  Without the need to try to work around what seemed a dangerous economic path to a victory against American-centric global economics that at least a few elite individual ideologues may have been considering the Clintons might be running a chain of hot dog stands in Arkansas today.

Before the Japanese got surprised with America not going the way they had expected and maybe planned to it seemed Saddam Hussein had sympathetic powers in maybe France and Germany to plots to reset a global economy away from a sole superpower American centricism and with such coincidentally at least secretly to getting America to choose for themselves a new way much like they would have had if Germany and Japan had won World War II.

I welcome the news that the Economist Magazine staff shared that Europe now doesn’t have at least half its members as "leftist" or "socialist" states and that such now is down to just five.

I remember that before the Clintons and the Asian Bird Flu that American governmental, institutional, and corporate leadership was very nearly to a capitulation and professing to all Americans that they/we all needed to become as perfect as Japanese and Germans and chase their "precision" and "objectifying" management styles with a new Japanese and German materialism racing to the top.

We are of an era where people have to necessarily take sides and of a time where Obama’s "it was all Bush’s fault" is an absurdity and more a "cover-up" attempt at what may be the most scandalous 8 years of American governance ever yet - the eight years of the Clintons.  The size of an attempted cover-up does suggest the size of a crime or scandal needing covering up, and, well suggesting that "it" was none of Clintons’ fault is about the biggest attempted "cover-up" yet in all of the United States of America’s history. 

There really is a whole lot specific to decisions of the Clintons that better explains the mess we are in, and, with a sad side bar of sorts such as now we can be asking of Representative Weiner (pronounced "whiner"?) and his close friendship with Clintons, and one so close a friendship that the Clinton, Bill, married him, and, such now with a fall necessary to a reconsideration of "Bill’s" behavior about how or if it may have interfered with his deciding and such so now to whether it can be conclusively summed as not having been too great a distraction for one of such responsibilities in "representation" such that things didn’t later come crashing down later, and when the known and unknown, about effects of Clintons’ decisions became real and historic.

So Saddam’s party of "Ba’athism" was up from origins in an ideology to a United Arab Socialist State (Alan Hart, ARAFAT - TERRORIST OR PEACEMAKER.) and Germany today is under very different leadership than just ten years ago.  So Saddam Hussein was the seeming nearest the world had to a new Hitler and yet more than a few were seemingly part of a plan he thought could work well enough that he could invade and keep Kuwait.

So the American "socialists" of the Obama and Clinton economics and administrations may not be worth fighting for - there isn’t enough money available anywhere for it to be so. 

And, still we have the Clintons of their "8" as years they had us all officially bigoted and biased against Shia and quite "officially" "pro-Sunni."  Such is still something I still cannot fathom and especially while considering the festering of "abandonment" they let grow their "8" with growing Anti-American sentiment especially in Afghanistan and Iraq - and the Iraq with Shia they would regularly declare as of "Iraqi Shia are incapable of governing themselves."

Well, it was basically before the Clintons got elected that America turned around and decided they didn’t need to become more Japanese or German and with a racing to a materialism and perfection, engineered by them.

That was worth fighting for - but this leftist American "socialism" against even the trends in Europe? 

The Asian Bird Flu was just coincidental to Japan not having its planned "recovery" work quite the way they had expected/planned, right? 

We have to get back to days before Clintons were elected but with a new and wiser understanding and guarding of our ways and rights, right?  These Democrat economics have shown us they still don’t seem to understand the successes, real, for America of their "8" whence — it may be actually dangerous how little they realize about how little was of their own "leadership" or "deciding."



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How secure can we be when the spouse is the sole "officer" responsible for duty and charge of proper labeling for actions and as per "terrorism" and "material support" risks?

This is obviously above the pay grade of a normal representative, unless maybe of over-sight committee responsibilities over our State Department – this is of an on going ‘rediculousness’ of the Obama administration having the spouse of head of Clinton Global Initiatives the "responsible" one, solely, to keep associations of former President Bill Clinton and his "commitments" from being "officially" labeled as "material support of terrorists."

Yes, this has to be about what is "physical" and what is "consentual" but so well above the pay grade of a common representative unless he/she is actually charged with activities concerned with ethics of State and as well general over-sight of security issues.

This isn’t a seven wives and seven houses story - but is much about "knowing" and "consentual" and/or "physical."  But as this is about the specifics and a complicity and fog still about the Clintons and their "two-fer" this is seeming not about a common representative’s security clearance nor innocence.

