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We now live with an extremism of radical environmentalist government priorities.   And, yet, a:  "HOW FAR FROM AN ADEQUATE PATH WERE WE ACTUALLY?" is still a generally unasked question about our general Welfare legend.  Was slow and steady working well enough?  Was regular supporting and funding for research at our institutions of higher learning actually on an acceptable and sufficient pace?

I am sure you all covered this actual survival story of our United States this past weekend with your short and long talk — I am sure you remembered all those that fell defending us from past facism and socialism spreading attempts.  I am not sure yet that you knew or remembered that other ways were available to address the GLOBAL WARMING ALARMS.

@MikeBloomberg tweeted this morning statistics informing his "followers" and the curious with access that 70% of polution with greenhouse gases reportedly come from urban areas.

Before President Barack Hussein Obama, maybe still of "greatest hardship in life" being that night he slept in a NYC alley with his luggage/possessions because he had made inadequate plans around his arrival and first night in his new city — before our current President condemned our previous pace as per the environment and green technologies — we were of inventive entreprenuers with TV documentaries about how they had succeeded in inventing a "greenhouse gas" capturing "filter" device light enough to fit even on most city rooftops or more "greenhouse" drafty areas near congestion points – we also were of documentaries about how in just a few years residential roofing shingles would be available as a wired yet mostly invisible solar energy collector using entire roofs at least on sunny sides, and at expected reasonable costs.

We did not need to go with Al Gore’s solutions even if his science yet checks out – we could have added new industries and government prioritizing without chasing the solution Spain had used that was known to have cost two jobs for each new politically correct "green" job.

Now what?  Now what since President Obama and his "Demo Destructos" have proven that their politics and policies are less "socialist" that past carbon based industrialness of Republicans that was knowingly of sustaining extra jobs and extra employment, and globally?

So to future Memorial Days.   May America still honor its legacy and years of sacrifice to protect people from facism and socialism, for many decades.   And, well, now:  What they heck is happening, really, with the purported Cuomo "miracle" for New York State — how can a special election be conclusive of anything yet since New York State likely doesn’t yet have GLOBAL WARMING fully solved and nor does it seem to yet have a set alternative to OBAMACARE as it likely will soon need?   Shouldn’t it also be explaining "CUOMO MIRACLE" as with a way to provide Medicare alternative within state just as part of our national expectations that local alternatives should necessarily be "on our tables"?

Our Republic still stands but not without the greatest threats yet to it being the most recent threats?

Demo Destructos, though I may have said, back in 90s, when of biggest thinking for change possibilities that such a green politic could work - I am still believing about such old thinking that though it "could work" I wasn’t endorsing it or suggesting that it should work or be best.   And, well, with that said, now we are at an interesting political crossroads where to "create jobs" the Republicans may have to argue they are more "socialist" and to a hybrid modern solution, different, but maybe too much as well of with attempts to "stimulate" our economy of our United States of America from Washington. 

Are we now at a place in our Republic’s history where only our Governors can offer "AMERICAN" solutions to our economics?   Our Washington based Demos have taken apart so much once of "invisible hands" capitalism and economics that Republicans at such level can only also seem to be "socialists" to fix such?



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This Memorial Day it is fair to finally suggest that President Obama could defeat President Bill Clinton.

Please watch out — if you consume too many beans tomorrow you may risk further confusion when reading of these times as near as great a "skid row" for our times as that of Dem’s hero FDR’s early days.  It is getting hard not to see that we are in such specifically due to short comings of popular top Democrats. 

This Memorial Day it is though getting trickier to "tag" the right popular Democrat with adequately categorized and label "tag" as they are moving their "guilt" around either like a greased watermelon or a hot potato.   We have to save religious confusion getting maxed out to just President Obama - the president born a Muslim now an adult Christian by choice, with pride and even arrogance - the president of such "personal statement of religion" that is wading in issues about religion where either "STRONGMAN OBAMA" or "OBAMA IS MUHAMMAD COME BACK AS CHRISTIAN AMERICAN POLITICIAN - SO PERFECTLY SUITED TO SETTLE THE JEWISH ISSUES."

As for Presidents most of "unnecessary wars" now most at fault for our current gross entanglements:  President Clinton with his "PEACE DIVIDENDS" as "justified" by "intelligence" then does take the cake — It is impossible to discuss our current gross entanglements without having to nearly laugh at President Clinton for his "conclusions" for those eight years about "PEACE DIVIDENDS" being wise or justified.  There is little or nothing to suggest "Bill" or "Hillary" have any "speciality" or "appropriateness" to Middle East "dawns" or "awakenings" or specifically to a settlement of the Jewish issues - what was "unnecessary" to them then is "baggage" about them both today.

The near most intelligent proposition for 2012 discussions as per free electoral choice may be to posit that Clintons were a grand "two-fer" of a gross negligence as per our foreign policy and homeland securing near all of their eight years - that they missed near every opportunity for timely moderation and diplomatic alternatives about necessary wars of today - their old unnecessary wars.

The Clintons may have missed every chance for a "stitch in time" to have saved lives - they must have let so many screams and cries go unheard and unheeded.  But "unheard" seems too great a stretch — "unheeded" seems our only reasonable conclusion — They must have decided they could call a "warring" by another reality and to so many devasting cuts in our defense and intelligence spending that later had to be refersed due to great loss - and to spending for seeming greater losses in "necessary wars" that if Clintons had more realistically labeled could have been operations less trying and of greater cooperation and trust of those of such regions.   How much harm did the "avoidance" and "inaction" now so historical of the Clintons’ 8 do across all the many levels it flooded with their popular politics to a PEACE DIVIDENDS in times suggesting of "necessary" not "unnecessary" operations hopefully not to full warring?

As bad and unprepared as young President Obama is looking this Memorial Day Weekend each earned drop in his popularity is reasonably to guilt and due loss of popularity twice as bad for both Clintons - it is the Clintons still as a "two-fer" in all such complexity and convenient "is that isn’t" dichotomy, that likely would have confused Descarte, that is so hypocritical about itself/themselves/their stories an greatly to any and maybe all of President Obama’s acceptability as of a competence.

President Obama is still playing out the cards of our flawed 9/11 Commission Report.  President Obama may have formed most of his troubling opinions before such became so flawed an effort as officially limited to looking at 9/11 and all its likely complexity of a very historical and complex region with such Commissions mandate quite arrogant and ignorant for being specifically to "just looking back ten years."  I may not have been "ignorance" but clever politicing by Democrats at great risk of intelligence about founding of Al Qaeda as from and after Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait to a broad suggestion of a gross negligence for all of Clintons’ 8 years —  Limiting our "official" findings to a limited review of just ten years fixed it such that "birth" of Al Qaeda could be brushed off.

Well now we have President Obama becoming more like President Bush and as about an "acceptable" and "necessary" for so much long labeled by Clintons and Obama as "unnecessary."  Seems the Clintons are the ones being defeated these days and twice as much about each "defeat" and slide for President Obama.  Certainly we are now to a day where President Obama would be able to defeat President Bill Clinton if he weren’t term limited.

Some greater influencers about the story of Clintons’ slide is how they cooked up Warren Christopher and Madeleine Albright and well named officials for any "diplomacy" about the Middle East.   How it is/was "diplomatic" to have put in faces of Middle East one named like "warring Christ of fors" or later a like "Madams all bright" as at all "soft shoe" detente avoidance - is still lost to me.   That President Obama is another Democrat President to an arrogance of "right for their times" for such complex and historic conflicts is likely more fraught and confused with he being of a story so as born a Muslim and now an adult, proud with his decisions to follow Christ as a Christian.

This Memorial Day it is now necessary to discuss our SEPARATIONS OF CHURCH AND STATE and to a seeming "necessary" explanation by Clintons of how "warring" wasn’t "NECESSARY" in their 8 and to a now late manifesto by President Obama necessary about his personal religious beliefs and understandings and to a full beginning to end point by point erudition to all holy books and their telling.   It is seeming a violation of our "separations" if we leave President Obama’s personal beliefs out of such regional and religious discussions/warring – so after so having beaten the path as a Messiah candidate and then to his early years with attempts to daily evangelizing with near one hour broadcasts from our officialdom of our office of the President.

So these were near all "unnecessary wars" for the Clintons in their 8 - and now?

So these are trying times and our President has made the "religious" "personal."

So these are our times still as Americans now celebrating a weekend solemnly for all those lost over years especially fighting the global spread of facism and socialism.

This Memorial Day Weekend it is more than fair to suggest that President Obama could finally defeat President Bill Clinton if he weren’t limited from such - but that is hardly good news - we are now of a times that have an absurd number of hypocracies and clear contradictions seemingly "acceptable" to Democrats though very difficult to reason out or through intelligently.

Seems the "intelligence" of Democrats have been undermined by the "intelligence" of the Democrats and no more greatly than with above operational concerns but maybe by ‘don’t spend Clintons" to "do spend Obama/Clintons" devolutions.

This Memorial Day Weekend we are holding as well at a >>> President Obama is either the needed "STRONGMAN OBAMA" or "OBAMA AS MUHAMMAD RETURNED AS A CHRISTIAN AMERICAN POLITICIAN."   Yet, still with contradictions and contra-indicativeness specifically much still about both Clintons, and more ill suited for these times/issues - for any times maybe, even.

