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I am in a rush and soon to head out for short bike ride to a leftover lamb sandwich.

Some old memories have been refreshing their old original spirit, but still without enough confirmation around enough telling detail of such moments of drama and hard work of our politic.

Like with old "you are cleared to bike with the President" but while I was just tooling around distracted around the Mall and "Is he trying to pull rank on me?" seemingly from Secretary Rumsfeld shortly after 9/11 but with whom he was asking or whom answered or if such was a Cabinet Room heated back and back that triggered a "no" also from me.  

Like, seemingly on first day Tony Snow (RIP Tony Snow) started that seemed to have you tossing two of my faxes to you onto his new desk and saying like "how do we make this happen?"  and with as well my memories of days you seemed to want to move to finding time to try to address the growing housing and economic mess and me of thinking and faxing a seeming strong suggestion that you avoid trying to "fix" it for it was likely set to an unavoidable collapse so of its bad roots and origins with Clintons and that you would be better to protect your other very important policies by just working to postpone the collapse as long as possible, and so not to have Democrats jump on you for/about the necessary blaming of Democrats that a fix of housing would have had as an "unavoidable."  I couldn’t help but remember such faxed advice to you for you to back up and change direction from your path of a new inclination to attempt to fix the housing mess and that I thought it was unavoidable with Democrats defensive and busy also with idealism that would make it worse not better, and such that you may have lost Iraq if you did so keep changing.

I get the vision of National Security Advisor Rice as on my sailboat in a Coast Guard approved personal floatation advice as normal business about a possible remodeling/carpentry client getting to approving me as a subcontractor for new closet doors.   I get the sailors later with me saying "we know who you are" when I was much thinking of and for Scooter Libby when leak story was running too wild and factless.

Well got to go for now.  Hope you are having fond memories of your past White House Easter hunts.