Sure, a common representative may be to a "papers" anniversary instead of a the expected "paper anniversary" — and with "official" complications.  However, and now as news of Secretary General announcing interest in securing another term at world body, what about the insecure and rediculous in the preposturous actuality that is of our Secretary of State the sole offical in our vast system of checks and balances that is our charged "officer" to all over-sight of all contributions and off the record "commitments" of "Bill’s" CGI and other foundation and NGO activities, much operating as if a shadow department of state?

How is President Clinton now supporting "terrorists" and with "material support" as the "champion" of progress and even insurections around the world?  How are we to not daily be checking and probing both Clintons to see which one may be covering for the other or being covered by the other and outside of our general Constitutional systems and legislated checks and balances?

The sheer volume of dollars and quieted "commitments" to review must be near a full time duty for such a past President who hasn’t stopped meddling in state affairs since leaving office?  Sure he has hosted events and called them "non-partisan" and not "political" and with "I am no longer in politics" (like nearly or exactly) and then wrapped up such events often with slinging of political hits and with partisan rancor and bite.  This is still the "Bill" of our politics old and new and quite recently even of days after President Obama asked for a new "civility" of breaking out anew with political and global partisanship (from Davos???) counter some to such with meddling in our state(s)constitutions and governance with "it is their (Republicans) job to try to defeat us (the Democrats).

So we proceed, not nearly cautiously enough.  So we proceed with President Obama’s cursory "review" of all Clinton finances and political contributions and all foundation and library funds, more of a seeming: ‘I didn’t find anything that I won’t hope to get away with myself someday.’

So where is "Bill" anyways?  Seems somewhere he is still about stirring up locals against their established government(s) especially if they are not of global initiatives to a global Democrat Party and his priorities that our’s and Obama’s "Hillary" is our charged "officer" to checks and balances and proper labeling, yet he spouse – seems to more than a few he is at least being encouraging of insurrections if not specifically insurgencies.

Seems their "dog" ate our Constitution(s) and our safety. How do we tolerate them, these Dems, so of treating our governors and their state’s Constitutions and constituents so dismissively and inferior much to State Leaders of countries smaller or just as large as such state(s)?

Seems safest to suggest "Bill" is still up to his old tricks and meddling in matters of state(s) as no past president in our history has yet or may ever be equal to.  He says he "isn’t in politics" and is acting "non-partisan" with one breath and then blurts out another partisan and political hit much more accurately of an "is in politics."

What of President Bill Clinton’s on going activities and persisting meddling can be said to be "consentual" and "not physical" for all parties and so surely and specifically not a red flag that our Secretary of State, his spouse, should be of a "throwing"? 

Depends what the definition of "terrorist" is, doesn’t it, still? Have we even begun to consider how much "meddling" by both Clintons, globally, during Bush administration did hinder progress possible in less partisan and polarized ways, otherwise? And, New York?

Can we be "safe" with it his spouse "Hillary" of our lines of defense and our primary "officer" responsible for "over-sight"?  Seems like something right out of Tammany Hall days of New York’s history, doesn’t it?

Seems we have a fair expectation that regular reports should be being published around all things currently of former President Bill Clinton and his on going global political meddling with columns and rows specifically identifying and confirming "physical" or "consentual" and as clear of being in illegal "material support of terror." 



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It is Sunday morning, and my eggs are out, and with these two eggs acclimating to room temperature are a pot full of buttermilk soaked chicken drumsticks, also set out for a recipe.

As a "blogger" occassional personal "notables" seem to be expected.  That said my "fried chicken" diet is working to help me lose weight - the fried chicken I have been making myself as I learn and practice my first ever fried chicken cooking attempts.  A drumstick for breakfast actually has held off much appetite usual to day’s unfolding of earlier dietary platings.  The absense of usual carbs from general servings and portions may be helping - as dieting taking priority at this seasonal transition to summer cycling at a time and economic where road cycle sales seem up near 30% nationally and at least "noticeably" locally - seems there are alot of "new" cyclists on roads about these days.

As a blogging cycling enthusiast who broke back into sport of road cycling last year with over 1,200 miles accumulated - this year feels different already with over 200 "spring" miles spun out.  Seems I cannot escape some "character" as an ambassador for such sport and decide to be supportive of increases in such interest, especially locally – may have to go slower for a while to adjust, don’t know yet - been working more on diet these past couple weeks since hearing of increased sales and demand about my sport/hobby.

You may have heard already that I picked up an old soaked EVERLAST punching bag and started a restoration of such that may be at least a few decades old.  It wasn’t just that it fell into old category of "good duct tape project" - but that as a youth a friend got a new bag like it and I then wanted to take it apart and see how they made it, and as a "sand bag" that didn’t feel like punching sand.  Well the stuffing is out and treated with Lysol and nearly fully dry - the four sand bags sit waiting to return to guts of bag and now that bag has new zipper and repairs and first applications of duct tape reinforcing.