I seem to be failing to find any real "diplomacy" currently, you?  Does anyone even know what such would look like or sound like after all this?   Seems the Democrats have turned out partisan economy as well and too equally poor and confused ends.

They certainly are providing enough questions - maybe we can finally start getting some intelligent answers.  We should not now nor should we have earlier been content with findings "official" regarding a supposed full and detailed analysis of 9/11 with a limited mandate to an ignorant or arrogant "we will just look back ten years."  

Again, if we had at least looked back eleven or twelve years we would have had to publicly discuss how all eight years of Clinton "two-fer’s" 8 may have been of a grand and great gross negligence.  Don’t know how we then or ever could have been content with an "official" "just look back ten years" for anything having to do with such vast region as the Middle East.

They sure did party like such were all "unnecessary wars" and amidst what must have been a blatant unheeding of cries and screams.   Now that President Obama is so to a becoming more to a likeness of President Bush - we are left to necessarily look to another as more responsible for troubling inheritances, right?  And, now to seeing "is" as "not is" actually near a virus about all things "Clintons."

Please do remember to consider the beans even if "Job Killer Presidents" really the toast of day - helps to remember we shouldn’t dismiss the most obvious or simplest possibilities.



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It may have much ado about a socialism set - but let’s leave that alone for a little bit.

I heard that another in media attempted a similar column - but I don’t know how that went - I have yet to read it.

I will try to be generous and even kind even though I am remembering a 2004 DNC Convention Keynote Address I turned on even though feeling unusually and unexpectedly tired and to a quick and angry WTF!!! they (the Dem POWERS that be?) were trying to put a black face on my personal and still unpublished works of origins back from before Clintons got elected in 1992.  I will here overlook such a sudden visceral annoyance a seeming clear violation of my ownership for I do not know if young Obama was of "knowledge" about the origins of such or just of a guilt of being in receipt of stolen lines and maybe with instructions from above to make them his own and to "own them" with his "black" steppin’ out.  I don’t know, and only some day may spend time investigating such that triggered such an unexpected visceral and sudden response apon viewing/hearing by me.

Obviously his failure to start cleaning up his own party within his first year and specifically of cleaning out of some of the whites with baggage this here is likely to not at all be about race — I have no retraction of earlier statements about no respect of his "political skills" as possible if within first year he hadn’t pushed Clintons’ both clearing to side lines and ditches of current decidings.  I had already spent to many hours and days trying to save Clintons and Dems from their own governing tendencies and such to economics like we now have.

So how has President Barack Hussein Obama earned the mantle of "Job-killing President"?


To keep it simple:  Some ingredients for a recipe to job-killing economics:

*  Tell all Americans the world is about to end due to global warming - done

*  Tell all Americans that even if end of world isn’t immediately near that they are homicidally acting with each gallon of gasoline they buy with direct relating to fate of polar bears - done

*  Tell all Americans that they are buying too much gasoline and that all oil companies are evil and shouldn’t be supported anyways - done

*  Tell all Americans that they are not saving enough and are definitely spending more than they have or should - done

*  Tell all Americans that work uses too much energy and energy is at least killing polar bears - add that work also tends to drive them to spend more on energy and energy rich consumption in their non working hours - done

*   Tell all Americans that they are eating too much and such dollars that can be saved from eating less shouldn’t be spent on activities with more energy consumption if carbon based energy involved - done

*   Tell all Americans as well that though they are being told to eat less and use less energy and save more that though the world is still about to end as we know it due to global warming that your talk of job creation amidst such as above isn’t a rediculous proposition and that they should trust your heightened concern and not take extreme measures on their own - done

*   Tell them that you did mean to have them consider that their childrens teachers would try to answer your call and teach to finding as many ways to save the world and as suddenly as possible and regardless of extremeness and am glad they are now driving less and buying less - done

*   Hmmm, now what?

And so now that President Obama is soon to finally visit tornado stricken areas that seem to have still a reported 1,500 souls still "missing" - Best wishes for your Memorial Day Weekend - I do hope he doesn’t feel the need to repeat any of the above while talking about job creation - and especially if he isn’t able to declare that he/we have already save the planet sufficiently from old GLOBAL WARMING threat.

Best wishes,  wasn’t looking for an invitation anyways.  2004 gall of younger Obama has become a fresh memory again, by the way.  Sort of me like all the Dem musicians who told Republicans they couldn’t use their music but of me working a telling still to Democrats.  Again, the Clintons had every chance to acquire rights to such so of my creation mostly before they entered 1992 race and so near then to days before Obama’s DREAMS OF MY FATHER if published likely had reached 1,000 copies sold.  Such of my works so viscerally assaulted with his 2004 Convention spot is so a very different style than anything I can remember reading in odd style of young "Barry."

So, yes it is because their economic policies seem stupid and very counterproductive and of conflicting and negating co-messaging.

Just seems unnecessary to pound him on his "socialism" wants/fondness/history so near our MEMORIAL DAY.

Note:  As per New York recent special election it is still unbelievable that new Governor Cuomo has really already done what has been sold with clever advertising and so performed a difficult and thought impossible miracle with whole of New York State Government bureaucracies.  Such is still to unbelievable a proposition as a fate a compli as advertised to even yet look into it — he basically said himself he would have to unlearn all his former "expertise" from Clintons’ years and find completely new and radical ways to change more like Republicans governors were doing elsewhere - but without suggesting it needed to be so "Republican" or unnatural or radical a change for him.  I am still too puzzled about such "news" in ads to have bothered checking - bet New Yorkers may be buying it already with equally little checking.

Basically, in summary:  Their messaging about cutting jobs is far stronger and more believable than their messaging and efforts to job creating - they have been using a recipe for job-killing - I cannot imagine they do not know/are not full aware.

Basically, in summary:  They still could try "socialism" and a better job creating method like Chinese had by choosing a more capitalistic distribution of cash to people as stimulus - well if they hadn’t already spent more than available funds with big government power grabbing idealism first.   

Happy Memorial Day - we are still holding at "THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT IS NEAR DUE TO GLOBAL WARMING" - sorry about the job-killing. 


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How fitting and mad, just mad, that legend of Amabo the anti-Declaration of Independence, did either stand proud, and diminutivish, with the Crown, or did stand, as a conquering neo-colonialist so with first speach for such on high as Americans support, so with his Westminster Hall appearance likely still too much of his apology and appeasment tours.

Was it all such too much for HARPO Productions to cover with Oprah Show?

How mad, just mad.  How now even a "Madness of King Amabo"?

Was it grand colonial power envy that has long known neo-colonialist Amabo seeking such a stage — was it something less sinister and socialist - a modern "hybrid" much ensconced in a mad made fog?

First we had the madness that was of the lead up to 2008 elections of the Pelosi Congress suggesting President Bush should be able to fix economy by staying true to spending side of Clintons’ SURPLUS, and Pelosi’s personal rabidness about such irrational party pride.

So now we have a generally corrupt media with the reported "most corrupt administration in American history" (like - like maybe from Rep. Issa).  There is so much they could have shared to better inform all - there is so many truths they could have broadcast to help more focus on relevant variables.

So now with such "MADNESS OF KING AMABO" it is a wonder if it isn’t really AMABO PRODUCTIONS setting us up for MESSIAH III.

NOTE:  If you are from my past and my origins in New Haven I may have a general disappointment in you as a "class"/lumped together group – Democrats weren’t supposed to get or keep credit for so much that was me trying to be bi-partisan to right-of-center and such that my story and of "Citizen Rosebud" as a specifically Hearst Publications story also maybe too much for Oprah or Harpo.  I find a disinterest just think of cycling towards New Haven these days for so many years that so many could have helped protect me from further mugging of my intellectual property by the Clintons and the even more unwelcomed collatoral crediting to my sister by you and my father of so much that was really specifically and very cleverly and covertly me.  I really have a near unshakeable disappointment in so many I have known for so long - and largely specifically because of "political" lack of skill of Clintons.  2010 was 1994 all over again at least as of the years I held back, now with my being on strike since day "Hillary for President" announcement, and let my Dad and sister’s input be straight party line and party pride in more simply partisan in Democrat limits.  Yes Capital One I am still very disappointed in your banking practices and mean to make an example of you in future blogs - Sears and Chrysler I must say you have departmental issues as it seems you of a ‘cluelessness’ about me who made you many millions over with intellectual contributions really not by or of the Clintons - and certainly not of "inspired" by the Clintons since most of what I contributed was often "damage control" needed because of the Clintons.  So my strike continues - how to reaffirm it now my current problema.  Again, I am of earlier remarks where President Obama would lose all my confidence if he failed to clean up his own party by moving out the Clintons to near an irrelevancy within his first year.  Oh, yeh, I can bike towards Bridgeport instead - you know "The Park City" - a city with which I have less historical disappointment.  I know some of this was because I got trapped in my own cleverness about spin to help my dad help my sister and her career without it being detectable as the unexceptable as "help from her brother" but that only needed a few to right back when checking the Clintons’ dementing efforts to turn more to mere like "muggles" with their "big lies" furthered or enhanced to further make simple logic seem untrue and irrational. 




