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Could President Obama be do more in his trying to become more like President Bush? 

Is it that he didn’t do the hard work and put in the miles - is it that he just isn’t a Kenyan - isn’t one about running to alert that "war is over"?

He may be jumpy for shorts season to start and for more of America to be dressing to days of quicker and sharper instincts as per the "CHANGE" of seasons - can’t say for sure.  It may just be the Hawaiian in him, not a greater "American" - can’t say for sure.  Was it skates for Putin to a heralding start of spring hockey - was it skates and shorts for a greater "Russian"?

Are you ready for some T-ball — are you up with "compassion"?

How did our first "trash talking"* President of hard partisanship with new polarizing sliding to "blame game" politics get now past running hard to alert the wards that war is over - how has this President gotten to "compassionate" centrist and nearly to "compassionate conservative"?

Seems like a new record - maybe even an entirely new category.

Do you doubt he has already neared "compassionate conservative"?

So he wasn’t born to run to announce "WAR IS OVER" at least speedily?

Sure he may be used to hoofing it up "Heartbreak Hill" but that has been more to his charging us all towards class divides accenture and his reaching his personal best in his "Austerity President" long New Deal race.

Seems he needs a music theorist now more than a performance coach as his "music" is discordant to his plotting/plot.  There is no existing music for such an pedestrian assault and deconstruction so of efforts long established and consumated and consecrated to greater "American" standings - so it seems.  The notes of Obama - the size and length of his notes are not "music" and are neither harmonious or flowing - hardly even a Salieri march.

The size and length of his notes seem worse than simply misread teleprompter remarks — Oh, speaking of such - did you catch Donald Trump’s "prepared remarks" reading this past weekend?

I didn’t mean to mix metaphors with "trumphantism" here but the media circus has gone "CARNEY" some, obviously, already — Of course the Democrats want to run against The Donald - such would affirm their ideology about our highest office as best for a centralized - personality based grand and master plan, and so would get one of the "enemy" to also have halted his/her free-market capitalist profiteering. 

Seems there is no music already quite for such as to a greater "American" either - Figaro may be adaptable?

Adding "compassion" to an existing run a NEW "AUSTERITY" PRESIDENT is a depressor — like President Obama as too encouraging to American Greatness as like supporting T-ball too but hoofing it to the "Show" as like his "economic" and "market" theories fewer "highs" and "lows" to greater "Americans" is best to be as well for those running just bases as to just performances without scoring, like youth T-ball.

Like:  "Can’t we all just get along" as sufficient per "training" for qualification and performance in Olympics?  Something is missing, Mr. President — how does your doubling down on "compassion" by adding it to your NEW DEAL "AUSTERITY" MARCH keep you from "the ditch" - from the "donuts" in scores?

So you are not a Kenyan, Mr. President, and also not an American seeming capable to actually running to "hits" relevant to WAR IS OVER.  Some Americans already apt and hip to next Olympics being more "The Show" for a new "Trekian" flat screen "communicator" day for "GLOBAL CITIZENS" in a "flatter world" with more level international playing fields, Mr. President? 

How fair would it be for our Olympic hopefuls to go backwards (with you) to a "Bullying America" now after so much greater equalizing has happened thanks to specific energies and dedications for those of Bush administration and their works specific still for players also grown larger and stronger past mere T-ball?

President Obama, I know President Bush, you are no President Bush, and especially not "41" — you may still be able to be much better for America and too a lasting greater "American" future than the Clintons - at least you aren’t "pushing" or "popping" PEACE DIVIDENDS as a short cut the the hard and real work needed - or too heavy to "Big Macs" as were Clintons.

We have no "American" music for your forced constructs to a "centralizing" justification — your own notes seem wrong in size and wrong in length and inappropriate to a system with an office of President that only allows four years per each election. 

Are the size of your plans inappropriate especially to a greater "American" performance as "GLOBAL CITIZENS" in all future world wide competitions? 

Surely "Olympic Compassion" calls for careful footwork and now for all Americans in these days to more "individual" connectivity and testing as "GLOBAL CITIZENS" — seems their stories are now even more important than your own, Mr. President, and, all candidates for our office of the President.

Mr. President you have been "musical" to a suggestion that our economy should work for adults as if they only had scoreless competitions everywhere in our economy — Are you ready for a new pair of shorts?

Mr. President are you abusing our "Bully Pulpit"?

Couldn’t you become more like President Bush?  Shouldn’t you?

Oh, the HUMANITY of it all.  Oh, the HUMANITY of it all?

Are you ready for some T-ball — are you up with "compassion"?

Are you better, Mr. President, with more a "you are on your own" economic?  Can you get past the size of Gore’s GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM still holding back job creation until you are believable to a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - I HAVE SAVED THE WORLD FROM GLOBAL WARMING - THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT ISN’T ABOUT TO END IN TEN YEARS, NOW? 

Don’t think even "The Donald" can since hearing him attempt LaGuardia talk disrepectful of the general concern that big building projects would only accelerate our end. 

Seems until you can pronounce the "warming" as "managed" or "manageable" less is more and seeming a natural and intented "hit" with your "NEW DEAL ‘AUSTERITY’ MARCH".

You have been "Olympic" Mr. President and yes "compassionate" and with your spending, and, Mr. President such that the size of your spending has been the problem, mostly.  You seem to have been scored already with a performance of your spending having not only been inadequate but also quite to a performance quite the opposite of what you suggested it should. 

Mr. President it can even be suggested that most of it has landed simply as near a "refilling" of Democrat’s campaign coffers and "available funds" with Chinese borrowing - and such now to undermine a greater "American" trumphantism in future world wide competitions against even the Chinese.

Mr. President, it seems now that it is ours and your own greatest problem - it, the "trash talking" hard partisan dividing you have been about since your start.  Mr. President is the world, as we know it, still going to end due to GLOBAL WARMING as Gore ’alarmism’ seemingly in the next ten or twenty years — or, have you already saved the entire planet?

* This is no "trash talking" - but again a concern that if say COUNTY based healthcare solutions cannot be argued and as a "new" way then COUNTRY based centralizing cannot be argued as fully thought through other than as to a "socialism" and "nationalism" ideology.   Every layer added above healthcare at local level just adds costs and a new greater "bureaucracy" to such - can’t we finally all argue for a COUNTY BASIS for "compassionate" reforms?