Well it is Sunday and my baking ingredients are almost ready for a new batch of original "J Peter Hogan Recipe" for banana chocolate chocolate chip walnut oatmeal cookies, and maybe half of Sunday Political News Shows have been watched, already.  The chicken frying will be after the baking and both as new recipes.  Yes my punching bag is likely to have at least as much character as my new recipes and even the bird house I decided to start making out of a extra piece of old wood in lew of moving it about storage one more time.

Oh, but our poor nation - what a mess the Dems have been making as so still also about their "jobs economics" where they persist in efforts to create more "green jobs" in ways that still are expected to cost two regular jobs for each "new" "green" job they do create.

Oh, but our poor nation - what a mess the Clintons have been making, each, separately, yet also together, though the "together" about so much is seemingly being kept below whispers by press.

It is Sunday morning still, and now it is my turn to turn out "news" and "political spin" for the issues of this week and these times.

Now that I have established that I do cook and do stay at home and bake cookies somedays - time to broach the global politics more specific to the Clintons then and now and especially about Egypt and new prosecutions of their good friend Hosni Mubarak:  The Egyptians, some at least, must be discussing how Clintons were more "accomplices" of Mubarak than Bush/Cheney administration at least in so far of theirs so of little "standing with" to a "standing down" as regular people across parts of region stood up for new freedoms for themselves.

The Clintons could be accused of "cookie cutter" global politics where they could serve up a new promise of another "CAMP DAVID" grandeur, still.  They can be seen as plain dealers of near trite politics meant to reinforce their close friends in such questionable practices as so now about "prosecutions" of Hosni Mubarak.  They can be seen still as each, separately and together, of nearly letting Saddam Hussein stay in power and with US (Clinton) embrace to years of worse than of such Mubarak may ever be accused.

But the worse tales for America so much still about FRIENDS OF BILL and as such continues and continues to be mixed and needed/punched into our current governance the story, our story, is going much to the effects their efforts to stay on top is ruining First Lady Michelle Obama’s story and legacy.

So now that I did establish that I do cook and have stayed at home and baked cookies at least for myself and friends and family — Is it really fair or appropriate that our first Black First Lady had a former white First Lady put into a superior role over her regarding near all matters of state and grand state dinners, as Clintons’ power logic seems to suggest?   Is it fair that our first Black First Lady has had a former white First Lady heralded as necessary for her own turn as our First Lady and such that she was left, herself, to basically "stay home and bake cookies" and also tend to the gardens and the harvesting even for state dinners that "Hillary" would reign over, with an implied superiority, and "experience" necessary for Obama’s to have any chance as "executives"?

How are FRIENDS OF BILL now still so relevent and "necessary" to this administration?   Was it our first Black First Lady Michelle Obama that suggested a knowing and need for her husband to have the Clintons still largely around as masters of all things of Democrats?  Did she accept such a diminished and submissive roll for herself because she knew her husband would be dangerously in over his head - or was a deal struck more of Clintons’ initiative to suggest our first Black First Lady should be seen to be staying home and baking and tending to the gardens regardless of what was dished out?  How are FRIENDS OF BILL still so much a part of President Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency and attempt at his own legacy and as a separate legacy for his wife so clouded and obscured by white former First Lady Hillary of purported "First Black President Clinton" having been "necessary" and as "superior" to our first black First Lady Michelle Obama in all matters of state? 

Can we say, really, or honestly, that "Michelle" has been able to step out from shadow of Clintons?  Can we say that such was a condition Obamas both saw as necessary out of fear that they thought they were necessarily in too deep and over their heads?

If it is not an overbearing FRIENDS OF BILL and a party divided then it must be personal and specific to President Barack Hussein Obama, and maybe a lack of confidence in his wife, our first black First Lady.  Surely there are many on-going sociological and gossipy/Oprah like discussions and studies in the works to explain this yet unexplained or much discussed dynamic of the Obama administration and personal legacy about marriage and family values, right?

At least President Barack Hussein Obama, though not likely to be willing to extradite Clintons to Egypt for trials regarding their being regular and strong personal friends and accomplices of Hosni Mubarak, and without a balancing as Bush/Cheney team did with "standing with" and to "equal rights being spread more equally" is at least able at this point and at his economy and say nearly, at least to himself, that the Clintons would have brought in so many of the same people and experts that he did as they were and are their old experts.

Unless the Obamas so no chance for themselves to be sufficient to their duties "elected to" I see no way to explain how our first black President would ever suggest a former white First Lady was needed or appropriate to such a roll and officialdom superior to his spouse, our first black First Lady, in all matters of state.