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Short of calling all our Governors, each, and one at a time, before joint sessions of Congress to explain how they cannot care for their own peoples at least as well as Israel - but maybe for Rhode Island and Delaware - will we be doomed to repeat the same mistakes as of the first few years of the Obama Administration?


Among the missing in current "logistics" is a discussion that said ROMNEY CARE is the prototype for OBAMACARE when it better is a prototype for smaller "group size" efforts more of community/parish or county based second editions.

ROMNEY DEMOCRATS now being seated?

Among the most rediculous commentary and least useful for or towards real progress are additional digressions by former President Clinton.  And, he knew going in that he would be limited to eight years and of an expectation to honor traditions of quietly retiring. 

A party divided - the Democrats so divided - is/are likely to continue poor standing.

ROMNEY DEMOCRATS please look to your left - please look to your right.

Long still on with a professional insecurity that he needs to give one hour law lectures still to earn his pay check - President Obama keeps loosing political power to President Clinton, as President Clinton keeps trying to ignore a tradition of our that former Presidents are expected to quietly fade away.

ROMNEY DEMOCRATS would you be willing to accept Medicare reform even as part of a general healthcare reform and allow the experimenting needed likely over ten more years of further editions more towards looking more to county and parish to community level solutions such as so that logics about "local" can lead to "better" and "cheaper"?

All interested:  To return to a GROWTH ECONOMY we may have to do such as of an economic necessity to a now unavoidable AMERICAN RESET.  We may have no choice but to try such and settle in to a decade or more commitment around attempts to better such prototype and with a smaller is better bureaucratic much more of a strong "community" centric.   We may need such as a critical part of a JUMP STARTING of our economics as a wiring no longer "crossed" and "shorting" as of Dems’ attempts.  We most likely should try such while holding safeguards at national level specifically around Medicare as we call up each Governor before a joint session of Congress to at least explain why they cannot care as well for their people as Venezuela or Israel or even Iraq.


Time to quarter your communities better and build region and county/parish with a standing with your Governors and county/parish executives and to a future with Hollywood on board to help promote each state around their already unique and established American State Quarter themes?  Time for live local theater and historic distric revivals even if more single or double horsepower "horse drawn" transiting to be seen, smelled and heard?

All Democrats, we could have been on a better path sooner if Pelosi Congress hadn’t tried to protect CLINTON SURPLUS - We could have been to such and likely avoided the GLOBAL WARMING ALARMIST crashing around our economics with a wiser "work-out" more logical, measured and paced.  We didn’t have to copy Spanish "green" model where two would lose there job for each radical liberal "green" job scaring about such GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM that likely did for Americans send three packing to unemployed dependency for each DEMOCRAT JOB created so.

What order should our Governors be called, each, one at a time, before joint sessions of Congress to explain how they cannot do what WORLD LEADERS of smaller countries and equally varying constituent sizes have been able to do? 

DEMOCRATS:  Isn’t that really where we should go next - politically speaking?



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It is not like she is, herself, a Holocaust denier.   Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton (aka "Hillary") is more of an American denial - a Thomas Paine "COMMON SENSE" denier.

When one so of a first steps with "we won’t make human rights a priority" then still of a "governance" around the doubting of pain of the COMMON SENSE so of the "doubting Tom" of Thomas Paine - is there a way forward not a way down with a furtherance of uncommon nonsense of Clintons?

HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT — All that was needed was for President Bill Clinton to step out last week with one global media spot to turn the humbling visit by President Barack Hussein Obama to "Hillary’s" turf to relaunch a re-election effort again necessarily of "Hillary for President" to step out with grand global energies for such and as a rival story to Putin’s re-election commencement rush.   President Obama was perfectly positioned to be squashed by the Clinton’s political machine - yet they didn’t pull their trigger.  Is the "news" from last week that the Clintons have finally accepted that their jig is up?

Can the propositions of Clintons that your doubts about pain can be other and special with them from COMMON SENSE and general Reality?  Beyond a reasonable doubt and full up with common sense is the simple truth easily known by most that a re-election effort by Putin stirs a grand obsession difficult to contatin about President Clinton to be "in the fight" again and again more for his personal satisfaction than our own.

The Clintons have long been of an uncommon nonsense and as their like "secret ingredient" of float and confused valuations quite of old "you can have your cake and eat it too."   Ooops!  The "old" was of a "you can’t have your cake and eat it too."   The Clintons were of a furtherance of a nonsensical sold as reasonable of the "new" "you can have your cake and eat it too."

As real political power sense continues President Clinton had just to step out last week or this week still to stir, past our limits, a need to have "Hillary" primary President Barack Hussein Obama.  Just one simple additional pro-Clinton spot would have been enough to have effectively made President Obama look like a simple Deputy to both Clintons and humbled with a "required" by them kowtowing visit to "Hillary’s" turf.

Re-elect the lovable corrupt Clintons!  — that would be honest messaging.

With our President Barack Hussein Obama seeming near in a traveling exile this week - as awol for Joplin disaster and Joint Meeting of Congress to host Benjamin Neanyahu - the Clintons must now be accepting of their failure and arrival in "the ditch" – one small but global spot with President Clinton (a.k.a.: President of the World Bill Clinton & "Hillary’s Ambassador to the World) was needed to stir an uncommon nonsense again to an "inevitable" calling for "Hillary" to step out with "Hillary for President" as necessary in the "Democrat" to a party saving commencement to primary battling with President Barack Hussein Obama.

Political sense is less of a nonsense when considering that only two of her former Senate peers voted so as not to remove her from their midsts and ambitiousness and so from the Senate.  Only two seemed to have voted to suggest it was better for them and their own political and grand ambitions and aspirations to vote her out of the Senate - and even without "hedging" that President Obama would be best to assist with such and then after a year or so work to secure his own personal legacy by politically moving Clintons to the ash heap of history, maybe even the Dubai state of Florida for retirement in another United States of America of the man made Dubai islands.

The proposition still of a Senator Hillary Clinton about these times as a former First Lady and as the "Untouchable" Ground Zero Senator likely was an unexceptable predictable arrogance most Senators could see and vote against while seeming to vote for.   Now with a Senator Hillary Clinton as of "former First Lady" and "The Ground Zero Senator" untouchable for having used such towards a global sympathetic enough to effect a coup and revolt against our Senate long established and wise seniority system.

Have the Clintons now finally accepted that they have been more of the problems than of the solutions and that now America is of a times more demanding of a common sense and less still accepting of their propositions that they could defy normality and govern with an uncommon nonsense?

*Note:   Again this is the work of the one who nows that "Hogwarts" was created in part to protect people around the world from such "standards" of the Clintons.   Again as the muse for J.K. that can tell of her checking back with her muse when material sufficient for a fifth book was a concern and to the addition substance to add a godfather figure and work around an awareness and alarming to a general Volt concern and to mix it up with confused spelling.   Such was the days of friends and neighbors of such muse as of "work" of "construction managers" and "original architects" of the Petronas Towers and so of global awareness themselves of dangers, internationally, of varying voltage standarts.  And so that "Serious Black" was best of as from one a Union Electrician always concerned about proper and certifiable wiring so regularly about a seriousness most about black wires as the "hot" wire.  And again, as the muse who had protecting a next gen from such true character of the Clintons but without an informing of J.K. as to her efforts from her acceptance of such challenge to seven books as focused to such, or why.   The "Hogwarts" not a Saint John’s "wart" but a "Hogan’s" concerns that "wards" around world not grow up to be more like "warts" of dirt under others skin — Hog - warts as from "Hogan Wards"  or "Hogan Warts" and with "Dumbledore" from the purple double door of the orignal posse of youths then about seven years from college that the movie casting did get to quite resembling - as of the front door that the one in such posse did pass through with his magic studies book then and with his black round glasses.   There is no changing that the musing to J.K. for such books was done to inoculate children in America and around the world and even their parents and from a general uncommon nonsense of the Clintons partisan and narrower sense of governance.  To have had so much musing working of ties to those at Yale and its hospitals was of having the muse balance such with use of Griffin Hospital also in general area to "Gryffindor."  And for those less of Yale of New Haven the Yale Commons Dining Hall does quite resemble Hogwarts Hall.  There is a general "sportmanship" about the "Griffin" origins of a friend then in PR there as she and other friend from New Haven Special Olympic Organizing days was then near the chief accountant for ESPN.




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We have to get past that the Clinton "two-fer" has been admitting guilt for years now and to finally accepting it and discussing it.  Every time they changed words and beat from their original "successful" 1992 race beat they didn’t do it voluntarily - they wouldn’t have done it voluntarily.

Such was their greatest mistake, maybe - politically speaking - that is such that they didn’t acquire the rights to such artistry/spin.  Now it is a Chicago problem too.  There were national security concerns about the original work that they also crossed and undermined.  What few seem to realize is that each time they attempted a near but different string of enthusiasm as such that still had great resonance they were admitting to guilt of a misuse of such and to attempt to find something as near a possible but not exactly so.  Without mainstreet and Wall Street Americans knowing they were changing such due to protests from the original artist in such problem solving spinning so many and most we left to not even consider they were being told to avoid such and to admitting guilt with each change they made.

It is not now if they are guilty but how guilty - and now such is a Chicago problem as well as Mayor Emanuel did try to inaugurate himself in with same artistry still with protests about any usage by Democrats.   They still miss how much was critical and relevant in such - such they could have acquired rights to but didn’t.  Yes, such was about seeming national security concerns they rather dismissive of yet time as later confirmed.   They wanted a simpler world view to fit their simpler world think, it seems.

Yes it all gets "Loopy" now with grand associate Rahm Emanuel now Mayor "Rahm" of Chicago. 

His usage of such, such written originally with concerns "news" from days before Clintons’ "two-fer" entered 1992 race, and with years of adaptations called for with protests, and such adaptations otherwise unwise for a politician and still like too close to original artistry concerned — like, like, well now has him also admitting guilt with use of an adaptation too close to plagarism and so now as a recent associate of President Obama and so all things "officially" Obama - especially Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

Essentially the "LOOPY" in old "loop" now is to Mayor "Rahm" needing to be at war with President Obama as per Iraq and Saddam Hussein, at least.   Either stand now against President Obama or get to erecting statues of Saddam Hussein around Chicago as the new standard in associated loopiness — like:  ‘Come to Chicago - be in Chicago - in Chicago if Saddam should have gotten away with it so should you.’

This that their unexplained shifts from something that had been working for them to a different less "pop" revision, so many times already, and as admissions of guilt, was originally wrought to encase a prosecution of Saddam Hussein and for many war crimes and as an example of a new "global" for American jurisprudence then less to acceptions of lower standards when we didn’t have to continue with such compromised positions further.

The "Rahm Loop" now progresses for this progressive to logical inference and conclusions much about President Obama’s jurisprudence much of Saddam shouldn’t have been prosecuted.   "Rahm Loop" is loopy all the way back to early days of Clintons’ "two-fer" inadequacies as well.   Raise up statues about Chicago to Saddam Hussein or got to visible war with President Obama and his "global think"!

The Clintons have been admitting guilt for many, many years but without any really noticing for not considering the why they "changed" as the "changed" because they were told they had to. 

They admitted guilt all these years but played coyly by changing some but not all so that they would force a capital case to argue details of how much they were actually stealing and not that they were stealing - and to prohibitive costs about pursuing them for "justice" and not just settling for enough "halting" in ceasing and desisting as some "guilt" enough "guilt" especially when continued misuse continued keeping issue (case?) alive and current.   Really it is a good time to ask yourselves:  Why did Clintons keep changing from a usage of old spin that still had such resonance and artistry about it - why did they have to cease and desist from such specific reusage has they kept/keep a wanting of - how much guilt have they already been long admitting to?

Why would Mayor "Rahm" even risk a further usage himself - why did he - and why did he stumble through such parts of his speech so related still - but because of a "guilty conscience"?

Raise statues across Chicago or go to war with President Obama?  If Clintons and Obama want Americans to like them for nearly letting Saddam go scott free then "Rahm’s Loop" means now that such is the new standard for jurisprudence/freedom for all in Chicago?

Please return, and return.  Will get to more "economics" soon and with query maybe currently answered as to whether what goes in Chicago as per housing economy and economic fairness is still of a President having a jailed neighbor/friend still in a deal fixed so that such would pay most of property taxes for his what appears to be his own side yard.  And, maybe finally discussed enough about how land deal between Rezkos and Obamas was to being an annual tax gift, intentionally.   Rezkos did lose near half the value of their "lot" by selling just a sixth of it to Obamas, right?

Until Mayor "Rahm" instructs otherwise it is a fair and simple progressive thought progressing progressively as a naturally progresses from… that until and unless he wars with President Obama and Clintons over Saddam Hussein then they are in a loop in jurisprudence suggestive that if Saddam Hussein was to be able to "get away with it" then all in Chicago should also be able to also.



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It has been said that the definition of "idiot" is of one near to doing the same thing over and again expecting a different sum.

Are we now left to ask: "Which bottomed first - our free press or our republic?"

How is your crisis of valuation going - just peachy? And you are too polite to answer a small-talk question with full emotion and situational nervousness?

Our CRISES OF VALUATION are related and inter-related, maybe even intra-related — take Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s inaugural speechifying yesterday and parts still too near plagarism of others net organizing from back before Clintons were even in the 1992 Presidential math and sums - intra and inter related, yes, and yet as much a perversion of original intent from such a past net organizing original to hard worked focus for New Haven, Ct.

It gets complicated here and multi-party, but for now let’s place origins back to days when President George H. W. Bush was near or over 87% popularity and seeming of thoughts of maybe concerned about being re-elected with emotions, personal, against even running, maybe. He was then about concern and ambitions to comparing relativity about ponderances near "I wonder if I too can take the heat as did Lincoln."

Yes, maybe our media did bottom first - there is so much they could have and should have shared now factors and variables about our making near the same mistakes over and over.

Did you yet hear the one about how after applying for a "writer" position with Charles Koch Foundation in DC Mr. Koch seemingly got to worrying that I might sue him for something way to similar to mine in his THE SCIENCE OF SUCCESS and of time line with origins to my net organizing and writing sent to Rep. Gephardt’s office when his son and George Stephanopoulus were there as co-heads?  That is how it intra-related to me - and only later than to memories of hoping someone not a Democrat would help advance awareness so that I could eventually right their wrong usage(s). Suing such as him about such that accidentally had us so intra-related after a rather random job posting for "writer" when his conscience already peeked, unexpectedly, would have been conterproductive to my efforts to right wrong usage by Democrats - when appropriate and in the interests of justice a settlement between gentleman remained a reasonable alternative - as his usage was still corrective as of old hopes when concerned ideas of my net organizing whence needed some anonymity, though maybe not that much.

Yes, there was always much concern about the Clintons as "messengers" about such - and as inappropriate and inadequate personalities.  Back up plans seemed a wise precaution. I hadn’t read Charles Koch’s book by then but found it after odd thoughts from him that I might want to sue him. Such seemed part of concern that ideas had to be somewhat protected with a separation from its/their artist - a footnote could be added at some future date, like.

Most Democratic usage of such is still inadequate and inappropriate and still unauthorized – Senator Obama likely wouldn’t have stood a chance against Clintons’ vast left wing political machine if I hadn’t been protesting their continued usage too near plagarism of much of rhyme and reason of such current discussion of net worth and free press.  And, Howard Dean as well might have continued his own misuse then officially thwarted when he was so inappropriate with such to stealing such to lecture students to not steal.

It is complicated.  President Bush if then re-elected may not have been able to hold his "moderate" governance enough to prevent a vast right wing assault on America’s values, Christian - as such of right seeming then wanting to give all credit for ending Cold War to right wing Christian values and politics. The more moderate and correct view was more mixed and about success in America with a general politic of a melting pot.

It is complicated.  And, because so much of this was net organized to work in changes for IBM and to room for IBM to fix itself without Government mandates the Ross Perot candidacy muddled up our politics, some, and in some part because he was defensive and peaked about changes then at IBM seeming to much an affirmation of his old IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES tortured past.

It is like the Democrats are still stealing art/music from its artist - and with a usage too near plagarism still and especially inappropriate in yet another usage/heralding in a Mayor’s speech in Chicago by Rahm Emanuel. 

So not of "free" press or "immitation as highest form of flattery" as such by such is still more a perversion to theft still calling its artist too much without compensation or recognition.  Not quite Saddam Hussein’s perversion of Ba’athist Party conception to a united Arab Socialist State as Alan Hart documented with his ARAFAT - TERRORIST OR PEACEMAKER work/book and as Saddam did pervert "socialism" ideology of such party’s conception to grab real power for his selfish ends and after his rising to such as an "assassin" for the party. Really not even close but mentioning such does help understand usage of "perversion" and to a separate understanding from Clintons’ perversions otherwise in news of his personal shortcomings.

Yes 1992 contest for President is maybe our most historically difficult, at least since Lincoln, and maybe more so.

Top Democrats were running away from running and near to an unconstitutional proclamation against a citizen election as with Senator Al Gore suggestive to Dems following his "Bush deserves a second term" and so near "I lead you to/with near ’give him no real opposition’."

Right wing Christians were too over-enthused and to risking an end to continuation of Bush’s moderation of American politics with their dangerous overly vain and prideful attempts to claim end of Cold War as an American Right Wing Christian Success Story, uniquely.

And as I was posting with "status" update on facebook.com/jpeterhogan the other day such were days I was being pro-active and superior to thinking of my dad and my sister much more a part of Democrats machinery than myself, myself still working and positioning to be the best caboose to Reagan Revolution I could imagine and effect, as as well of Rehnquist Revolution, as then intra-related.  It was my sister’s copies of Democrat magazines and drafts of future speaches for Senator Dodd that had me exposed to inside thinking that I was able to see problems much about, as for those times.  My dad was much involved and passionate about development in New Haven and positive change yet with many concerns about traditional obstacles likely still about for such.  I had to close my Home Improvement Contracting business to dedicate myself then to thinking and net organizing for such rhyme and reason of artistry still being used improperly and inappropriately not near at all flattery from imitation.