These are times of disasters from the recipes and governance of the Clintons and such that Obama and Bush administrations less specifically at risk of accusations to "accomplices" of likes at least of Hosni Mubarak - again, where is Bill - where are the FRIENDS OF BILL?

Is it too late for our first black First Lady to get out from under shadow of "Hillary" and build an independent and free legacy of "accomplishment" for herself?   And now that I can report I have lost near four pounds by plating more proteins and far less carbohydrates than she has "suggested"/"dictated."  I am looking forward to increased demand and hopefully enthusiasm for my renewed hobby and sport of bicycling and specifically the road cycling part of such. 

I am actually adapting fried chicken recipe from parts of such seen in a Bobby Flay episode but without checking website to see what actual ingredients by the challenged chef were or what her proportions were.   My cookie recipe is completely original with dry ingredients amounts decided upon based on developed recipe starting with two bananas of ripeness and size a portion always a variable. 

Again, I am still puzzled by "Hillary" as promoted by Obamas, and so still with a toleration of FRIENDS OF BILL shadowing.



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The stadium was full - all the seats seemingly available were packed - the "Messiah" was due momentarily.

Young "Barry" from Illinois was set to trapse before his Greek Columns as a "miracle boy" - as "Barry" the young oddly named most junior Senator from Illinois - Senator Barack Hussein Obama — he was the underdog even though much "THE MESSIAH" for being up against the maybe most vast and complicated Democrat political machinery yet witnessed in America.

With the "MESSIAH" due and the stage set to be an earlier glory days architecture seemingly quite Greek much of the world was taken up, and some quite "tingling", about this epic battle of young "Barry" the "MESSIAH" candidate maybe even "David" up against the "INEVITABLE HILLARY" of the quite giant goliath of the still lingering CLINTON POLITICAL MACHINERY much still set on original foundations of FRIENDS OF BILL.

The stadium was packed and the world was watching - seemed just a question of how "squashed" young "MESSIAH" "Barry" would become - so in this epic battle of left versus left so much of both quite wanting, of wanting fame and power quite upon similar old ghosts of their party past.

If the columns were meant to herald us to Greek example about all this so historical we may be less, this summer, to long and regular hashings and discussions limited to such as a Democrat BATTLE OF THE SEXES - and so set early in sex and relationships to NEW DEALERS past with one wanting of Franklin Delano’s spirit and the other much more just Anna Eleanor’s.  Yet maybe with both of wantings to also encompass Theodore’s "Teddy’s" at least for early Democrat Party days or later "progressive" days.  Hard to really say.


Jump to the earlier past with now well known and not as transparently as expected reigning so to the acceptance of such BATTLE OF THE DEMOCRAT SEXES having been a story of "Barry" as "David" so of not "slaying" of the goliath nor of a mercy political beat down and banishing of such a vast and historical CLINTON POLITICAL MACHINE so of old "HILLARY THE INEVITABLE."

No, this "MESSIAH" victor didn’t banish nor did he finish his squashing.  President elect Barack H. Obama much of such trying to occupy the same historic space and in very similar ways but for the sexist angles being channeled quite differently - proceeded quite dramatically, yes, but quite with a proposition that "Hillary" could get to be her "Eleanor" and he could get to be his "FDR."

The columns and the architecture of President Elect Barack Hussein Obama may have been still too much of a heralding of other countries and even Greek columns still, but so likely may most "messaging" of an otherwise elected President Hillary Rodham Clinton.   Surely "Arkansas" sas was out with Clintons and anything "Empire" was to be in.   "Chicago" may have been in for both but it was and may still be at least financially near enough Greece.   Clintons had surely put a strong emphasis on "Empire" state but not so that Hillary could escape her Chicago area roots.  The "Natural State" had to be thrown far from both their buses and with them basically both so to "empire" and "imperial" with hostility to "natural" or "Natural State" being anywhere near their "top" so of their similar racing and prioritizing.


Among their "spirit world" differences there also is a sexism though basically aired about a near identical sense of governance but for whether it to have been better done by a white woman or a black (half black) man.   Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton may have bargained with Democrat Party Presidential Nominee Barack Hussein Obama such that she could still basically give "Bill" that new and extra-Constitutional crowning as either AMBASSADOR TO THE WORLD or later construct aired by Chris Matthews, mostly, as PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD BILL CLINTON - she may have bargained with joint powers of Clintons with the still kicking and vastest CLINTON POLITICAL MACHINE so that most young and junior PRESIDENT "BARRY" could let the Clintons basically have the world, as they wanted, and become content and still maybe still "over his head" with mostly just a "domestic" NEW DEAL spiriting of the Franklin Delano reghosting and haunting.  Something must have gone down - something had to have been agreed to since all three much involved all still wanted the "real" power.