It is complicated.  How can I asked any media house about "free press" for work or even any other business if when discussion would get to query on worth and salary per such resuming with such resume a valuation of net worth relates to a query about how much is such to be worth with so many at top levels trying to use it without pay and proper recognition and to such massive not free pressing sums for their own worth?

Yes the press has been free all these years to point out such hasn’t been usage of "immitation as highest form of flattery" but as incomplete usage without permission still to affectations still quite idiotic of repeated breaching of artists’ rights.

At least for now, Chicago, your new Mayor has shown he has a conscience so with his stumbling through those parts of his speech so to calling me out with this new column.

Such as Democrats still attempt to "reset" national emotions to rise of Clintons before their character deficiencies started contaminations of such is quite ironically of original written purposes to have prepared America for a second term of President George H. W. Bush and maybe not, but still to a preparation to a seeming necessary and unavoidable prosecution of Saddam Hussein and to a temporary management of Baghdad at same time we were to attempts to save many of our American cities - such that Chicago seemed much to miss out on, in comparison.

Really, as per net worth, I know the answer shouldn’t be "free" press but …?  It was all at least superior to thinking of so many near and close to me and pro-active beyond their imaginations as possible, but…?  I know that many at New York Times knew enough to have shared story behind the story with many, but …?

Oh, and boy do I know that both Clintons had many opportunities to share relevant and necessary history about such to better inform American electorate and to wiser and better decidings, electoral and financial.  But …?  But …?  But …?

So much of this was in my thinking it was reasonable to think New York Times should have given me a chance with Russell Baker’s old column instead of Thomas Friedman.  He, Tom, did get to "reporting" though on so much flattening in so much of old thoughts then to a "more level global playing field" and as much of working in of concerns for IBM necessary changes that then got to seeming peaking Ross Perot’s defensive and proudful interests.



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How much is their need to be a elite nuevo high class lawyer cadre undermining our basic democratic foundations?

For the record it was then Senator Joseph Biden who got me to wondering some what he could have been meaning with his then saying, in New Haven a part of a symposium on "evolution" or "devolution" of federalism, like "federalism is devolving."  I still years now since such even in mid to late ninties am uncertain as to what his meaning could have been.

How did what seemed the right "short" answer be yet then to what seemed a conclusion as the wrong answer, I still am far from near of any certain answer.

Have the Democrats been encouraging a "devolving" but not such that would be a reversal back to its more sound origins?  Has President Obama, especially with his "education" platform of RACE TO THE TOP been greatly to such a furtherance, with intent to greater "devolutions"? 

"Evolutionary" would have been a cautionary "DON’T RACE TO THE TOP" especially as their Democrat economics were devolving our markets and economics.   Educational messaging more "evolutionary" would have been contrary to President Obama’s story and platform as cautionary with concern that slid may be from having tried to get to top too soon and with insufficient work/experience and studies.

What did cause the beginning to the end of the Roman Empire?  Did they not know which direction they were actually heading?

When President Obama started off to his inaugural from Philadelphia with near "America needs a new Declaration of Independence…" — we all were fore-warned.  

When he with his Inaugural Speech did use the first moments of his Presidency to try the rediculous that he did with his orations asserting near as "it was/is ALL President Bush’s fault" as near a call to start a full cover-up and grand cover-up near even our grandest ever with his suggestion then that such wasn’t actually at most only half the fault of the Bush administration as at least half could be explained simply by Clintons’ 8 — we were locked into a "devolutionary" new course.

As President Obama began his transition and with more cooperation and assistance by a previous administration yet in our Country’s young history he near only had to see new like Alcoa seemless gutters installed and a certificate of occupancy issued for Bush’s hard work to have set us forward to economic growth.  With his "devolutionary" and deconstructive destructiveness to his near ‘WE NEED A NEW FOUNDATION…" — he so was to a destruction of economy not quite a "devolution" though arguably "devolutionary."

His RACE TO THE TOP does seem to suggest that our Federal Department of Education has out lived its own usefulness and is doing more harm than good.   Such just seems the worse "developmental" or "evolutionary" messaging I could imagine and especially about these times or for these times.

Did he swamp his own desire to run his "personality based governance" by making so much of his efforts as defensive and protective of his rediculous assertion to that of his positing near "it was none of Clintons’ fault"?

Now we should be asking is it that he tried to defend the Clintons or that he had insufficient "personality" - but asking such and to thorough and complete discussing might be in itself "evolutionary" and about good about "federalism."



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It is nearly ice cream season here in America’s northeast area of southern Connecticut.

With recent new of killing of Osama bin Laden was local state government stories about legislative efforst against capital punishment.  I still haven’t figured my state’s Democrats - I used to categorically vote against them on any "foreign policy" advancement thought regular to supporting them for local/community and state based duties. 

Seems we are ready as a country and an overgrown nation to be now to a grand consideration of at least one new amendment to our nation’s Constitution – seems such is a 29th Amendment suggestion.  

We can use Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton’s "example" much towards a justifying and ratifying towards such — If President William Jefferson Clinton can be impeachable and disbarrable for lying under oath then we really have to consider if any one charged to be a professional liar within an administration is necessarily to a Constitutional condition to stipulate a voluntary surrendering of any law licence or bar association upon swearing into an executive office.

As suggested in earlier blogged column(s) a 29th Amendment seems now justified so that any lawyer elected to our office of the President is then to a required and voluntary surrendering of any and all law licences and bar affiliations/associations – and all cabinet officers not of Justice or Law enforcement duty.

We have a confusing complications about "impeachable" and "disbarrable" these days, and not needingly so.   Our "diplomacy" is largely about being as long dramatized specialists in "professional lying" and so no Secretary of State should be allowed to undermine our law profession by being still a licenced professional beholden to smaller standards and affiliations.

We still have, with the impeachment and disbarring of President Clinton, the fat of the story that had much consideration put into whether First Lady Hillary Clinton was also complicit both in violations of standards of our office of President and of legal ethics standards about her law profession.  We still have the story of her as a willing accomplice maybe essential and necessary about the "lying" that President Bill Clinton was so long prosecuted about.

We should only be having to consider whether any so charged in duties can be charged with "impeachment" or "treason" and such not as well about a "professional" standard of a mere legal establishment/affiliation/association/state jurisdiction.

Since the will of the People was recently remeasured and recorded with 2010 elections we have been fresh upon, again, a corruption and impeachableness of a Clinton and as also a disbarrable charging.  President Obama’s administration wasn’t called "THE MOST CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION IN OUR HISTORY" without such really being much about his embrace of both "Bill" and "Hillary" and of their known and unknown but supposed corruptions.

Clearly we should allow a lawyer to run for our office of the President - yet hopefully for a full and well rounded personality, sufficient to our nations "music" - but best now looking forward to such only with a swearing in to such, if winnable, only after a voluntary surrendering of all law licences and bar affiliations signed to so as then to be sworn to.   And, yet so that any and all licenses could be restored after office by review and finding by highest ethics commitees, essentially present. 

Seems even "progressive" to advance a new legal standard that could save us from so many discussions about "disbarrable" behavior by our charged executives.   If we are to continue thinking we are asking them to be as near above our laws as they seem to hope, then we really should make it official, right?


We should be able to leave it for our lawyers and Washington representatives to continue the discussions already ongoing as to how "corrupt" this administration is and still as to "impeachable" or "disbarrable" details especially around ethics - and ethics specifically about one now much in a job as long dramatized near specifically to "professional lying."

Yes, this goes to "transparency" but more to a better "bureaucratic separation."

I only saw the headline about my state of Connecticut being about discussions against "capital punishment" so near after OBL headlines – I have no idea yet how they argued around such "coincidence."

As per Clintons, now, what do we have to lose – they have proven that a "repeat" by them, as we have had with Obama near with Clintons’ old team, didn’t actually know how to "repeat" performance – such suggests that they still aren’t the ones responsible for much of their own "successes" and that they didn’t know it until recently themselves - since why would they have tried a "repeat".  Seems confirming of thoughts that someone other than such Democrats actually responsible for what were actually "successes" of Clintons’ 8. 

Don’t know what you can or should believe - really.  Don’t know how we can fix economy until such isn’t so true.



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There is more to this than meets the eyes. 

Spring has broken and sales of road bikes seems up nationally in the United States of America by over thirty percent, and yet the ideology of Obama Democrats is still devolving.

To look back and remember, and how?   How to consider that Al Gore global tour with concerts to promote him as a climate change guru about an era of GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM but of fronting such messaging with venues then often filled with old tires that he had people go to junk yards to find to then transport to his promotions and then transport back to dumps, and mostly for concerts held at night needing big energy bills for the lighting - all the while day time billings near natural wonders without reclaimed trash could have been his forte "green" - hmmm?

I am fresh off yesterdays second outing on my vintage 1982 Panasonic 12 speed roadbike that I customized with upgrades near purchase days, and now have finally gotten to forking out for its third bike chain and as new tires and a new seat also to "replaced."   I am so fresh off my second road bike outing this year and so also as first as a fifty mile plus ride using same New Haven area Rail to Trails paths not an option back whence.   Green is sexy - ask any economist who has matriculated with math and science about a grand respect for "limited resources" as necessary factor for intelligent business.

Green is sexy and bike sales are up especially for road bike category.  And yet Al Gore champion of "green" did front his promotion with most energy expensive billings and staging maybe possible.  And yet President Obama, failing most likely for a general Democrat problem of trying to make our Washinton a grand city of "JUST THROW MONEY AT IT!" and while their fundamental ideology actually better to a basis on wealth or property taxation only a justified venue for our community and state spenders. 

When did these Democrats start going bad?  Was it with the sixties altered states considerations to such as current ideological set?  Was it so then that they started believing they could afford their ideology to grand social services for the baby boomers and yet by evolving a future smaller next gen?  Did they skip the economic studies - or philosophy and logic works?  How did they get now to this "change" with any logic that such could work at a level so with a income and profit revenue basis?  Their ideology needs such kept where wealth and property taxation systems are allowed - at community and state levels.

There is more to this really - do you know where to look?

Cycle sales are up especially, again, for "road bike" category - such is all good news to me.  Yet, yesterday my memories, when searched couldn’t think of but one or two "bicycling" moments of President Barack Hussein Obama – a ride down his street in Chicago with daughters maybe staged for cameras and then the Martha’s Vineyard cigarette run  or ice cream with family venture.   Don’t know if Al Gore even owns a bicycle, come to think of it. 

How do we get our Washington back to being our shinning city of our shinning cities where our best ‘TALKERS’ gather to work their magic to reduce need for spending and thwart change to a national "JUST THROW MONEY AT IT" governance?   How do we get back to honorable Washington of ‘TALKERS’ skilled in dialogue and debate towards daily and annual issues working such to be there as our best - our best at talking the issues back to "manageable" and as "state" or "local" on their better structured for such wealth and property tax revenue basis? 

How do we get back to local solutions still full up with "community" are our best way to reduce costs and keep our Union together?   Do we have to now drag the Democrats out for their years of pushing near the most expensive and national options?

Are our Governors already about an America "reset" so and one now in competition with likes of Tony Blair for his efforts ongoing to help build better "global citizens" at scope and level nearer that of charges of our community and state leaders?   Are our Governors already so also towards state based and soulful sharing/educating to ways best for theirs to become modern global citizens?   Are our Governors and community and local leaders set so now about a reality that a singlular USA "flavor" not best for any American as per our national competiveness?

How and when did this generation of Democrats come up with a "reasoning" that such an ideology could work at a national level with a revenue basis on income and profit?  It doesn’t even fit with their ideology about inequalities about "wealth" issues - it attacks proud American performers and doers - not wealth inequality issues.

But do Republicans already have a "green" is "sexy" or "soulful" message already birthed - Republican?

Is the future already here?  Yet here calling us to really look back and wonder so as to avoid repeating some "leaders’" mistakes? 



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Today is the one day of the year when "YOU ARE IN THE DOG HOUSE" has most meaning, well unless it is your mom that is misbehaving.

Is it too late to declare Afghanistan a wildlife preserve and use Liberal’s tactics to save Afghans from our liberals?   Do they have their own "spotted owl"?   There own "sperm whale"?  There own "last buffalo herd?

As it is Afghanistan remains that "thorn in the side" to American liberals - as it stands still as the "Gettysburg" of the Cold War - the beginning of the end, so - the people that defeated the U.S.S.R. and its then to fore rampant spreading of Soviet socialism.  They like, as proud liberals, can’t bring socialism ideals forward here, quite, until they turn Afghanistan first - their ideology falls apart unless Afghans can be also socialized.

Well, seems now certain that "Mom" Rice (Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice) is a better "MOM" than current Secretary of State, "Mom" Clinton, and now as the Obama Administration starts to face that their troop level surges and commencements as per Afghanistan were actually not necessary or even wise.  Uncontestable new intelligence now in to confirm that the smaller footprint in Afghanistan was sufficient to our goals to capture or kill Osama bin Laden, the levels of the Bush admin, that is.

Now though we have the quandry about rare earth minerals having been found in great abundance in Afghanistan and so as if such is like the Bush admin having hoped Iraqi oil profits would and could be used to ‘compensate’ the United States of America and coalition states of a ’standing with’ peoples in majority of such area.   Dems cannot rightly suggest that Afghanistan now repay us in rare earth minerals and so may have to cut and run, based on their own conflicted ideologics, and leave Afghans now at risk to being colonialized and maybe enslaved about global demand for such minerals so needed for Green Revolution - the global warming revolution about green energy and technology, not the Iran Green Revolution, of it’s neighbor’s history.  

Where would our national budget be if Democrats had not so countered Bush’s more "Odysseus" like dawning for America where operations to defeat "monsters" had been celebrated, even in Muslim fashion and traditions, as then hoped with "compensation" from freed oil profits as a part of "standing with" - and a standing with still respectful of Cold War geopolitics having been necessary to thwart spread of Soviet socialism?

Is it now too late to save Afghanistans from our American liberals and so quite of Obama’s "neocolonialism" and "Hillary’s" imperialist feminist socialist dictates?

So President George W. Bush and his Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice did have sufficient troops in Afghanistan to the capture or kill missions to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice.

So, Osama Bin Laden was seemingly motivated against America for it having been chosen to lead the counter operations to bring justice to Saddam Hussein, especially after he violated global trending with his invasion of Kuwait.   So, Osama Bin Laden, supposedly stayed motivated and maybe gained a greater viscerality, each day of Clinton "two-fer" Administration that he woke to find that then so lead United States still was of insufficient prosecution of Saddam Hussein - and even though Clintons were running a biased and bigoted Middle East foreign policy with a strong PRO-SUNNI bias with clear bigotry against Shia, and especially Iraqi Shia so long of Clintons’ words near "Iraqi Shia are not capable of governing themselves." 


So?   So we had to finally prosecute Saddam Hussein, and with well managed ‘STANDING WITH’ even as long as it was with "STAY THE COURSE" steady patience,  just to preserve a precedence of The United States of America as best to a law and order governance spreading – not shrinking.

So?   So we still have a Secretary of State of saying nearly that United Nations’ sanctions should have bite - and yet her "mothering" of the CLINTON 8 were of a general weaking of sanctions and removal of bite, when a more timely enforcement, and full enforcement was actually what we needed.  And, then well, how does "mother" Clinton explain how intelligence now establishes that she was party to keeping all Iraqi people suffering near three years after Saddam Hussein seems to have fully complied – how does she explain her part in keeping sanctions in full force on Saddam Hussein for illegal possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction and so that the next President was to an "inheritance" so fraught with injustices by and of the previous. 

And, around all this so controversial – AGAIN:   HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Really today is the day when you want to be in Momma’s house -not her’s or anyone else’s "doghouse"!  Today you/we have a shared responsibility to help old and new generations remember some better nuance and usage - especially the old salt "YOU ARE IN THE DOGHOUSE!"



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Hurry, the clock is ticking, come on hurry up.  A rocky start for sure - you are no Helens, you are not yet beatified - oh poor Hillary, she is no Penelope.

We now have a duty to air the "childishness" of the Clintons SURPLUS - the capture (strike that) - the killing of Osama Bin Laden has freed us to a new patriotism to question our government about all of the Clintons’ 8 and each years opportunities to remove motivation or cause from heart and/or mind of such.  Have you specifically considered yet that the Clinton SURPLUS was a simple and childish political manuever necessary only to check the Republicans who had just proven they could find a trillion to cut to achieve budget balancing?

You/we now have a special duty and now more free to scrutinize the Clintons’ 8 without it seeming a hindrance to the capture or prosecution of Osama Bin Laden, and so to an "unpatriotic" act.

We are talking of both Clintons’ though now maybe more "Hillary" the one that once stood near enough Ground Zero with her primary opponent the young and inexperienced Senator Barack Obama with a gesticulated flourish of her arm reached out and up to were towers had been and with a patronizing near with "you are not ready to make the hard decisions."

I haven’t confirmed the bits I heard separately in past couple days that had one pointing out that our old World Trade Towers had each floor of area equal to an acre and, another else where pointing out that the Pakistan Abbottabad compound of OBL was of area less than one acre.  Perspective seems something to always consider at least some.

How is your French - do you know the easy way to remember which country the Green Mountains are in?  Another clue is a recently heard statistic that such country’s capital has a population now larger that the state in such state that is home to such.

Did we get to the "childishness" of Clintons’ SURPLUS?  Have we yet warmed to considering that Pelosi Congress defense of such during last years of Bush administration likely kept President Bush’s administration from the necessary spending and political overhual needed to save the housing systems from collapse?

Again, there was no need for a surplus let alone another taking of such additional trillion in spending as effected by the Clinton "two-fer" but to save their political hides after Republicans had shown that they knew how to remove a trillion in spending.  The Clintons’ chose the most irresponsible and rediculous to most dangerous way to respond so as they did by then proving they too could find a trillion to cut.

Maybe not as damaging and costly to our country as their avoidance and inaction of the festering from American abandonment about in Afghanistan their eight years - yeh those years they sold, domestically, that PEACE DIVIDENDS were justifiable.  Yes, it seems we once left Afghanistan too early, and then criticizable of the "avoidance" and "inaction" President Barack Hussein Obama warned of and partly spoke to with his acceptance speech for his Nobel Peace Prize - much like we are in those mountains now and so because we weren’t back there then early in Clintons’ 8.