Jump to the past — to  when First Lady Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton was still the primary enabler of her husband - was still just the professional woman "could have been" if not for having put her husband’s ambitions and political aspirations above her own, if she really had any all those years.  Really but for her "duty" as wife what were her qualifications such that she could be said to be more qualified for higher office herself than even a most junior and unknown and very inexperienced first term Senator?  We can leave out any questionable use of Arkansas State Police helicopters for the mean time, right?  Not relevant to such developments and discussions apt now about commonities between "Barry" and "Hillary" so of ambitions to office holding as seeming historical with one wanting to be the Mr. Roosevelt and the other the Mrs. Roosevelt.  Yes, it is historical that "Barry" of such was basically an unkown, outside of Harvard Law Alumni during such era of the Clinton 8.


And now to the current Democrat mess, and with morning posting showing that the recent research work from the offices of Greenberg and Carville have their results showing that all Democrats would do best not to run on their own past or their party’s past.  Seems we have a Democrat economics of their making and such as it would still have been if "Eleanor’s" wanter had become the Democrat Party Presidential Nominee and then as well to a sufficiency adequate with such known baggage and reputation among their "friends" as of "Clintons are big liars" and so to now an otherwise elected President Hillary Rodham Clinton or President Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton.

And now how can we be this summer without all things discussed "economically" or "politically" not be now of once "Nominee" Obama not having fully set asunder the Clinton union in "two-fer" admittance to "as one" and "BOGO" - "buy one get one" with a complete and effective "squashing" politically speaking?   If young "Barry" thought he needed them then and had to try to find a way to share the same basic space with them then about - how wrong must he be thinking he was then, now?  Now he can’t even run on his having cleaned up his own party - he can’t even be now the one who saved us from the Clintons.


Transparency has been promised - we should/could maybe expect some results now shortly - we may soon know conclusively more "insider" stuff of this epic and historic and still on going DEMOCRAT BATTLE OF THE SEXES.  Maybe at least by the end of June or July - by Labor Day at the latest?   They both were together on "THE THREE LEGS" of modern Democrat power yet the whole column thing so Greek or maybe just old and ancient Roman may be more something of once more young "Obama" and his specific inexperience.  Still not sure where the real "feminism" is in "Hillary’s" story especially now so still with "Bill" seeming running a private and shadow "State Department" of his own initiatives and bureaucratics. 

Seems we have a fallen "THREE HEADED DEMOCRAT MONSTER" maybe just of new Democrats just not as well made or good as the "old" Democrats - Maybe by end of this June are regular "political" discussions will have reached conclusions specific now to a relevance of the historic "non-squashing" of VAST CLINTON POLITICAL MACHINE/GOLIATH back when candidate Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was more an earlier June bug ready to be politically set asunder — these have been years of "Hillary" giving it her all, right?


The days of President Barack Hussein Obama able to become famous for cleaning up his own party have passed - what might you be saying this summer - and how so about these Democrats?   Surely it is logical and necessary now to maybe even open up with: "Hillary would have been much worse — a President Hillary Rodham Clinton would have been a greater disaster."  

Is it too late to at least save Anna Eleanor Roosevelt and her reputation?  Surely "Hillary" will be looking for someone to blame somewhere, again - and well who is left but herself and Eleanor now?  What new voices and energy might President "Barry" have been able to channel from the still living if he hadn’t innocently passed the old opportunities to set the Clintons’ union as one not one but a "two-fer" BOGO asunder as one too long already in Power?


Is it too late for President Obama to shift to attempts to try some high percentage shots - as he still has failed to effect the ready and available "squash of the Clintons" play that may now be his only real next step alternative - where are all the old "FRIENDS OF BILL" anyways?  Is it that he was a false idol not deserving of such worship simply so or has it more been because he was too generous and charitable with both Clintons, but especially Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton?  If "Hillary" goes doesn’t the essentially shadow "state department" of the Clinton Global Initiative also have to go? 

If this is what we get with Clintons their own wingmen, like, and well WEINER ROASTS now set to be summer long about that third leg of Obama’s global domination strategy and a bad joke as like a continuation of "Bill’s" power projection - Really where are all the old FRIENDS OF BILL - WHERE ARE HIS OLD PALS THAT LIKE TO BAT "CLEAN UP"?  Is Strauss-Kahn, not just a FRIEND OF BILL but a "old and close personal friend" and of the CGI too?