Pope John Paul II was quite remarkable and influential with much of Reagan Revolution - but still it was the Clintons that claimed PEACE DIVIDENDS while Iraq and Afghanistan festered with American abandonment and a failure to return.

I am not going to help you further with "Green Mountain" question.

The Clintons really were quite "childish" those eight years and not just with their unnecessary and irresponsible to grossly negligent underfunding and unfunding so much apart of them finding their own trillion to cut.

Were they more childish, or less childish with their avoidance of a full enforcement of United Nations’ sanctions upon Iraq within a timely manor or/and their failure to prosecute (for the "humanity" of it), with Iraqi majorities, their since found guilty Saddam Hussein?

Some things, say like "Green Mountain" question, you should be able to figure out for yourselves.

Were Clintons more grossly negligent or just still very childish with their administration so to an encouraging and asking of bankers to find a way to let them run the risky loan - housing initiative as an otherwise unfunded federal social program and so to with the derivative gambling system they figured out to please such childish budgeting desires of at least President Bill Clinton?  Then to fore such could only have been attempted with a balancing of federal spending and a securing of such for at least near 4-7 years out into future administrations to assure jobs would be plenty or sufficient to keep those, so encouraged as part of a federal social program, within gainful employment – the Clintons’ SURPLUS was the last thing they should have been attempting while also attempting such push to hook so many into maxed out spending and such risky home loans.

Just troublesome, way beyond "childish" that First Lady Hillary was so to such dictating around Middle East with her imperialism of edicts from her, specifically, to Muslims, specific to how they needed to become more American in ways she was expounding and loudly so - and especially when you consider she would return home after being so inciting to radicals in those regions and then settle in to empower and support all those unneeded and irresponsible cuts to our defense and intelligence departments and even or especially more specifically their meddling with our FBI to such bulwarks, new of their "walls of separation" efforts between federal enforcement and intelligence branches.

Were they just "green", and childish, or was it all something more sinister with real negligence?  How do they justify to now President Obama how their years were near all of the "avoidance" and "inaction" he spoke to warningly with his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech - not delivered in ver for "green" and "mont" for mountain - Vermont?

Guess I couldn’t avoid mixing in recent memories stirred of day and days in High School that a sledding pal and I did imagine and design both a snowboard much like modern design and as well a conversion, in our minds, of there then and still near natural half pipe we then got giddy imagining.  He didn’t like my idea that we go and cut up his fiberglass sailboat to find the right curves and shape in quarter inch fiberglass he so knew to be likely strong enough to be the great improvement over my would plank "snowboard" with toe rope and staples for boot grip.  Oh, such is also the other co-tri-captain with the other, a female Geller, and he a swimmer, David, such that my post graduation comments to "you should think of me as your FRIEND in New York City even though I will likely be elsewhere for a while - you know the show later from thence on NBC before the show with another J Peter… and also before the show with offices at One Hogan Place in NYC?  See because of so much of this I basically never watched any of NBC’s top shows - they hit too close to home.

Please tell me I jested enough for you to have caught my air of childishness about Green Mountains so used to accentuate Clintons’ years of putting us at risk physically and financially.  As per NBC those years I was making sure I had enough people inside certain creative circles for me to stay outside and more a rebel towards attempts to be doing more than most would consider ‘normal’.

Many an old evening walk/constitutional was needed back in those days to find souls willing to take up ideas I and some friends had decided we either didn’t have time for ourselves or were maybe of a youthfulness for such still to be something we could enjoy developing ourselves.  Was funny as well when such old days remembered of my specifically walking off of snowboard and half pipe thoughts as "J.P." that a "J. P. Walker" had become an early star about new sports development - don’t know where I sent thoughts of how long a half pipe would have to be to be as long as thoughts from such day of a slight remaking of our then til just sledding almost half pipe hill.

Well, seems the death of Osama Bin Laden means we now have a duty to question "greenness" and/or "childishness" to maybe "incompetance" of the Clintons during their eight years and at least now those questions about how their avoidance and inaction as per Saddam Hussein did keep Osama Bin Laden motivated against the United States of America as of an inadequate, maybe, prosecution of Saddam Hussein post his invasion of Kuwait that gave him his original cause to conceive and develop Al Qaeda.

Mercy?  Mercy?  Mercy?  But how since Clintons furthered their "childishness" with a full participation in attempts to blame everything and all that was bad on just Bush, and while such from people supposedly as smart and well read as they is nothing short of rediculous?  The Clintons have basically left no middle ground on which to rule lightly now on their specific and complicated involvements.

Yes, I had to work to keep empowerment and encouragement to a drug-free new sport to possible Olympic future, and so with such David’s now late father having been a reknowned expert in drug prevention.  My sisters were the ones with lanky Kramer classmates, but my younger brother not a "Matt" was one best served to double up around his best friend "Matt" so that that Matt’s father could be a creative umbrella, also some or much unawares, about such those years he would let me borrow time on his bike wheel Park Truing Stand.  It wasn’t until George W. Bush was President that I learned he was a classmate and pal of such or yet specifically the one that lost a college election to such.  But it was after such that Jamie Tarses was in my thoughts asking if I maybe had one more show idea and for Thursdays at ten spot - such that I can rightly suggest that George Clooney was set/cast to play the fictional acter me in such show.  Yes such was mostly of those years and people of my swimteam and high school circle even of such days when Anna Greenberg, now pollster, like my youth group answer to "in five years… in ten years… in twenty five years… how would you like to be known?" of near "wise."  Hi Greenberg family if you happen to visit and read my blogs, yes Stanley was balanced/managed with my maternal grandfather’s shared enthusiasm with me of Stanley tools and creativeness and craftiness. 

Be funny if - if it weren’t so true?  Some still funny, though?



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And so it was heard today via C-Span from a Representative from Virgin Islands, it must be so, right?

To understand even a little of such "in context" it may help to realize that the state of New York with its once new carpetbagger Senator Clinton was still not of attempts to have New York solve its own problems, as per healthcare coverage at least in competition with neighboring Massachusetts.

To comprehend such challenges usage of "comprehend" as such is rife with ideological and philosophical differences - and for starters much as with a posit that a nation that has all its states "overburdened" then is itself "overburdened" and such that "relief" for states suggests "relief" needed as much for nation of all such states.

Today we have a quiet revolution supposedly going on in New York State government and so as once reported/claimed as to a major reworking across all departments.  And, yet already ads are running suggesting that new Governor has already solved all of the issues and budgets that had state in worse shape it seemed than Wisconsin.  And, so how can it be so?  Have you yet heard of how Gov. Cuomo plans to see that all New Yorkers are to be covered for healthcare and within just the means of revenues from New Yorkers?

Still a great wonder is how Senator Hillary Clinton could be of New York State as its Senator all those years and without having worked out a burden sharing for New Yorkers by New Yorkers for a healthcare reform to cover all, while she so charged.

If all of our states are "overburdened" by healthcare than necessarily our nation is also "overburdened" with such as it is but the sum of our states and taxables of such states.  The money available to all is the money available to all - all of our states cannot be "overburdened" without our nation then already "overburdened."

If Senator Hillary Clinton didn’t try to help New York fix their own problems, and its new Governor Cuoma now claims all is "fixed" already - how?  How, can such be "fixed" if New York is "overburdened" but still responsible for all its own?  How could be fan of nationalised to socialized healthcare that is "Hillary" not have been to attempts atleast all those years to find New York based and centric socialist solutions?  Can it be that her only end is to a new and greater BIG GOVERNMENT only at national level?

It is quite befuddling that a new Governor Cuomo who seemed to have to unlearn most of what he was "expert" in during the Clintons’ 8 cannot have even gotten close yet to fixing "overburdened" New York State government - especially since little is out about how to rework state to carry its own weight and burdens, somehow, but necessarily, if only on county by county basis regarding healthcare coverage reforms.

I don’t know the ideology of "Hillary" once New York’s Senator that could have her those few years not of many hours dedicated to finding a competing solution for New Yorkers at least to rival Massachusetts.  I don’t know how she could only have been to a "nationalizing" to "universal" of a "burden shifting" without a "overburdened" fixing.

Can it be otherwise than that our states have been defficient in their duties to an "overburdened" and not conclusively to an irrefutable "our states are overburdened"?  So much has not been tried or fully debated as alternatives for our states and especially a county by county new basis for healthcare coverage and reforms. If all of our states are "overburdened" it really does figure then that our nation of funds from all such is too "overburdened" already and then no better a venue for solutions and fixes.

Our states cannot really be "overburdened" as per their healthcare! They can only be of an avoidance and inaction around a new federalism debate that would put all options on all tables and even at county tables – if it can be argued county business is national business it certainly allows that city business is county business and that states have many more options available before a ruling of "overburdened" should be acceptable.

If it is to be all about being able to spend other peoples monies how far should you really have to go, and be allowed to go, without arguing for and justifying such?  How much will our communities lose if an irreversible take-over of a sense of community is furthered around a premature "our states are overburdened"?

I haven’t had time to look into advertised quick success of New York’s new Governor and nor have I heard of seeming necessary stories about how he plans to show that New York can run itself within its means especially around state wide issues and costs per healthcare coverage for all.

I do much wonder, and still while befuddled that Senator Hillary Clinton still didn’t spend those years assuring New Yorkers could at least find ways to find coverage across their state for all of them, independent of taking from other states, also of need.

The single most near dispicable role of our current national government I would like to see no more of is the emotional appeals to a centralized and nationalized healthcare with regular speeches and stumping making individual Americans’ personal and trying medical stories as fodder and fuel. I don’t get that any program that makes it our national representitives job to exploit personal medical stories is us anywhere near on a good or right track.

Like, if a state is "overburdened", and even especially if all states are, then really what right do they have to call themselves states, states with "government." 

Our states cannot be "overburdened" so they can only be avoiding doing the necessary or hard work of being a government. If it can be argued that it must be "national" business then same argument has to also work as an arguement for it necessarily "state business."



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President Barack Hussein Obama has just lost his one "Ace in the hole" – he has just concluded and closed the one "open book" of undisputed and full, nearly, issue and initiative of full bipartisan support.

God Bless America!!!

Ok, now back to business of 2012 – now back to recognizing our rights and those increased because President Obama has already diminished his "work" time to be officially in campaign mode – his opposition now has rights to equal time and protection, more than if he was still 100% on the job of holding our office of President.

Seems, we can all be proud and certain about recent news especially as it offers conclusive evidence that the Obama Department run by a Republican has been earning its keep.

God Bless America!!!

Oh, poor Obama Secretary of State now hung out as arguably a clear and certain hindrence to our Department of Defense of having actionable intelligence such earlier, so with her quick and easy distribution of vast millions of Americans’ hard earn tax dollars not questionable as a "rolling over" too quickly and too easily."

God Bless America!!!

God bless our campaign laws that now expect equal protection and coverage for those in civil opposition to this Democrat Administration.

God Bless America!!!

"Sighted" wisely had to go.

"Snared" or "snare" now a better opposition campaign "civil" messaging imagery.

God Bless America!!!  RIP those that have fallen in our nation’s name and also, since, specifically, in our defense.

Yes, President Obama is now without the one issue with which he had uncontested bipartisan and full support.

Yes, looking at 2012 civil contests your opponent is to be caught or "snared" - "sighted" is out.

If I were President Obama, I likely would be wishing I wasn’t already in campaign mode – and that it seems President Clinton has spent as many hours since Obama was elected "studying the economy" with his "one hour a day" purported claiming as it seems President Obama has spent in total with all his hours spent golfing during the same period.

God Bless America!!!

It’s is to be near: It is the economics, that smarts still - for 2012.

So it still can be claimed that Saddam Hussein gave birth (knowingly?) to Al Qaeda as his play/move to take Kuwait and keep it must have been premeditated with reasoning about local and global possible responses - without Saddam’s Kuwait invasion there may never have been an Al Qaeda or such a radicalized Usama Bin Laden.

God Bless America!!!

Since Saddam Hussein thought he would be able to keep Kuwait aren’t we late to really discussing such and that such a thought had to consider the "hows" and "whys" about what Saddam thought the United States of America might think too great a cost and too great a risk about possible radicalization in Middle East?

Could it be that Saddam expected an Al Qaeda like local response and expected to be able to play it and control it to his ends and so against the new sole super power America?  Did he so hope to ride global public sentiments and stir up Middle East to a greater regional control and with new and greater powers for himself?  Did he have France and Germany ready and willing as such could be also towards a new Euro-centric global economic?  Could 9/11 have been maybe once thought as a last attack on a beat up America and not as more often considered near to a "first" or "second" strike?

Well, at least President Clinton’s once National Security Counsel advisor Bobbitt did note in his TERROR AND CONSENT that Al Qaeda gots its start because of Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait and so with Osama Bin Laden of a lobbying of Saudi Arabia to be their man to new "hero" as so with his proposing to build a special force to repel Saddam Hussein from Kuwait.

God Bless America!!!

But really, might 9/11 have been first imagined and planned to be a last battle and devastating blow to an already humbled and quieted America?  How far out might Saddam have been considering such that he thought he could "win" and "win" with a eventual keeping of Kuwait - was it the usual twenty years more than most America planning or maybe just ten?  Those were quite the days it seemed America had trouble thinking strategically out more than a year or two, right?

Please be civil towards 2012 challenges to this Democrat administration - please don’t "sight" your issues or their carriers/messengers, please just think of snaring them and even preferably in their own faulty history and logic.

God Bless America!!!

God bless our campaign laws!!!



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Bill was home, there was nothing to worry about, he still thought he could get back into his White House.  Bill, was comfortable thinking Al Gore still completely manageable/containable.

All those years his "Hillary" had gone along to get along still thinking she would still get her chance and that it could still look like "feminism" hadn’t been yet knocked over in her imagination/personal reality. Her convenient "job" found in New York so that Bill could set up a shadow department of state or something more global an initiative to a Clinton autocracy had been sustaining her enough - even after Bill had been dragged near tears up to Harlem rental space still far more than due but still less than Carnegie Hall Tower near penthouse suites that per year in just first year would have been more than all rents for past presidents’ post office office rentals combined.

An Obama with near as little tenure in our Senate had them on the ropes - but they continued thought maybe that they could still get/take credit for most of good stuff of 90s even if they weren’t responsible.  They still were the most modern of political couples so with efforts and thinking near a ‘we have the technology - we can actually now fool most of the people most of the time - we can grab and hold power maybe forever, finally.’

Donald Trump was still in their cards, like.

Republicans were still less than wise to how much was of a Grand Old cooperation with Clintons only of a necessity to get Reagan and Bush long championed changes across a finish line or maybe a "certificate of occupancy" readiness.  With Bill at home so, too many still thought Republicans would work with another round of Democrats so even though now a ‘fool me twice…’ set and cast. With Hillary ‘on the ropes’ some and heading off to New Hampshire few had considered yet that Democrats had burned most of their "bipartisan" bridges and upon a new era where Republicans could help their own missions and purposes by letting Americans see what Democrats, when left alone, were capable of themselves, alone, with their unbalanced ideology.

Yes, it was little considered still that the Clintons’ even of an asking for a suite rental near a million per year as they did near the penthouse suite next door to THE RUSSIAN TEA ROOM as so in new CARNEGIE HALL TOWERS should be seen as "telling" or "corrupting" even if it just about dollars more than all past presidents did charge off to tax payers combined.  How "telling" even that Bill was to running off to bankers he thought owed him for having made them so much money with his new derivatives scheme, and to even be near tears to try to get them to shell out funds for such extravegance he so was set upon. Yes, quite, all this while news yet hardly enough still while also measurable for corruptiveness or ethicality as per a Senator, not even the carbetbagger Senator then of Clintons’ "two-fer" politic.

Well, the Clintons were then about New Hampshire in an earlier day, and looking on the ropes by one just a little more junior in tenure in our Senate.  If only those that were more responsible for successes and beat of Clinton 8 economy hadn’t put their feet down and told Clintons and others that Clintons were in no way authorized to use such further or that those involved of much benefits themselves were either to a further rendering to benefit to Clintons selfish, too selfish, initiatives, like?  If only Clintons weren’t on the ropes because they had failed as politicians to secure rights to use again what they had misappropriated much in their Clinton 8 to their comebacks?  If only they had actually been the secret to their own successes they wouldn’t have had their "two-fer" on the ropes by one of their own, Senator Obama, Democrat then in New Hampshire?

Ah, but her tears?  Yes, but her tears - oh the drama, the sad drama.

Yes when she cried she was near out - knocked down and out, and just not ready to have to answer if a question pressured about if she had any hobbies or extracurricular activities.  Yes, those tears were "Hillary" under pressure and asked to reveal she had a paper thin personality with near zero hobbies or extracurricular interests and such that she cried to bemoan a lack of time to have used her "Elliptical" machine.  Don’t know how or why those dramatic tears were able to save her, but they did.  Won’t work for anyone else now will it, will they?

Sure she had lost half or more of their "two-fer’s" Hollywood friends and the support of another before such so much so that he notified Hollywood friends that nothing from his past should be used any further to benefit Clintons, and with a similar concern about them as known and indisputed "liars" - too selfish.

Where is Bill now - I have no idea.  Did though alert President Obama whence elected, if only in one of my blogged columns, that if he didn’t work his first year in politicing to move the Clintons out then I wouldn’t see much reason to respect him as of "political" skills there after.  There never was a chance for an actual marriage between Clintons and Obama, and where we are now is mostly proof positive of such, and much for attempts by Democrats otherwise have had their initiatives fighting and counter to their own initiatives and reasonings and ideological basis.

Yes, the "Hillary tears" were so timed to have been so near a knock down to have been a critical and simple hit with "do you have any hobbies/extracurricular activities" as pressured with blogging to find out if she was losing for having a lack of personality or range.

She must be crying now and so that Republicans don’t to a one or few of them seem to be anymore accepting to her idea of being near crowned Queen Hillary.  She must be still holding onto some thinking that Republicans are willing to endorse her before one of their own, and not even one of their own less tainted by their own history and selfishness.